Hey guys I thought I would share some information I uncovered this morning regarding my Viridian C5L w/ ECR on my Glock 23 .40 that allows the ECR functionality in any holster by just minor modification. If you are not familiar with ECR, or Enhanced Combat Readiness from Viridian, look it up now before continuing!

Viridian only offers a single side carry holster (owb) called the Taclock that's ECR equipped. But if your like me and like to have options including implementing ECR into concealed carry, then this is for you.

Here is my video showing how to do it:

How to use Viridian ECR (Enhanced Combat Readiness) technol - YouTube

In my video I uncovered that using a magnet of any size, you can trigger or manipulate the sensor on an Viridian C5L w/ ECR by simply placing the magnet onto the left side on the bottom of the C5L unit where the Viridian logo is located. The right side has the identical logo, but it will not work! You place the magnet on the Viridian logo and if you have a big enough magnet the force field will trigger the sensor before touching.

Now that we figured out what exactly manipulates the sensor into triggering (the magnet), we can take that and sew or glue it into a holster you already currently own or one that is being custom made. If you don't have room inside the holster per say, then you should be able to get a little beefier magnet and put it on the outside of the leather or whatever material your using and if the magnet is strong enought the forcefield will go right through it.

Let me know if you have any questions. I'm waiting on my leather holster to be made and I ordered the Galco concealed holster from Viridian to attempt to implement it into that one as well.