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Is there a cure for the Kahr mags that won't sit flush?

This is a discussion on Is there a cure for the Kahr mags that won't sit flush? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; You could hand me the ugliest gun in the world and I wouldn't care, as long as it's reliable, accurate, effective, and serves the purpose ...

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Thread: Is there a cure for the Kahr mags that won't sit flush?

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    You could hand me the ugliest gun in the world and I wouldn't care, as long as it's reliable, accurate, effective, and serves the purpose it's designed for.

    My Kahr has the gap, and I don't like it, but there have been no issues as a result... it's been very reliable and that's what counts.
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    I like the look of the mag. I polished it with the dremel and love it all shiny.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SpringerXD View Post
    I see what you're saying and I don't disagree, but it seems to me that they would devote some effort on a $900.00 gun (MSRP) to resolve a widely-known complaint. I love the PM9 for what it is, but I (and others) see this as an obviously needed improvement.

    i don't consider this 1/8" gap as a problem, but as a good thing. if you ever have a double feed (type 3 malfunction), you will be very glad you have a bit of magazine sticking out to help you strip the mag out of the gun.

    the procedure to clear a double feed: using the slide lock lever, lock the slide back. then rip the magazine out of the gun. (this may take a bit of effort, as the second round will still be partly in the mag as well as jammed up against the still chambered brass). then vigorously work the slide back and forth until the second round falls out through the mag well, and the chambered brass is (hopefully) extracted and ejected. insert a back-up magazine if you have one, or the original mag, if you don't. make sure it's securely seated, then briskly rack the slide and chamber a fresh round. resume shooting, if necessary. 5-10 seconds. this is the most time consuming of the likely semi-auto malfunctions to clear, but also the rarest. this procedure won't work if your extractor is broken.

    this procedure will also not work on guns that have no extractor (such as Berettas with tip-up barrels).

    the inability to perform this drill in the foregoing manner is why i won't consider the Beretta Nano, or any gun without a traditionally operating slide lock lever, as a SD gun.

    if it was, "a widely known complaint", it's one that wasn't known to me. this is the first i've ever heard of it. imo, it seems like a trivial matter to be disturbed about. i also view the OP's situation as silly: you had the gun and were happy with it for two years, then you become unhappy because you learn of this "widely known complaint", and so decide that you can't stand this aesthetic travesty?

    to give you a definite answer: there is NOTHING you can do to reduce this horrible 1/8" oversight on Kahr's part without seriously compromising the gun's functioning. case closed.

    i also believe that the slight overtravel and rebound of the magazine contributes the reliability of the loading process because it helps ensure that the mag can be fully inserted until it latches properly. it's similar to taking out all of the overtravel in a 1911's trigger by using the overtravel screw to remove every last bit of overtravel. not a good idea. if any dirt then restricts the distance the trigger can be pressed to the rear, then the gun won't fire.

    i didn't see 10thntn's last post (his fifth in this thread), until after i wrote this. it seems i'm just expanding on his point.
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    1/8"' really? I doubt it very seriously that one eighth inch is gonna make a dimes worth of difference with concealment. The only way to address the issue is related to where the mag release locks the mag into the grip. If you open the slide and insert the mag you should notice that the mag sits more flush then when the slid is closed. This is due to the loaded round in the mag pressing on the underside of the slide. You would have to start with a mag that does not have that notched out already and add the notch yourself lowering it slightly from the standard mag, which would increase the upward pressure when the mag is seated. Anyones guess as to how that would effect the function for the pistol. I don't think I'd mess it for an eighth of an inch of additional concealment.

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    Is that a full mag? I know when my M&P has a full magazine (10 rounds) the magazine sticks out a little more than it does with only 9 rounds... That little gap the 10th round made was enough to bother me so I now carry with 9 rounds= 9 lives

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    A couple of posters have pointed out the advantage of that little lip sticking out, and I can vouch for that. The mags fit rather tightly, and don't always easily drop, so that little bit of grip you can get on the mag to pull it out is an advantage to me.
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    I to could care less about the gap. It works great does not both my fingers at all as the little one is under the mag. Sooooooo. If you can't live with it file a plastic one down or sell the pistol. HA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lordj View Post
    Is that the same as this part? Kahr Polymer Magazine Base Kit (9 mm and .40 S&W) - Style # KMKPOL9, Kahr Arms Magazines

    I was gonna get one but it says wont fit mags with a steel base.

    Yes, I think that's the part; but I don't remember getting the spring plate with mine. If you choose to try this, I've found it takes a little more effort to seat the mags as the fit is very flush with the poly baseplate. I really do suggest that you call Kahr to get the correct part.
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    Do both/all of your mags fit exactly the same or are they different?
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    I didn't know it was even a problem, let alone needed a cure. My kahr CM9 has a small 1/8 to 1/16 inch gap in the bottom, I never really even noticed it. The gun runs like a top and that tiny gap gives me a way to grab the mags if I don't want them to hit the ground.
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    I never noticed it in two years of ownership until I compared it to a Sig P290, which has a mag that sits flush.

    But......meh. Who cares? And I think you guys are right about it actually being a good thing.
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