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This is a discussion on Gun for my wife... within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by hardluk1 At the weight of a shield being 7+ oz heavier than a pf-9 it darn well should be easier to shot. ...

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Thread: Gun for my wife...

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    Quote Originally Posted by hardluk1 View Post
    At the weight of a shield being 7+ oz heavier than a pf-9 it darn well should be easier to shot. Nothing special there. Just a heavier pistol. Give her a 24 oz pistol and it too will be softer shooting.
    5 oz. Their 12.4 weight is without even an empty magazine in it and S&W's weight is with one.
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    So what whin'n about 1oz. Waaaaaa Its 6oz then.

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    There is alot of advice on which gun to get your wife. In my opinion, it is all worth very little compared to what your wife wants and will carry.
    If it is not perfect by this forum’s standards, but she likes it – she will carry it.
    I’d rather my wife carry a 22 everyday than have the “perfect” gun for her in the safe that she never carries.

    Bottom line – get her whatever she wants. If you have to buy & sell 3-4 guns before she finds the one she will always carry – Do it.
    The goal is to have her carrying something she is comfortable, accurate and familiar with. If she likes to shoot it – she’ll also train more!!
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    If she's use to the mechanics of a kahr, why not get her the PM9? I initially thought I wanted a dbl stack like a glock or an M&P but it does not fit my hands. I was constantly reaching for the trigger resulting in poor shot placement. I am very accurate with my Kahr PM9 and decided to get a smaller version (P380) for summer carry since I have been training with the pm9. I also love my revolver because it has NEVER failed me and it conceals well on the body. I have CT on the LCR and 380. When I train with those guns with CT, I put tape to cover it up so that I'm always using the front sights. The CT is strictly for that "just in case" moment if there is a threat, I am able to quick draw and shoot at the hip and hit my target in the dark since they say most attacks happen with 7 feet or closer. When seconds count, and you don't have time to look at your sites, you can still hit your target with the CT laser. Just my opinion and point of view. Hope this helps.
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    I'd stick with the CM9

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    After much back and forth and some buying and selling my wife landed on the M&P9. She's still not quite comfortable with the idea of carrying everyday so she leaves it in the car while at work. I just got the M&P9c as a new carry gun and absolutely love it. My hope is that she'll see how manageable a compact can be and want on she'll likely carry on body more. Thanks for all the input everyone. At the end of the day my wife wanted a 9mm that she could easily rack the slide on so she vacillated b/w the M&P9 and the PPQ 9mm. Both passed my approval with flying colors but the $100 difference pointed to the M&P9.

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