BP9CC: range session #2 and 348 round report

BP9CC: range session #2 and 348 round report

This is a discussion on BP9CC: range session #2 and 348 round report within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hit the pistol range at my Gun Club this morning to finish the initial break-in of my BP9CC. Just for grins I took along my ...

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Thread: BP9CC: range session #2 and 348 round report

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    BP9CC: range session #2 and 348 round report

    Hit the pistol range at my Gun Club this morning to finish the initial break-in of my BP9CC. Just for grins I took along my Beretta 92FS for comparison, as well as my newly acquired Beretta 950BS in 25 acp. The last range session precluded my returning the Diamondback 380 to Florida for factory repair #2 with less than 100 rounds fired, so I was hoping for a good day! Both Beretta's were bought used, so I had no idea what to expect.

    I set up 2 B-27 target at 25 feet, about 5 feet between each target: using the Bersa and lots of peel-n-stick red squares, I put 120 rounds into 2 targets, with not a single hole to be found outside the 7 ring. I varied between a two-hand isoceles and one-hand, and did not have a single mis-fire or failure of any kind. I also adjusted my sight picture to keep the center dot slightly above my desired POI and it shot straight and true. I had thought from my last range session that the front sight needed to be adjusted since it seemed POI was too low: apparently I was just sighting a tad too low.

    I set up 2 new B-27 targets to complete another 15 magazines (240 rounds for the day) and primarily shot double taps from a 2-handed hold, standing, from 25 feet. I had a handfull of flyers that were all in the black, but the furthest from X was in the 2-ring. Everything else (100+ rounds) were centered between the 7 and bullseye, with some groupings slightly low and left, but each certainly acceptable and lethal for a self-defense fight-ending stop. Again, not a single FTF or FTE, the BP9CC fired without a hitch, just like a machine is supposed to.

    So with a total of 340 rounds fired, the report card would read: A+. 0 FTE, 0 FTF, 0 malfunctions of any kind using Remington 115 grain ball ammo. That's a great result for any Firearm!

    On a side note, the Beretta 950BS fired 50 rounds without a single failure of any kind, and actually shot very close to POA at 25 feet: i literally blew out the center of the head on the B-27 and hit between 8 and 10 ring on every shot. It was really nice having a reliable compact semiauto that functioned correctly, totally un-like the Diamondback.

    The Beretta 92FS was a dream to shoot. Loaded up with 115 grain ball, I dispatched 5 out of 6 steel plates set up at 50 feet with regularity. The 92FS seemed to be a more natural shooter to POA than the Bersa, altho once I finished my B-27 shots I took several plates with ease with the Bersa, but I had to consciously keep the front sight elevated in order to hit my target. For some reason, I must be dropping the front sight when pulling the trigger on the Bersa, which i do not do with the GLocks or Berettas... no idea why, but now that I know what the issue has been, it shoots where it is supposed to as long as I do my part with keeping the front sight slightly raised when pulling the trigger. I may still have the sights adjusted slightly to compensate for whatever I am doing wrong with the Bersa, but again, function is perfect.

    Here's a pic of what I shot today: you can tell it is quite a stretch from the 950BS to the 92fs and Bersa, but what a blast! Next week, I plan to revive the S&W revolvers and punch some holes with the old standard 38 special!
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    nice looking guns, i have a bersa CC and don't care for the sight on it but now that you did a report may have to go shoot it today..
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    Quote Originally Posted by jblives2ride View Post
    nice looking guns, i have a bersa CC and don't care for the sight on it but now that you did a report may have to go shoot it today..
    you sure you're talking about the Bersa BP 9CC? Great three dot sight setup, and the front sight is replaceable with SIG night sights, and the rear is replaceable with Glock night sights.

    The Bersa BP 9CC does not get enough attention right now with the Beretta Nano, SW Sheild, Ruger LC9, Kahr CW9 getting so much publicity. BP smokes 'em all. Polyganol rifled barrel, loaded chamber indicator, very good 3 dot sights....and the best trigger and the shortest re-set of any of the big name guns....and best of all, dead nuts accurate and reliable.

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    Thanks for the report. The bp9cc is one of the single stacks Im looking at for summer carry. Bersas are good guns for the money.

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    I got mine the end of Frebuary, and it has now become my EDC, and love this gun. 8+1 rounds, great shooter, and the most comfortable carry gun I have straped one. I have about 500 rounds through mine now.


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