DB380 just returned from factory repair trip #2.....

DB380 just returned from factory repair trip #2.....

This is a discussion on DB380 just returned from factory repair trip #2..... within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; The first trip to Florida was for repeated stovepiping, which they fixed by replacing the extractor, springs, and slide assy. Their repair fixed everything for ...

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Thread: DB380 just returned from factory repair trip #2.....

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    DB380 just returned from factory repair trip #2.....

    The first trip to Florida was for repeated stovepiping, which they fixed by replacing the extractor, springs, and slide assy. Their repair fixed everything for about 10 shots...

    It was sent back 2 weeks ago for light strikes, causing repeated and consistent failure to fire... initially I was told that I was shooting crap ammo, and was sent a list of "suggested" ammo to use in it. When I explained that the light strikes were occuring with 3 different brands of ammo, they agreed to look it over one more time...

    Just got it back today and found out the trigger was broken! the claim form says: "Broke trigger. Replaced with new trigger assy, added 4th trigger axis assy pin. 18 rounds Blazer FMJ fired w/o fail."

    This little gem has been to the range two times. First time resulted in a bad extractor, springs, and slide, all after less than 50 rounds fired. After repair, it fired less than 20 rounds and broke a trigger.

    In my book, this POS is trade fodder. Fresh from the factory, new extractor, springs, and slide assy, and new trigger assy with a special 4th trigger axis pin!! Any takers? Supposedly works great with Blazer FMJ!

    I was planning to give it to my daughter for her use in CCW and home, any suggestions on a .380 that actually works well? I acquired a Beretta 950BS in 25 acp that works perfectly...but it's a little under-powered for what I'd like her to carry. Thinking hard about a Beretta .32 Tomcat, but no idea if it is as dependable as the older 950BS...but it couldn't be any worse than the Diamondback!

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    Please don't give her the DB, and don't trade it to someone you know personally
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    Everything I've heard about the DB .380s is that they are a POS.
    My son has had some women shooters in the CCW Hangun Classes he helps teach and they've had lots of problems with them.

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    For me, the two most proven platforms in the pocket .380 realm are the Kel Tec P3AT and the Ruger LCP. Having owned both I consider both equally as good. I ended up going with with P3AT because its a weeee bit lighter than the LCP and that's important to me for a pocket carry gun. If your want to go with a .380 that is NOT a pocket gun you could check out a Beretta 84. It's my dads EDC and he has been nothing but happy with it. I have shot it and found it easy to shoot and reliable. My primary issue with it is that I feel it is FREAKING MASSIVE for a .380 but if your intent on going with the .380 I think it's a good choice.
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    We have 3 Ruger LCPs in our family. One required two trips back to Ruger to get running right, but in typical excellent Ruger customer service fashion, they test fired it with 100 rounds (instead of their usual 24) before returning it to me the second time - per my request. I ran that gun through a class and had no further issues with it.

    I'm sure that between paying for the shipping, parts, labor, and ammo, they lost money on that gun. But they did right by me. Guess what revolver I'm buying? Yup...Ruger LCR.

    If you want a good .380, you'd be hard pressed to find better than the LCP for the money.
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    love the sig p238 own two of them did send one back after 500 rounds for a spring never had another failure other gun simple flawless, I also own a bersa thunder in .380 haven't had any issue but my boss sent his back after one trip to the range, and I own a bodyguard in .380 no issues but have seen others on the forum that complain about them... my .02 get a sig spend the money well worth it DB380 just returned from factory repair trip #2.....-sig-p238-small.jpgAttachment 0
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    Here's another vote for the LCP; I have two and no problems with either one. They're so easy to pocket carry in a DeSantis holster, you don't even know it's there.

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    These are my wife and daughters CCW's.

    They go bang each and every time and are very controllable with non +p ammo for both of them.

    No FTF or FTE.

    DB380 just returned from factory repair trip #2.....-image.jpg daughters S&W Model 36
    click image to enlarge....

    DB380 just returned from factory repair trip #2.....-photo.jpg wife's S&W Model 649 .38 spl
    click image to enlarge....

    Just a different prospective.

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    My DB380 is also crap. I do not use it at all and it is in a drawer collecting dust.
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    I got rid of my db380 about 3 months ago, only gun I ever decided to get rid of due to not trusting it to function reliably enough to save my life if needed. Put the trade credit towards my Beretta Nano which I couldn't be happier with, best trade ever.

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    I was going to buy a DB9 but got a Keltec PF9 instead. I'm glad I did due to all the bad reports I hear of them. my PF9 has never failed me and I've run around 400 rounds of different types of ammo through it. But my main carry is a Smith 642.

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    The owner of the local gun store near my house bought one of these when they first came out. I asked him how he liked it, and he said that he didn't. Inside of the first box of ammunition, the trigger bar broke... I was thinking about picking one of these up until I heard that.

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    I put a deposit on a DB380, really good deal at a local store for something in the range of $249 including a box of target ammo. Then I read nothing but negative about it. Went back to the store and cancelled my layaway; put the money toward a SW Bodyguard 380. Have had it about 6 months now, but only fired approx 150 rounds through it. However, it does seem to be pretty good so far. No failures of any type through 150 rounds, seems pretty accurate for a little tiny gun, and the laser is pretty good too. Very handy, lightweight and easy to carry. Perfect for CCW when your wearing shorts/tee shirt: jogging, biking, etc...

    From a shooter's standpoint, it has a long, uneven trigger pull... long pull to index, then you have to use increased pressure to get it over the edge. Not really possible to use a smooth trigger pull and have any speed. You pretty much have to snap off the shots. Ok at 25 feet or less; I wouldn't really count on engaging a target effectively beyond 25 feet...

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