I put this in the defensive carry gun forum, because it involves both a defensive carry gun, my G17 gen 4 and drills to improve SD shooting. I don't do competitive shooting - just don't have time. I do think competitive shooting is a good thing.

I shot this at 3 yards to emphasize a point - gun control AND good technique help hits go where you want them to in rapid fire. I have encircled the groups, crudely, but you can see them. I shot 5 shots in each group.

The gun I was shooting was a Glock 17 gen 4 with a Ghost Rocket connector. But the stock dot connector is so good in the gen 4s, I'm considering putting it back in. The only thing I'd give up is that short reset.

The target was shot upside down just to get some 'clean' paper.

The group at the very top center is just under a 2" group and represents the most control. Notice the shots are all quite close.

The group just below the top group and to the right a bit, has 4 shots well within a 2" group and a outlier. Guess what produced the outlier. This group represents about the same control but loss of some control on that outlier.

Then the group to the left represents the less control, not meaning loose control, just not as much control as the first two groups. Even then, three shots are right at a 2" group. I suspect I relaxed a tiny bit on the outliers.

Oh, I should mention this: all three of these groups were shot with my eyes closed. The procedure was this:

1- set the target at three yards
2- load the gun with 5 rounds
3- get into my stance
4- bring the gun up to my chest with the insides of my wrists in contact with my chest.
5- visually acquire the target
6- close eyes and keep them closed
7- extend the gun to the shooting position
8- fire the 5 shots with 0.75 to 1 second split times
9- open eyes and assess

Remember the purpose here is to illustrate how proper control and technique enhance repeatability in a given position and an attempt to measure where I am with my body mechanics. I'm gonna be doing some more of this to see if it's going to be a good tool for technique and gun control assessment. This may prove to be especially good for tuning the 'natural' stance position.