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Stepping off the "Pocket 9mm" Merry-Go-Round...Hello revolver!

This is a discussion on Stepping off the "Pocket 9mm" Merry-Go-Round...Hello revolver! within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm with you on this decision. I ditched the pocket 9s for a S&W 360 and keep it full of .357 maggies. Small, light, powerful ...

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Thread: Stepping off the "Pocket 9mm" Merry-Go-Round...Hello revolver!

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    I'm with you on this decision. I ditched the pocket 9s for a S&W 360 and keep it full of .357 maggies. Small, light, powerful and most importantly, ultra reliable. I have no desire to go back to a small 9.
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    Good call!!! The simplicity of the snubnose revolver has a lot more merit than people give it credit for.

    Carrying two of them has more than twice the merit. The combination of two is greater than the sum of its parts. For me, I'd rather have two 5 shot snubs than one 10 shot semi. The reasons are access for both hands, chances of both failing at same time are virtually nill, ability to address threats advancing from 2 directions simultaneously.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 10thmtn View Post
    Finally got a chance to pick up my .38 Spl Ruger LCR with factory-mounted Crimson Trace Lasergrips. Got a Desantis Superfly pocket holster for it, and with the larger anti-print panel from my G26's Superfly, the LCR disappears into my shorts pockets. I have not even taken it to the range yet, but I have a feeling that it will relegate my PM9 to the safe.

    My current PM9 is my third attempt to get one running to my liking, and my fourth try with Kahr pistols (my first was an early P9). This particular PM9 has caused me to suffer through:

    * Consistent nose dive jams with the 7-rd mag, which Kahr blames on a "too tight grip." Their solution was to swap the 7-rd mag for a 6-rd one.

    * One mag that will drop free, while the other does not.

    * Nose down jams with 147 gr Gold Dot ammo, even with the 6-rd mags.

    * A replacement recoil spring that would not fit in the gun until Kahr advised me to snip it shorter (!).

    What really irks me is that I purchased this PM9 directly from Kahr via their instructor sales program. You would think that they would pay extra special attention to guns that are sold to those who instruct others.

    I have spent entirely too much time in the last year proofing this gun, instead of actually training. Breaking it in, having issues, trying to diagnose the issues, trying different brands of ammo, etc. Too much wasted time and money.

    We have three LCPs in our family. One had to go back to Ruger twice to get running right. Since then, it has been as reliable as the other two. I'm not sure why the .380s generally seem to run well, but the small pocket 9mm's out there seem to have more than their fair share of issues - based on my experience and what I read and hear from others. (My definition of a "small pocket 9mm" is one smaller than a G26 - guns like the PM9/CM9, DB9, etc)

    I decided that I've reached a point that I just want a gun that will work, with no drama or undue fussiness. I'm hoping the LCR is that gun. It will fill the niche between my LCPs and my G26.

    I've traditionally favored semi-autos and am well aware of the relative merits of both semis and revolvers. Based on my personal experience, I just don't think it is possible to make a truly drama-free pocket-sized 9mm.

    The final proof will be in the shooting, of course. But I have a fairly good idea where I'm heading...
    I feel you 10th. I bought a used PM9 at a good price. After rubbing this and filing that and who knows how much money and time, the thing is about 97% reliable. I still haven't bought a holster for it because somewhere deep inside of me...well you know what I mean.
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    I think you might have stated the problem with the Khar, 147 gr. Gold Dot. I believe a lot of the smaller 9s have a little trouble digesting these 147 gr. SD rounds. 147s were the only thing to ever make my Bersa PB9CC hicup, after a few hours of home smithing I have my running them great now, but I have heard other problems with those heavy rounds. Some manufactures reccomend 115, and some 124 limits.

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    I remember when you got the PM and you lamented about your others and were hoping to have a different experience. Sorry it did not work out. Revolvers are solid and I like the LCR. My daughter has one that is pretty good. She has the Hogue grip not the CT and it works very well. Enjoy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BugDude View Post
    Good call!!! The simplicity of the snubnose revolver has a lot more merit than people give it credit for.

    Carrying two of them has more than twice the merit. The combination of two is greater than the sum of its parts. For me, I'd rather have two 5 shot snubs than one 10 shot semi. The reasons are access for both hands, chances of both failing at same time are virtually nill, ability to address threats advancing from 2 directions simultaneously.
    Agree with everything except the last part.

    For now, my LCR will be backed up by one of my LCPs. At some point down the road, I can see the possibility of carrying two LCRs. We'll see.

    ETA - My first handgun (purchased with my own money) was an early Kahr P9, that jammed all the time due to an issue eventually traced to excessive frame flex (an issue with the early polymer Kahrs). That experience almost turned me off to semi-autos completely - my next gun was a SP101. Had I gotten an Airweight revolver back then instead, I may never have gone the semi-auto route.

    While my Glocks have been dependable, with a semi auto there is always the need to "proof" the gun, the mags, and the ammo combination you will carry. With a revolver, there is a lot less of that - which leaves more time for actual training.

    I've had a hard time finding 158 gr SWCs for the LCR (special thanks to glockman10mm for the advice) - had to order online. Once I get them in, I'll be heading to the range to wring the LCR out.
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    Some far,,,,, my J frame has not failed to fire,,,,, all my autos have
    at least once. Maybe I am just OLD SCHOOL,,,,, but I love my wheelies.
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    I had the same issue with a Kahr I bought a few years back, and I have heard of that others experience these same problems as well. When I started as a police officer it was before the transition to semi-auto's, so I spent the better part of my career with a six-gun. Although I would have a choice now, I still prefer and carry my Ruger GP-100 with a 3" barrel.

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    I had the same experience as you.....except my pistol was a Kahr P380. Tried to hang in there....shot nearly 1,000 rounds through it, but still had 2-3 jams per box of ammo. Some of the jams were so severe I had to borrow a screwdriver to lever out the spent cartidge. Don't need the frustration or the expense of trying to "prove" the Kahr to be reliable. I bought the Ruger LCR in 38+p and now have nearly 3,000 rounds through it. No flame cutting, no jams or other issues. There's no visible wear, just the scratch on the barrel where I dropped it on my back porch. Great trigger and I shoot it very well. I pocket carry mine when I can't carry my normal edc....a Sig P220. The Sig has also never had a failure with 2,700 rounds.

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    While somewhat larger & heavier than a J frame, (due to the amt. of rounds) my Kel Tec P11 is /was reliable out of the box, bought in '2009.

    For $340, (incl xtra mag) otd, it has not screwed up in over 450+ rounds. It can go in a pocket with a Desantis Nemisis, but is rather heavy, but what a value over a Kahr IMHO.
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    I decided a couple of years ago that the samll 9's were just not good for pocket carry. At least for me. I was also concerned about reliability. So about year ago I got an LCR and could not be happier. Heck, I carry it during the summer as my main ccw weapon. Not only do I carry it in my pocket at times, I also have an OWB holster that covers nicely with just a T-shirt. Of course I always have a few extra rounds on me also. If I am going out of town, most of the time my xdm comes with me. My love for revolvers is quickly returning. I just recently bought an Ruger Sp101 just to keep the LCR company.

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    .38 is an often over looked or forgotten round . It server well for a long time.
    I find my self carrying the S&W Bodyguard .38 in a tuck on the Bike. It is light weight and seems to ride better than my SR9C At times.
    Currently loaded with Gold Dot .38 +P 125 GDHP manily because there was a box of them here. I am sure they will do the job
    Only 5 rounds virus 10 but I hope I never need one and if I need more that 5 most likely lost already.

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    If i am carrying, its a snub. Ankle, OWB, or in pocket.... its ALL GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I have purchased a Kel-Tec P3AT, Pf-9, a Baretta Nano and several Glocks, in my search for the best small gun for concealed carry. None of them have had any issues at the range. I even bought a LCR in .357 but I still keep going back to my S&W 342 titanium, 5-shot .38 in a Galco Pocket Pro. It is significantly lighter than all of the others with the exception of the P3AT with which I am dubious about the .380 caliber.

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    I took the same ride with pocket .380s and 9mms. I've finally reached a point in my life (61) and my career (retired) where I only want ONE gun for all purposes other than hunting, so I've arrived back at a G26. I bought my wife a Gen 3 Model 26 last winter because of all the handguns I've bought and sold in the last 10 years the G26 and G27 platforms have always been reliable ... nuff said. I want a gun I can shoot with maximum proficiency in local IDPA matches and conceal with minimal effort. I've now got a Gen 4 Model 26 waiting for me at my FFL's place of business when I return home after the summer months up north (note my signature --- I'll no longer be a Snowbird.40 after I pick up the G26).

    I also won't have to remember where I've got guns stashed or why they're sitting in a gun safe gathering dust. My ONE gun will be either on my person, in my car, on the nightstand or in another location where I'll know how to find it in a hurry. With a stock 10-shot magazine I can conceal it in several different holsters and with an extension on the mags I can deal with multiple threats, should that ever happen.

    Congrats on getting off the pocket gun train. May you have peace of mind with your LCR and other weapons.
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