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How many times were 5 shots not enough?

This is a discussion on How many times were 5 shots not enough? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Vaquero 45 I wouldn't put much stock into the responses received from a tiny, tiny minority of DC members, which in itself ...

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Thread: How many times were 5 shots not enough?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vaquero 45 View Post
    I wouldn't put much stock into the responses received from a tiny, tiny minority of DC members, which in itself represents an extremely tiny minority of gun owners in this country. This is a great forum, but there are much better ways to choose a defensive arm than casting a net for anecdotes on a gun forum.
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    I think we'd all agree that in MOST cases five shots is more than enough. Still we carry guns in the first place for "just in case". Odds are we won't need it but some of us take it further and worry about when the poop REALLY hits the fan. It has happened that five shots were NOT enough. Both type of situations are well documented with their accompanying statistical probabilities. We still worry and prepare but that's a good thing. Odds are my LCR is preparation enough... but I still have the FNP :)

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    I don't think 5 is enough around here a lot of armed robberies and home invasions are done in packs of 2.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike1956 View Post
    Sorry, but my lack of personal victimhood won't disqualify me from responding to your statistically-loaded question. I mistakenly said this guy's .380 didn't get it done. It was his .45, with seven shots technically stopping the threat. The perpetrator's five shots came up way short against an armed response.This author of this account works in Marion:Welcome To Saved By a Gun
    Great article. Thanks for posting it.
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    Why jump on the OP for posting this thread?

    There is a wealth of info and experience that this board represents

    Its seems like the 100 round daily carry clan always seems to get a bit upset with even the question being asked.

    Carry what you want and feel comfortable with.... Until we decide to completly switch to socialism, choices are available.

    For now, I carry 6 plus 1 in a CM9 or A full rack in my M&P 45C

    But...... I am looking very hard at getting an LCR when I cant carry the 45

    5 will do
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    I wonder if changing times is what is causing the different mindset.
    Back when I was an active LEO in the late 70's we carried either a 6 shot revolver or a 7 shot Auto. 12 rounds was carried as a backup reloads for the revolver and 14 rounds were carried as back up reload for the autos. Yes most of us carried a BUG and 50 extra rounds in a briefcase lying on the front seat of our patrol car.
    Very few, no one on our dept, carried a hi cap auto, which would have been a Browning HP.
    Most of the BG we encountered was also armed similarly .
    Street gangs. where not what they are today. I would run across a zip gun once in a while, but a lot of knives, knucks, blackjacks, gun were not as common.

    Today Vests, hi cap handguns including 8 shot revolvers are encountered.

    IMHO there are no right or wrong answers on what is needed. If you carry a 5 shot and survive you made the right choice. If you needed more shots and didn't have them then you made the wrong choice.
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    First, most people who have shot someone else are not going to post that on a forum.

    Second, the number of rounds has got to be so much less important than the strategy used in the situation. I would really love to see some data on how the amount of ammo someone carries has an effect on how they handle confrontations. it is a very valid question. The few times I've played paintball lots of people sprayed and prayed but the best guys always were efficient with ammo making their shots count. Some of the best I played with voluntarily used pump guns or pistols and still managed to come out on the winning end.

    So I say pick a gun that you shoot well and know like that back of your hand. That's priority number one.

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    As folks have said, you have to carry whatever you are comfortable with. There is no way of knowing whether it will be "enough". Regardless of statistics or other people's experiences, you may be the person that defies the statistics. Or you may just be really unlucky. Five rounds may be plenty. Seventeen might not be enough. We do the best we can with the knowledge we are given.
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    How is it that one bad guy with a knife can hold a room full of people hostage? Yet we believe that a good guy armed with a revolver would not have a chance holding off numerous bad guys?

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    BugDude, I wish I could contribute to your question but really REALLY like the fact that I cannot. And I have and will trust my life to a 5 shot revolver. After weighing in all that it takes for a good outcome and answer that is my decision alone. Will it work against a nuclear strike? Odds say no but expect to get answers from "It worked for me against a home invasion without even firing a shot." to "Those stupid things aren't good enough to counter an ICBM so why carry it?" The subject of this can go so many ways with so many answers. There's a difference in asking WAS it enough rather than asking WOULD it be enough. Good luck my friend. LOL
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    How about we all just carry 686+ snubbies and call it even?
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    Out of all of the members on this forum and a few others that I have been posting on for the past 3.5 years, I know of only one that has actually had to shoot his handgun in self defense. It didn't go well for him but he is at least alive to tell the story. With that in mind, I am really interested to see how many respond with an actual situation. Out of all the members here and the others...that haven't posted instances (providing they aren't withholding for some reason), I would say that your odds are astronomical that you would even need your gun..... let alone more than 5 rounds.

    I am very interested on seeing how many come forward with their story.
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    Vaquero45, you got your answer, refer back to the thread by Rollo in which you ask it. It's there for anyone to read, so don't go there. But it was then, and is now, a stupid question not in the spirit of that or this thread.

    I don't remember anyone saying that having extra rounds was a bad thing, that was not the idea then or now.
    The question here is have you ever needed more than 5 shots. Plain and simple.
    So, either you can only surmise based upon opinion, or you can contribute based on personal experience.

    It seems that you fall into the former, and get emotional about your opinion being questioned.

    So I am willing to sit back, undetached, and see what comes up from the question the OP posed. Yes, I have an opinion, but it's based on things I have experienced. How about you?

    And, it seems that you have a personal issue with me. You entered this thread with an attack directed at me.
    So I am saying, this, and with no malicious or emotional connection to the issue and questioned;

    Support your position with a personal encounter.
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    When I was AF police back in the 80's I carried 180 rounds of ammo, 1 30 round magazine in the gun and 5 on my belt. This was not combat just regular police security patrol duties. The more the better. I used to think 5 was enough, not anymore with all these mob attacks.

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    Two weeks ago I went to a local Academy Sports store on Sunday afternoon to pick up some ammo. While there I had my Ruger SR9c and S & W 642 as my BUG. I'm browsing ammo and keeping aware of surroundings. Within a few seconds there are at least 15 young teen, gang types flooding in the front door and spreading throughout the store. None of them looked even 18 years old. I turned my back to the shelf to keep my eyes on my surroundings with my back protected by the solid shelving. Many of these kids with hand signals flying and colors and tatoos galore are swarming the ammo area. A couple of them were standing near the front door seemingly guarding the exit and entrance. All the employees are wide eyed and taking defensive positions ... getting behind counters, getting on the phone, etc. These kids are picking up boxes and boxes of ammo that I know they are not old enough to purchase. Others are taking t-shirts off the racks, others are in other departments picking up items and carrying them toward the exit. The store alarm goes off, I suppose a shoplifting alert when someone has exited with an item that has not been paid for when exiting. One employee goes from behind the gun counter to the entrance/exit in a run. My mind is in high gear and watching for any weapon to become visible and to stay in a position as protected as possible and still with back covered and clear view of situation. The ammo area was swarmed with what I felt were gang members taking what they wanted. Then, as if someone gave some secret signal, every one of them headed for the exit at the same moment. They left with their stolen items as quickly as they arrived. Nobody was hurt, no weapons were seen. It took a bit of time for me to get my heart rate down to normal!

    I don't go to stupid places at stupid times. I mistakenly thought Academy Sports on a Sunday afternoon was not a high risk situation of that magnitude.

    I have always felt confident in my S & W 642 even if it is all I have. My Ruger SR9c with total of 2 mags and 27 rounds seemed very unlikely to ever be needed. However, on that Sunday, in that situation, I felt I didn't have enough in the worst case scenario even having both. Thankfully, I didn't need any. I still feel fine with my 642 and even better with my SR9c (if something like this ever happens again) ... and am more actively avoiding gangs and going to LGS more often where every employee is visibly armed, rather than Academy.

    Probably 40% of the time I have only my S & W 642. 40% of the time I have my Ruger SR9c. 20% of the time I have both. 100% of the time I attempt to stay situationally aware and I'm always hoping there are other concealed carriers nearby.
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