Difference in Recoil

Difference in Recoil

This is a discussion on Difference in Recoil within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Has anyone experience in firing both a S&W 642 revolver and a Keltec P-3AT pistol? I am interested in feedback regarding the difference in recoil ...

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Thread: Difference in Recoil

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    Difference in Recoil

    Has anyone experience in firing both a S&W 642 revolver and a Keltec P-3AT pistol? I am interested in feedback regarding the difference in recoil between the two guns. Thanks.


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    I've got a 342 ??. It's been a while since I looked at the model, but it's the Ti cylinder on an AL frame. I doubt anything near its size recoils so hard.

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    I've not shot the 642, but I don't find the recoil of my Keltec .380 objectionable. I had a concern about recoil when thinking about moving up to the .380 over my Keltec .32.

    Once I tried one, I found it to be no big deal. I can shoot it just as well as my .32.

    Hope this is helpful in some way.

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    Wouldn't It Make A Difference...

    what you were shooting out of the 'snubbie'? I believe that with a +P load, one would find a considerable difference in the 642 as compared to the P3AT (I believe the KelTec should not be using +P loads for any extended time?)
    I guess we can let the 'experts' speak on this one...

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    I have them both.
    I'm not recoil sensitive at all so neither bothers me.
    I think the 642 with +P+ feels like it has more punch but, (in my opinion) it is not bad.
    There is really nothing in .380 that could bother me at all in the way of "felt" recoil.
    I think the P~3AT feels quite tame even for it's amazingly light weight.
    Felt Recoil is a very subjective thing.
    What does not bother me might really bother somebody else.

    BTW ~ The way the hammer bears on the slide during the rearward travel of the slide on the P~3AT helps to eat up some recoil energy.

    If you shoot a lot then recoil is something that everybody eventually gets used to to the point that you'll not be bothered by it...especially if you buy good hearing protection.
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    I have an Airweight J-Frame in 38 Special and it hurts to shoot more than 10 rounds out of it.I like to go at least 50 rounds at each range visit but it is painfull.The Keltec isn't that bad and I can shoot at least 50 rounds before it starts to hurt my hand.
    Have Fun and Shoot Straight !!

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    I agree with QKShooter.

    I own a P-3AT and have rented a 642 at a local range. I would say the 642 has a bit more recoil, but they are close enough to be pretty much the same.

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    I have shot both, and given that the 642 gives me a bit more to hang on to, I seem to tolerate its recoil better. With the Kel-Tec P-3AT I seem to struggle to get a decent grip on it, and it just snaps me pretty good. This may be about my hands/grip, but that's how it is to me.

    Admittedly, I'm in love with my wife's 642, stealing it to carry when I go out and she stays at home (she's not unprotected, since the Beretta 92G-SD is handy, and she shoots it well)...heh. Someday I've got to buy one of those little rats!

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