How many times have you changed your EDC gun?

How many times have you changed your EDC gun?

This is a discussion on How many times have you changed your EDC gun? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have been carrying for a little over a year now and have changed my EDC three times, LC9 +reload --->1911 + LC9 plus a ...

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Thread: How many times have you changed your EDC gun?

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    How many times have you changed your EDC gun?

    I have been carrying for a little over a year now and have changed my EDC three times, LC9 +reload --->1911 + LC9 plus a reload for each ----> Ruger 1911 + reload ----> Springfield XD9sc with reload and 1911 close by (in the car safe or GO/BUG out bag) the LC9 stays locked up available. I am debating switching to a fullsize double stack .45 sig or hk or XDm

    Just wondering how many times other people have changed their EDC or which is the one you have had the longest? (For me I have carried the 1911 the longest only more recently switching to the XD.
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    I have a wide variety of carry guns to meet a wide variety of situations (attire, cerry method, etc.). Why try to make one gun fit all when you can have several for specific purposes? I live near the beach, and there's no way I could carry my XD40sc in a pair fo swim trunks, but my 442 works great. My PT709 is a great deep concealment piece when wearing a suit. I have different tools for different jobs.
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    I have had a CHL since 1996...

    Let's see...

    1. Beretta Mod 90 - 32ACp (belonged to my ex wife's family - when we divorced, I had to give it back)
    2. Springfield Mil Spec 1911
    3. Glock 26
    4. Walther P99c
    5. Keltec 32
    6. HK USPC45 (after I had a near robbery and got out of the situation, but only had a tiny 32 on me, I sold it and got a 45 :) )
    7. Beretta 92FS/Beretta 92 compact (alternating between the 2)
    8. M&P Shield in 9mm - Current carry gun

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    I started in 98: 1911 the longest as that’s what I was trained on and carried in the Army.

    1. Colt 1911 fall-winter-spring, SIG230SL Summer
    2. Full size 1911 got old, moved to Les Baer Stinger (CCO) and the SIG230SL
    3. Decided that sub-compacts in 9mm are about the same size as the 230SL, so bought a Walther PPS-9 for summer.
    4. Got the idea that “self-defense starts with a .4” out of my head due to modern 9mm load performance and now carry the PPS most of the time. I’m also 52, so carrying a 40+ ounce handgun around with spare magazine has lost a good deal of its appeal. (I know get a good gunbelt and good holster!, got multiples of both and 24Oz is still more comfortable)

    I really don’t change guns that often, and when I do I do a couple training sessions with the one I’m switching to. Since my primary CCW pistols are the Baer Stinger and the PPS (more and more the PPS) I shoot both a Baer Concept V and a Walther PPQ in IDPA. I really don’t like switching back and forth due to muscle memory etc. Yes you can get proficient with multiple guns, but I usually manage to have a couple screw-ups at a match when I change out a pistol.

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    Back in the 1990's I started with Glock; I've tried other things and still carry a Glock.
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    9mm +P minimum. 40, 10mm or 45 preferred.

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    Kimber/Keltec to Kimber/Kahr to Glock/Kahr to Glock/Glock. Generally, each EDC and bug have become larger, and of higher capacity than the previous.
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    Three guns work for me depending on the situation, weather and clothing:

    LCP in a Ramora for the warm weather and swim trunks or similar and a t-shirt
    Kahr CM9 in a Hays OWB when able to cover it up. (preferred CCW).
    Beretta PX4 SC .40 when it's lots of clothing and Wisconsin winter sets in.
    Kahr CM9, Beretta PX4 SC .40, Ruger LCP/LM, Dan Wesson .357, Beretta 21A .22, Four Aces .22, H&R .22, Marlin .22 rifle and 1946 Remington 12 gauge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BugDude View Post
    I have a wide variety of carry guns to meet a wide variety of situations (attire, cerry method, etc.). Why try to make one gun fit all when you can have several for specific purposes? I live near the beach, and there's no way I could carry my XD40sc in a pair fo swim trunks, but my 442 works great. My PT709 is a great deep concealment piece when wearing a suit. I have different tools for different jobs.
    I'm with BugDude! Here in South Texas, what I carry is pretty much dictated by weather. I'd prefer to carry 1911 all the time but most of the year it's hot and even though I'm in excellent shape, I still sweat with the heat and high humidity! That creates problems with sweat on the frame of a 1911 and I just can't seem to find a way around it no matter what kind of undershirt I it's 1911 in cooler months, both OWB & IWB ......then plastic the rest of the year. It used to be Glocks but now that I've discovered M&Ps, I'm hooked on them. On days that I can't wear a cover garmet with shirttail in, it's LCP in wallet holster......I feel way undergunned carrying the LCP but it's better than nothing! In those situations, I always have something larger in the truck and change as soon as I can!
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    I don’t normally participate in this type of conversation, as it really goes nowhere. What we carry and why is so personal and subjective as to make what and why anyone else carries useless to us. But, I’m in a strange mood today, so here goes.

    First, I agree with BugDude, different tools for different jobs. However, and correct me if I am wrong, you are particularly interested in our primary, or go to, EDC.

    1st – Ruger SR9
    I liked this gun but I was concerned about the “weakness” of the 9mm round. (I know differently now, but it has to be learned.) I found that I liked the full sized frame and that the weight did not bother me at all.

    2nd – Glock 21
    I wanted to move into a more robust caliber and I wanted to get in to competition. The only competition near me was GSSF, so I bought the G21. It carried well OWB, but was abysmal IWB (for me). This limited my carry options in the summer months.

    3rd – 1911
    I had always told myself that there was NO WAY I was ever going to spend a $1000 on a handgun. Well, as is the usual case, I learned differently. I have to say that the 1911 is probably my favorite gun to shoot. Now for the “but”, I learned that I have neither the time and money, nor inclination to become a 1911 “expert”. The 1911 requires a certain amount of constant “tinkering”. I didn’t like that.

    4th – Sig P220 SAO aka “The One”
    I found everything I liked about the 1911 in the P220 but I did not want the DA/SA transition. So, sight unseen, I ordered a P220 Single Action Only. It has be a pleasure to own and carry. The trigger is not as “nice” as a good 1911, but it is acceptable. Maintenance on the other hand is like night and day. It has NEVER had a failure, ever. It is not balanced as well as a 1911, but like the trigger, it is acceptable and very “shootable”.

    5th – Glock 19 / CZ75?
    I have an old shoulder injury that has been bothering me for the last year or so. My doctor (also a shooter) thinks it may be the .45ACP that is aggravating it and suggested I step down to 9mm. I have been going back and forth between the two for about four months and am currently debating each ones merits.

    So, that is five for me. I keep reminding myself that it is a process. Even after I found “The One” I still experimented with and evaluated others, trying to find something even better and I will continue to do so.

    Perfection can never be attained, only sought. After all, it is a journey, not a destination.
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    *WARNING - I may or may not know what I am talking about.

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    In 26 years of cc'c I carried a taurus 85SS for 20/21 years. Then a pf-9 for 2 1/2+ and a kahr. Well one of two kahrs depending on pocket or iwb.

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    I used to carry a S&W model 36. I'm not sure how many years. More than 10 anyway. Now it's either a Glock 26 or 17. Or on those days I can't hide on of them, it's a Taurus TCP738.

    I'm not big on change! I do get tempted here and there to make a change but I have decided to stick with my tried and true trio!
    Question Everything!

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    Let's see I started with a Glock 22. Switched to a Glock 37. Than came an XD45 compact. Now it's a Glock 27. Loved all those pistols. Still have all but the Glock 37. I have found for me that a smaller EDC is a better choice.
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    Depends on clothing, what I'm doing where I'm going
    S+W sd40
    1911 .45 Colt Commander
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    Sig P239, Sig P220, Colt Commander, Taurus PT709, Sig Pro 2022, and soon-to-be S&W M&P 45c.
    I have a very strict gun control policy: if there's a gun around, I want to be in control of it.
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    A 1911 has been my choice as primary sidearm for 30+ years.
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