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Do you modify your carry guns?

This is a discussion on Do you modify your carry guns? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; My G26 and G19 have been milled for an RDS and had a "-" connector added. So, the answer is "yes"...

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Thread: Do you modify your carry guns?

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    My G26 and G19 have been milled for an RDS and had a "-" connector added.

    So, the answer is "yes"

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    so, all this legal speculation, are there any cases where a self defense shooter was actually found guilty because he modified his gun?
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    I bought the G27, 23, 22 because of the fact that you can convert the .40 to .357sig and 9mm, and that is what I have done. I have a budget and it was cheaper for me to buy .357and 9mm barrels for them instead of 6 more Glocks. I carry my G23 with a .357sig barrel in it and hardly ever put the factory .40 barrel in it. I also shoot 9mm out of it more often than .40. I am not worried about legal ramifications if I have to use it in self defense.
    I also put night sights on all of my carry guns and I have a CT laser grip on my G23, and plan to put them on my other Glocks. ( CT doesn't make the Laser Grip for the G30SF so I guess it will be a Laser Guard that goes on it, I will just have to buy new holsters :-(. ). I also carry a 10mm conversion in my G30SF very often yet still not worried about legal ramifications.

    As for reliability, they all have proven to be perfectly reliable no matter what caliber barrel I am useing. And, I like the Glock triggers the way the come from the factory.
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    The only mods I have made was to have the trigger smooth up a bit. This would not "show from the outside".
    My carry guns, I leave the pounds of trigger pull where it comes from the favctory. However, my target and hunting guns got a complete trigger job. I changed grips on them also. My 642 and my Mustang 380 Are pretty much virgin except for smoothing.
    The difference? My hunting gun, a 6" Python, may be used up to 50 yards for deer. My carry guns, statistically, would most probably be used at bad breath distances, where speed and concealibility are most important.
    IMHO, don't go overboard, ande any trigger work shhould be done by a competant and licensed gunsmith. For revolvers: change the grips to the pachmeyer type for snubbies, especially if its an airweight. Nicer to your hands.

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    Nope, I don't do anything to my guns other than fluffing and buffing them if they are a little rough. I am not one for night sights, or laser or any of that. More than likely if I am going to shoot someone the sights aren't going to come into play that much anyway.

    I prefer single action guns or smooth shorter trigger double actions so there is no need to do anything to the trigger or change springs or any of that. The lightest factory trigger that I have is a Dan Wesson 1911 with a 1.8 lb trigger pull. I don't carry that gun because it is too light for a carry gun.

    If you are one to modify your gun, great. If it is to the internals I hope you do it right. If it is on the trigger I hope it is done right and doesn't cause you to have a ND.
    Just remember that shot placement is much more important with what you carry than how big a bang you get with each trigger pull.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Philly3458 View Post
    Mess with the trigger and your asking for trouble if you ever find yourself defending your use of deadly force. Stupid move.

    Please cite an example of this ................. if you can.
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    Grips and a maybe a feed ramp polish

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    My S&W 681 has Pachmayr signature grips. Nothing else done
    All of my Sigs have had night sights installed and grips replaced.
    My P225 I converted to double action only (have parts to do others when I have reason to)
    My P226 has Robar NP3 finish on slide and frame. ( greatly improves trigger pull)
    With the exception of the sear /hammer enagagement surfaces bearing surfaces have been mirror polished.
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    Full action and trigger job by a qualified smith or the manufacturer's performance center.
    Better sights.
    Better grips.
    Different trigger to adjust back strap to trigger distance to more properly fit *my* hand.
    Refinish if appropriate.
    Recrown the muzzle if I acquired the gun used.

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    M&P .45 removed mag disconnect and polished feed ramp.
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    At the moment, my only modification is Tru-Glo Sight Paint on both the front and rear sights. I have some night sights, but they haven't been installed as of yet. My next mod will
    be Crimson Trace grips for even better aim in low light, night time shooting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mb1900 View Post
    Do you modify your carry guns, or do you leave them 100% stock? I'd like to hear both sides of the argument.

    If you prefer to leave them stock, is it for potential legal complications should you use the firearms in self-defense, or is it to ensure reliability?
    Unless there is a reliability issue with the gun, I do not modify anything on my carry guns. No lighter trigger pull. Nothing. It is a liability issue for me. I want nothing that some scum sucking lawyer can try to cling to to hang me in court in the event I have to use my gun in self defense.
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    For me it's mostly a reliability issue but that plays into LIABILITY as well. Anything that makes the trigger easier to trip is asking for trouble IMHO. Under the extreme stress of a life & death encounter I don't want to miss because I got itchy on the trigger subconsciously and put some kid's life in jeopardy down the block. Better for me to get shot by the perp than to risk somebody else's life by an errant shot of mine. That's another reason I carry a full magazine of either Glaser or MAGSAFE in the primary mag with HS2's or Gold Dots or Winchester Rangers in the back up mag. If I get to slide lock and have to go to the back up mag, it means I'm in a serious firefight and may well need to penetrate car windows or doors. That calls for more conventional ammo. Of course the MagSafe is only for South Florida. Anywhere else, in other weather conditions, I'm going with more conventional ammo like Hornady Critical Defense.
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    Depends on the gun and its stock condition, usually change grips for comfort and add night sights if possible.

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    Modify my Carry Guns.

    Lets see, I've go a dremel tool and a kitchen table.

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