New Ruger SP101

New Ruger SP101

This is a discussion on New Ruger SP101 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Good morning one and all! Well, after about 2 hours at the gun shop last evening, I laid the money down on a Ruger SP101 ...

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Thread: New Ruger SP101

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    New Ruger SP101

    Good morning one and all! Well, after about 2 hours at the gun shop last evening, I laid the money down on a Ruger SP101 357 2" bbl. I played with well over 30 other very nice guns, but in the end, I guess I am a wheel gun guy. While I am new to this forum, I am not new to the world of firearms, having owned many over the years, but I always seem to gravitate back to the wheels.

    For the sake of explanation, here are a few of the winning considerations. First, this will be a CCW here in Wisconsin. I wanted something that "made sense" to me to carry. In a previous post, I mentioned my messed up right arm/elbow/neck and was concerned about the recoil. For a brief time, I even considered just using a "mouse" gun, but after actually holding several last evening, that is not going to work. I love the idea that I can go to the range, and shoot several different loads, from light weight 38s to full 357s and see what works with my limitations. Second, the Mistress of the house has a very difficult time racking a semi-auto and she wants to carry this as well. She has a LOT of wheel gun experience so she was very drawn and comfortable with this gun. Lastly, quality. Its hard to go wrong with Ruger. Yes, S&W are nice, but a lot more money for a bit more smoothness. So, the Ruger came home. I will get pics and a shooting report once we get a chance to take it to the range. Thanks for reading my ramblings. All in all, we are delighted in this gun.

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    I own the same revolver.....the one with the bobbed hammer. The only problem I had with the revolver was with the standard grips. Just couldn't get a good grip on the stock. I put on Hogue grips and they made a big difference. Allows a hand grip and sucks up much of the recoil when shooting full bore 357mag rounds. I have over 3,000 rounds through mine now and the revolver still looks brand new. I carry mine in my car...... The only reason I don't carry it is the capacity.....I prefer higher capacity for carry. No doubt, the Ruger SP101 is a beautiful, rugged handgun.

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    The Rugers are a great bang for the buck.
    Have Fun and Shoot Straight !!

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    They're two types of people in this world. Those that own a Ruger SP101 and those that don't. I'm in the later group.

    Awhile back I went to the LGS to trade (below) for a used SP101. They wanted an additional $100.00 to boot. I know they are in business to make a profit but, I just couldn't suffer that big a loss. Some day!

    I think, therefore I am...

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    I carry my SP101 every day. I have the 2" DAO. I shot it yesterday to see how the new XS Standard Dot Night Sight lined up. Works for me. I don't worry about capacity. I also carry a LCR357 in my off hand pocket. If 10 shots off 357 pluss reloads isn't enough, oh well.

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    My EDC is the SP101 as well. It vanishes under a loose t-shirt in my Simply Rugged pancake holster. Comfortable and convenient, and with a bit of practice, speed strips make reloading very quick. I carry 2 speed strips in an old flip phone case and never feel under-armed.

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    You'll be hard pressed to find any bad rep on the little Ruger.

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    Very good solid revolver! Enjoy!
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    congrats, they are great wheelies
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    Love mine, 2 in DAO w/ 1 speed loader, carried in low threat areas.
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    You have chosen wisely

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    Excellent purchase! Good thinking too.
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    SP101 is on the Rollo approved list meaning that it's one of only 3 of the many guns I have owned that I have not been able to break. That alone should tell you it's a damn fine revolver.
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    Congrats. Hurry up with the pics.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
    SP101 is on the Rollo approved list meaning that it's one of only 3 of the many guns I have owned that I have not been able to break. That alone should tell you it's a damn fine revolver.
    Remind me not to let you borrow any guns.

    I picked the 3" over the 2", but I am sure the SP101 will serve you well. Congrats.
    Just remember that shot placement is much more important with what you carry than how big a bang you get with each trigger pull.
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