Range Report: M&P 45c

Range Report: M&P 45c

This is a discussion on Range Report: M&P 45c within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; So I bought a S&W M&P 45c last month. I have taken it to the range three times now and run a total of 1,010 ...

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Thread: Range Report: M&P 45c

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    Range Report: M&P 45c

    So I bought a S&W M&P 45c last month. I have taken it to the range three times now and run a total of 1,010 rounds through it. I tried to get as many different kinds of rounds as I could scrounge up and the breakdown has been as follows:

    400 Federal 230 gr FMJ
    300 Winchester 230 gr FMJ
    100 Remington 230 gr FMJ
    100 Winchester 185 gr FMJ
    50 military surplus 230 gr FMJ
    20 Winchester 185 gr Silvertip HP
    20 Speer Gold Dot 185 gr HP
    20 Speer Gold Dot 230 gr HP

    The gun has functioned perfectly, eating up all of various rounds without a malfunction of any kind. Accuracy has been good once I got used to shooting it. I have always thought of myself as a ".45 guy", but my .45's have been full-sized 1911's and a Sig P220 (and a brief, unspectacular affair with a Colt Officer's Model 15 years ago), and I admit I have struggled with the recoil in a compact gun. I could put the rounds where I wanted them firing slowly, but my initial attempts at double taps or rapid fire were pathetic.

    After about 500 rounds I started getting better (much better with 185 gr rounds, which has made me consider switching to Speer 185 gr Gold Dots as my carry round rather than the 230 gr I have loaded in my P220, but I'm gonna run a few more 230 gr through it before I make that call).

    The attachment shows two different "drills" with the Federal 230 gr rounds. The silhouette target was two magazines (8 rounds each) of double tap drills to the torso and then the head at 10 yards. Pulled more shots to the left more than I would like (from jerking the trigger... I knew it every time I did it) but overall I was pretty satisfied with it. The bulls eye target was the last 11 rounds I had fired as fast as I could at 7 yards. Jerked the first round to the left and over-compensated on the next two, but rest were acceptable.

    So overall I am certainly satisfied with the gun, but the shooter needs some more work before I can make this my EDC.
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    Thanks for the report. I've been wanting to get my hands on a 45c but no gunshop here has one. Everyone has orders in and waiting for delivery. I've held the FS 45 and even though I love the grip it's just to large to cc IMO.

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    Great report, thanks for posting. Good shooting too. :)

    I have a 9mm M&P and am very fond of it -- fine pistol.
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    I've always liked the M&P 45c. I especially like what David Bowie @ Bowie Tactical can do with the trigger. Nice pick!
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    Love mine

    Did the DIY trigger job... Very crisp

    I carry corbon dpx in mine
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    What non-shooter are YOU planning on taking to the range?

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    Great firearm! Enjoy!

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