CZ 75 compact, pcr, and D owners, step inside!

CZ 75 compact, pcr, and D owners, step inside!

This is a discussion on CZ 75 compact, pcr, and D owners, step inside! within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Looking for opinions from owners here on DC on these. I handled a cz75 compact d yesterday and it felt great. So, anyone's likes, dislikes, ...

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Thread: CZ 75 compact, pcr, and D owners, step inside!

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    CZ 75 compact, pcr, and D owners, step inside!

    Looking for opinions from owners here on DC on these. I handled a cz75 compact d yesterday and it felt great. So, anyone's likes, dislikes, experiences, etc are all welcome. And of course, pics.
    One question I had on the compact, can the safety be engaged with the hammer down?

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    I have several CZ pistols, and they are great. Superbly accurate, built like tanks, and it's cool to have something different at the range. I can't see ever getting rid of my CZ 2075, it's my favorite carry pistol by far. The only real downside is the lack of holster options (started building my own).

    I would recommend you dry fire it before you buy, if you can reach the DA trigger, and like the DA/SA pull, you're all set. On the other hand, if it's gritty or stiff you'l need to do some work to get it up to (or beyond) modern standards. It'll clean itself up after a few thousand rounds, or you can polish it up yourself if you don't want to wait.

    Concerning the safety, my CZ2075 will not engage the safety in DA mode. The steel frame compacts with the safety should be the same, but I'd check it out first (lots of variations out there).

    There are several options currently available in the 9mm CZ75 compact size:
    CZ 75B Compact: Steel frame, Safety
    CZ PCR: Alloy frame, decocker, no rail
    CZ P01: Alloy frame, decocker, rail

    There is also the P07 with poly frame and omega trigger, and CZ 2075 Rami 'subcompact' that is the size of a glock 26.

    Attached are pics of my PCR.
    CZ 75 compact, pcr, and D owners, step inside!-imgp6716s.jpg CZ 75 compact, pcr, and D owners, step inside!-imgp6722s.jpg

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    Have a CZ P-01. I love it!! One the best guns I have ever shot (ok I haven't shot prob 20 or so diffrent handguns, but still). LOVE THE GRIP - the gun feels like it was molded for my hand. I found it a little to bulky and such for me to carry (espcially when I decided to appendix carry), but I love takin it to the range.

    I recently got the kadet kit for it. Its a slide and barrel that I can put on it and shoot 22lr rounds. That is . . . the most fun I've had besides sex in a long time. I want to be able to have a 22lr kit for every gun I have.

    I've never had a SINGLE issue shooting that gun, its been flawless. Will always be one of my favorites and I know I'll never part with it.CZ 75 compact, pcr, and D owners, step inside!-p5040418.jpgCZ 75 compact, pcr, and D owners, step inside!-img_6896.jpgCZ 75 compact, pcr, and D owners, step inside!-img_6897.jpg
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    will not engage the safety in DA mode

    That is correct in all the manual safety models. The reasoning behind this is the long DA trigger is the safety and the gun is ready to fire without having to disengage another.

    Thus unless you are cocked and locked you can't accidentally have it engaged

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    My full-size CZ-75B is a sweet shooter, and just a snick thicker in the grip than my 1911s, although it packs a double-stack mag. A Compact model is on the wish list.
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    I have a 75D PCR and it's a great little gun. It did have a very minor problem with it feeding some hollow points, until I polished the very top of the barrel where the bullets were catching when feeding. Since then over 1,100 rounds without one single failure. I trust it with my life.

    For me it is a natural pointer.

    I have found that the Galco Concealable Belt Holsters model numbers CON250B (RH Black), CON250H (RH Havana), and CON251B (LH Black) fit it perfectly (the holster is for the Sig P228/P229).

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    I have a P-01, my wife has a 75 Compact. If what you looked at is a 75 Compact D, then it is a decocker model. There is no external safety on the gun. DO NOT attempt to carry the Compact D or the P-01 with the hammer cocked. The straight 75 Compact does have an external safety, but the safety can only be engaged with the hammer cocked.
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    CZ P-01 9mm, here. Fairly wonderful pistol. Dead solid reliable, well-built, great ergonomics. I would highly recommend the whole group of pistols you mention, unreservedly.

    Review: Range Report CZ P-01 9mm.
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    My CZ75 SA is quickly becoming my preferred carry piece. The only down side to it is its size. It has been a toss up between it (more accurate, better trigger) and my G19 (smaller, lighter - easier to carry) lately. One of the Compact models would likely fill the bill perfectly.

    Be advised, as rwponline stated, sometimes you get a gritty trigger from the factory. Mine was easily the WORST trigger I have ever experience out of the box. It cleans up nicely, though. Mine is now almost as good as my Colt 1911.

    Good luck and I think you will be very happy with whichever CZ product you decide to purchase.
    *WARNING - I may or may not know what I am talking about.

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    The CZ PCR is my Favorite Pistol! Hands down.

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    I had a Cz pcr compact. All I can say is I wish I still had that gun. Still kickin myself for selling it.

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    Been looking at the PCR and really like what I see.

    I also just put a CZ75 SC (Semi-Compact) on layaway at my LGS. It's a "B" model with the full-size frame and compact slide and was not sold in the US.

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    Some Semis were sold in this country, they are often called Jerry's Guns.

    The PCR is equally as fabulous as the much well known P-01.

    PCR stands for Police CZech Republic, as they carried PCRs before going to
    P-01/75Ds over there.

    Probably to get the tactical rail, as I doubt if their PCRs were worn out yet.

    Even though I named the P-01 for CZ, I like the RAMIs and full sized 9mms a bit better...
    as they fit me much nicer than the compacts.

    The PCR also feels lighter to carry and shoot than the P-01.

    Add some Hakan or Marschal Grips, Nites, and a #13 mainspring and you have a real gem.

    Still, you are getting a great gun with the PCR, P-01 or Compact.

    Look toward High Noon for your CZ (and other) holster needs.

    Be sure to mention me if you email or call/order from Michael with any questions.

    High Noon Holsters

    Best of luck with landing that new CZ.

    FB: CZ 2075 RAMI Owners USA

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    CZ 75 Compact, Duo Tone 9mm; CZ Custom Thin Aluminum Grips; Thin Red Walnut grips from Marschals Grips, and a UBG Striker IWB holster. This is easily the finest feeling handgun I have ever held, carried, or shot. A little heavier than my G36; sure; but a bit more pleasing to the eye IMO and a heck of a set of ergonomics and a superb trigger. Very satisfying sound to rack the slide and press the trigger to the rear on this mechanically sound pistol.

    I think it's almost too sweet to carry; but I somehow manage to force myself...

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    I own the CZ75D Compact. They are quality, well built handguns. Here, as I see it are the upsides of the pistol: 1) All metal (I like that!), 2) Great ergonomics (fits the hand like a glove), 3) Very accurate, 4) Reasonably priced (around $550). But, like all things in life, there are downsides...... 1) Very stiff and gritty double action pull (nearly impossible to make the first shot an accurate shot), 2) Gritty single action pull (it's better than the double action, but still gritty), 3) Soft rubber grip inserts (the smell of mine remind me of a new set of Goodyear tires and need to be replaced), Night Sights not standard (they use the glow in the dark sights that fade in a few minutes).

    All and all, I like the pistol but I probably wouldn't buy it if I had a chance to go back. Why? Well, after you buy the pistol, change out the standard sights with night sights, have a trigger job done and replace the stock would have spent about the same amount of money to get a brand new Sig Sauer P229 and got it all from the git-go for about the same money. I have 3 Sigs and all have 100% better da/sa triggers than the CZ.

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