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How many have down sized?

This is a discussion on How many have down sized? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Most of the time I carry a Sig 1911 Ultra Compact which is an officer size 1911. So I guess I have downsized some....

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    19 11.95%
  • Will stay with full size

    17 10.69%
  • Have always carried small

    27 16.98%
  • upsized from small to large

    15 9.43%
  • What ever I feel like from day to day

    64 40.25%
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Thread: How many have down sized?

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    Most of the time I carry a Sig 1911 Ultra Compact which is an officer size 1911. So I guess I have downsized some.

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    I've downsized in the last couple of years from necessity, not by choice. Disabling nerve damage to my lower lumbar spine has made it necessary to go from a HK USP 45C/1911 Commander to a M&P9 Shield. As with others I simply carry an additional mag to offset the difference.
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    I am completely content on my almost EDC. It is 1.5lbs loaded including my Hays OWB holster. I love my Kahr CM9 loaded with Hornady CD. When really cold with lots of clothing I will some times carry my Beretta PX4 SC .40. When really hot (swimsuit weather) its the LCP and Remora. If any one cares except me that is the story.
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    I carry a snubnose .357, before than I carried med framed autos
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    I started out years ago with a 4" K frame. My primary carry guns are a 1911, a Browning HP, a Glock 19, or a P7M8. BUG is a Kel Tec .32.

    It's a challenge, but totally possible, to wear a full sized gun comfortably and still dress stylish. And I don't believe on choosing based on "I'm going to a bad part of town" or "it's a safe neighborhood" judgements.
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    LCP most days just because it is easy to drop in a pocket. But I prefer the colt 1911 or glock 36 when I can wear a jacket for cover.

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    Like you, for 30 years I carried a duty gun on my hip, it was usually my EDC as well. Since I have retired my summer gun is the Glock 27 with G23 mags (carries better AIWB) still 14 shots of 40 S&W. My winter gun will be my G31 instead of the G23. I am 6' and 270lbs , I hike 5 miles a day and do moderate exercises to keep my slim girlish figure, If I feel an extra pound is gonna kill me I will just stay in bed.
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    For work and social reasons, I need to be discreet. I downsized from my Glocks (in a Smartcarry) to dual pocket carry (LCR + LCP, or dual LCPs depending on pocket size/depth). Mainly for comfort issues, but I also appreciate being able to discretly have a firing grip on a gun in my pocket during those "iffy" times.
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    Working at Gun Shops for almost 20 years I have carried everything from a NAA Mini Mag to a Glock 21 and a lot of others in between. For the last year or more I have settled on a Ruger SP101 and a LCR357. I carry these Two Guns 99% of the time. I have a few others I will mix in at times but these Two Rugers see the most carry and Range Time.

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    Went from a 1911 > Glock 19 > Kahr CM9

    I still own the Kahr and the 1911 :) The CM9 comes with me in and around town, the 1911 when I head fishing or into the mountains.
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    I have mostly carried my Glock 19 for the last two decades. However at times my Sig P230 and P238 found their way into my waistband when I needed better concealment in the summer or didn't want the extra weight and mass of the G19.
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    Love to carry my 1911 compact, but gets kinda heavy, so I switch to a 2" snuby 357 and a PT709 9mm. Winter will go back to the 1911
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    I went from a g19 to a 26 to a m&p shield to a g17

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    99.9% of the time I have a mid-sized gun on my person. (Most of the time it is a Glock 23, from time to time it is a Sig 228). When it is imperative that nobody other than me know I am armed I have a PF9 that I carry. And on Jeff Cooper's birthday I tend to carry the 1911 to honor the man that brought handguns into the modern era.
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    I carried a taurus 85 ss for 20 years then a for a few a kt pf-9 and after shooting cw9 I bought a cm9 for pocket and sold the kt. So for the last few years a cm9 or cw9 kahr. Never carry big as I worked construction and never swap around much. Also tried to stay with the same trigger desig or feel. Just pickup a 738 tcp for when really small is needed but it won'r be cc often.

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