Night sights easier to see without glasses

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Thread: Night sights easier to see without glasses

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    Night sights easier to see without glasses

    I was experimenting with my XS Big Dot sights. They are not the brightest night sights I have seen, so I wanted to see just how easily I could see them with no lights on. Since I was doing close up work, I had my reading glasses on. I turned off the lights and lined them up. They were very unclear. Then I took my reading glasses off and I could see them much more clearly.

    I am not sure why I could see my night sights more clearly without my reading glasses on. I am sure there is some scientific explanation, but it is good to know that in night light conditions, I can at least line my sights up in focus.
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    Reading glasses are meant for seeing relatively closeup, say 15-20 inches. Front sight on your pistol are more like 36 inches from your eyes, so its blurry.

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    Some folks have the same problem with bi-focals. I am grateful that my vision is still good, but I know as I get older I will need to asses and adjust occasionally.
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    Roadrunner, crossing the 50 mark ain't for sissies. The whole vision thing is irritating at best. Brush your teeth and eyeballs twice a day.
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    I wear bifocals. Yes they suck for shooting. My sights are much clearer without my glasses. Of course that's not saying much!
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    I'm on the near-sighted side of vision and, when at the range, remove my specticles altogether, opting for safety glasses only in order to focus on the front sight.
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    I wear Bausch and Lomb Purevision day and night contact lenses, which bring both eyes up to slightly better than 20/20 at distances beyond about 24 inches. Without correction, I am 20/400 in one eye and 20/100 in the other. For reading, I keep the material beyond 24 inches.
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    The last time I had an eye exam the doctor, who I had no idea was gun-friendly (and also carries concealed), said to bring my gun to the exam and he would have my lenses ground to include the front sight distance in focus area of the progressive lenses.

    With the progressives, I don't have to hold my head back to focus on the front sight, as I did with bi-focals adjusted to include the front sight distance.

    The progressive lenses took a little getting used to for me, in fact I took them back at first, but the doc. talked me into keeping them another week and after that I was OK. I now wouldn't have bi-focals again.

    Short of taking your gun to the exam, you could measure the distance from eye to front sight and ask that dist be in focus.

    Talk to your eye care professional, you may be pleasantly surprised how they might be able to help.
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