Usual CW is S&W 3913...but I just bought a Kel Tec P32 as a that wrong?

Usual CW is S&W 3913...but I just bought a Kel Tec P32 as a that wrong?

This is a discussion on Usual CW is S&W 3913...but I just bought a Kel Tec P32 as a that wrong? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; My normal CW rotation is either my S&W 3913 or 3913NL, and on occasion the Bersa BP9CC. I guess you could say I'm a fan ...

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Thread: Usual CW is S&W 3913...but I just bought a Kel Tec P32 as a that wrong?

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    Usual CW is S&W 3913...but I just bought a Kel Tec P32 as a that wrong?

    My normal CW rotation is either my S&W 3913 or 3913NL, and on occasion the Bersa BP9CC. I guess you could say I'm a fan of single stack 9's. They just fit me very well, are easy for me to conceal, and I shoot them well. I do CC a G26 when the cooler weather hits, but even in the upstate of South Carolina we don't get to wear jackets often.

    When I happened to be in a LGS, and happened to have some cash in my Gun account, I came across a Kel Tec P32, looking brand new. The negotiated price was $150 out the door, so I took it. My wife carries a Beretta .32 Alleycat, so I figured since I am already buying ammo for her Beretta, what could be wrong with having the little Kel Tec in my pocket?

    I recently had a disasterous experience with a Diamondback 380, so I am a little worried about the functionality of the Kel Tec, but I will take it to the range on Monday and try to wear it out. The Diamondback was dumped after 2 back-to-back range sessions resulted in a broken extractor/factory repair/broken trigger housing/factory repair = gone. I am hoping it turns out to be a keeper. It is the second Generation of the P32, and came with the factory box...

    But somehow I feel like maybe it's not a necessary purchase. After all, I usually do have at least 9 rounds of 9mm, and usually a spare magazine with another 8 rounds... is it over-kill/paranoia/silly to have the P32 at the ready? A co-worker always has his P32 in his pocket, and swears it is more reliable than anything chambered in 380, and smaller to boot. I know first hand that the Diamondback was not a good experience, and it makes sense that a smaller caliber would likely be more tolerable in a small platform than a .380 or a 9mm, due to the tighter tolerances not being beat up by larger calibers... but I'm still feeling kinda silly toting around such an anemic caliber...

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    I've really been considering picking one up when nothing else will work besides pepper spray. I think the .32 ACP in full metal jackets will do the job if you do yours but that is another thread...

    Nice deal too!

    Sorry I can't help with the experience, but make sure you post up and let us know how well it shoots. I'm kinda scared of Kel-Tec's reputation.

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    Congrats on the new purchase Tooldawg99

    I wouldn't loose any sleep over feeling undergunned with a P32 as a BACK UP pistol. Your 9mm's will be your primary and the .32 is nothing to laugh at. The P32 seems to be a nice little pocket pistol that you can CC with little dificulty just about anywhere. I'm not sure what they are going for now days? But it sounds like you got a pretty good deal. So if it dosen't work out for whatever reason. I bet you can get your $$ back or not take too big of a loss. Plus already having ammo for it is a nice bonus.

    I have and do on occasion CC smaller caliber B/U pistols than the .32 ACP and don't feel silly about it. A back up gun has more positives going for it, than negatives. Regardless of caliber IMO.

    PS: Don't forget to add the P32 to you sig tag of pistols
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    I wouldn't feel bad about buying any small gun as a backup, as long as it works reliably based on your personal testing. The odds of needing a backup are small, of course, but if you ever did need it, you'd be glad of your decision to have it with you.
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    Having a secondary is a good idea, for a whole host of reasons.

    Take your P32 to the range, try it out with FMJ ammo, and carry it with confidence. The P3at and LCP are the same size as the P32, and the .380 is my preferred choice for the role, but since your wife carries a .32 anyway, it makes sense for you to get the P32. And the price seems like a steal.

    As a bonus, the P32 carries an extra round vs the P3at, so you can feel good about that, too.
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    I picked up a P32 a few years ago. Hemmed and hawed over .32 vs .380 and I still revisit the wisdom of that decision. However - it fills a need that my bulkier guns can't. I don't carry a backup, but when I absolutely can't carry a larger gun, the P32 comes along. It doesn't get shot a lot, just a few times a year for function check and to keep me familiar with its feel. At most I'd say I have 500 rounds through the gun; not a lot, but it's never failed to feed, fire or eject.

    The .32 is pretty much an eye-socket round, with even FMJs being known to bounce off skulls if hit at a shallow angle, but it's still better than a police whistle.

    Make sure you carry it in a pocket holster (DeSantis Nemesis is inexpensive and good), and still blow the lint and swarf off it periodically.
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    You don't need to know
    It's better than semi-sharp stick. At contact range a couple 71gr fmj through the pump should do the job.
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    Ive had a P32 for over 15 years that I carry almost everywhere.... its been very reliable. I use the heaviest FMJ ball ammo I can find in mine. Most of the time its S&B .. emptying the mag and staying on a target at SD range is very easy to do.

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