The best handgun for self defense....

This is a discussion on The best handgun for self defense.... within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Which of the following handguns would you consider the best for general self defense? Single Action Revolver, example: Colt Peacemaker Double Action Revolver, example: Smith ...

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Thread: The best handgun for self defense....

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    The best handgun for self defense....

    Which of the following handguns would you consider the best for general self defense?
    • Single Action Revolver, example: Colt Peacemaker
    • Double Action Revolver, example: Smith and Wesson Model 29
    • Double Action Semi-auto, example: Beretta 92F
    • Single Action Semi-auto, example: Colt 1911
    • Safe Action Semi-Auto, example: Glock
    • Action Adventure Hero Auto, example: UFP2000

    And the answer is........

    Whatever gun you have.

    Ya, I was kinda miffed, too. It wasn't even a choice. Kind of deceptive. However, this is the first question to the [LINK REMOVED] Take it and see what you think of the answers.

    Quote Originally Posted by jd
    Front Site does a good enough job at marketing without us helping them
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    Single action revolver is definitely the worst.

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    I took that ridiculous thing a few months back and have regretted it ever since. To get the results of Piazza's quiz, you must give them your email address.

    Be prepared for an endless onslaught of Frontsite garbage emails.

    Life (and certainly curiosity) can suck!

    The answer, according to those maniacs, is, of course, Glock. All others will get you killed.

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    Well, that was a wasted ten minutes that I can never get back. Of course, I can always sign up for his email newsletter (for $200) and get all kinds of free things, including a 4 day course from them. Yeah, that's gonna happen.

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    Yep first the newsletter, then a free course then next thing you know you will be buying a super double platinum lifetime membership for the reduced price of $14.00. Then comes the land and home at the Front Sight facility, oh wait those don't exist but you can pay for them now anyways just for the heck of it.
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    Way back when I started looking at concealed carry I googled pretty much the same question, lol.

    Best answer I found - "the one you carry everyday".
    The stupidity of some people NEVER ceases to amaze me.

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    My order:
    1. •Safe Action Semi-Auto: Glock
    2. •Single Action Semi-auto, examples: Dan Wesson Valor, Les Baer, Ed Brown 1911
    9mm +P minimum. 40, 10mm or 45 preferred.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrahtDog View Post
    Single action revolver is definitely the worst.
    As long as the caliber starts with 4 and ends with 5 you are guaranteed a one shot stop. If 2 attackers then just get another pistol and dual weild.
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    Oh, you mean Iggy Piazza, the self-proclaimed "Millionaire Patriot", legend in his own mind? I don't think there exists a more narcissistic human.

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    Eh, I think I will pass on taking the on-line quiz. At the moment, as I sit here at home, the best defensive handgun is the 2.25" SP101 in the pocket of my shorts. When I go Downtown for a meeting at 1PM, I will carry the same SP101, plus another handgun equal or larger in size, depending upon what I decide to wear in this coastal Texas summer heat. The candidates are: 2.25" or 3" SP101, 4" S&W Model 19, and 5" 1911.

    Tonight, at work, I will still have the SP101, but it will clearly be a secondary weapon, as my personally-owned P229 rides in the duty rig, claiming the official "primary" title, as defined by my employer.

    I even own a new-to-me G17, which may work its way into my defensive pistol equation, especially if/when I set aside the P229, as .40 recoil is starting to become abusive to my aging, formerly stronger wrist. (My chief has yet to sign off on a proposal that would allow 9mm as an alternative primary duty cartridge.)

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