SW M&P 9c

SW M&P 9c

This is a discussion on SW M&P 9c within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; New guy here. For those of you that carry one, what do you like and dislike about the gun. I'm thinking of buying one to ...

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Thread: SW M&P 9c

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    SW M&P 9c

    New guy here.

    For those of you that carry one, what do you like and dislike about the gun. I'm thinking of buying one to be my new CCW. I currently carry a Bersa Thunder 380 that my wife and I share. I am also coincidering a Shield but they are hard to find and I think I want the extra ammo.

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    I don't own an M&P but I have shot them. They are good solid pistols. As long as they fit your hand well and you can shoot them well, I would say go for it. The best thing you can do is find a range near you that rents guns, and shoot one. That is the best way to decide whether you like it enough to buy one.

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    M&Ps have great ergonomics. With the different sized backstraps you will be able to find the grip feel that is to your liking. The trigger is probably the biggest gripe with the M&Ps. A lot of people put in after market triggers because the stock trigger has too much slop and lacks a crisp reset. I have no problem with the stock trigger and kept mine that way on my M&P9c. I also have a Shield. If/when S&W puts the Shield trigger on the rest of the M&Ps, it will make them better because that trigger is better. Overall, it is a very reliable and nice looking gun. Can't go wrong with one.

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    I have a full size M&P 9, but I usually carry a Glock 19 when I can carry a larger gun. So, I can't address your question about the M&P 9c as a carry weapon.

    But I can address the M&P 9 in general. Mine has been 100 % reliable with any type bullet, any weight, and hard cast. It's also very accurate, especially with my hard cast reloads or premium factory ammo. Not bad with bulk or WWB, but better with the others. I put an Apex sear and striker block in mine, and that made a huge difference in the feel of the trigger and reduced the trigger pull, although my trigger wasn't that heavy to begin with. That isn't a problem for me, since my M&P is a range and IDPA gun. For an M&P that I planned on carrying, I would consider putting in the Apex Duty and Carry kit, which includes a spring to increase the weight to around 5 lbs. Alternatively, you could consider putting in just the striker block and not the sear, which will smooth the trigger some.

    I wouldn't hesitate to carry the M&P 9c, I'm sure it would be just as reliable as the full size I have.
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    I carry one every day in the summer heat. 45fs in the cooler months. I can't say anything negative about the M&P line of pistols. Solid, accurate, go bang every time you squeeze the trigger. I carry OWB and the 9c is a breeze to conceal.

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    Don't have the 9c but I have shot that and the 40c. Have a 45c. I love the M&P line and wouldn't hesitate to carry a 9c.

    Also, welcome to the forum.
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    I have the M&P 40c. Love the size of the gun, it is really about the perfect size for carry IMO. Although the slide seems just a tad on the thick side. The changeable back straps are nice, I did a stiple job on mine to increase the grip - have really liked that.

    The gun has been 100% reliable with any ammo I've thrown at it EXCEPT steel cased stuff like tula. I tried to run that stuff the second time shooting it while breaking it in, was really having a hard time feeding it. Now, I have almost 1,000 rnds through it and I would bet it would it probably run fine now - I'll try next time at the range.

    I have done nothing to my trigger but deffinantly am going to. I really don't like how the stock trigger breaks and the reset is barely there. This has become alot more evident after shooting one of those "blocks".

    I like my M&P, but have found that I don't enjoy missing that little bit of grip. Went and got myself a glock 23. But the M&Pc is a great gun especially for CC in my opinion. It won't be my EDC but my girl says she wants to carry in the winter, and I would no problem carrying myself for deep concealment.
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    I love my 9c, it's the one I carry the most since I got it in January.

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    nothing about the 9C I don't like. Of all the guns I let new shooters try, the 9C is the one they ususally end up buying as their first gun.
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    You don't need to know
    The M&P's are great
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    I love my M&P9c, I have the stock trigger and have no gripes, it goes bang everytime I squeeze the trigger. I liked it so much I bought a 45c for winter carry.

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    I have an M&P 40c and a 357 sig barrel for it. It is SO easy to shoot and conceals easily.

    Got a CT grip for it & carry it in a Minotaur M-TAC. GREAT pistol!
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    My EDC is a M&P40C in a Minotaur IWB holster. Bought the magazine shoe for all the mags to get a full grip. Shoots every time with any ammo I've used. The only down side is that the paint came off of the front sight. A little white fingernail polish fixed it.
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    I love my 9c....for 4 years now. It's accurate and so far hasn't failed me. I bought a 17 round mag and xgrip...my only complaint is if I'm not wanting to wear a heavy belt (OWB for me always no matter what) it's kinda heavy/bulky. I usually reserve it for when I'm wearing blue jeans.

    It's a personal choice. Myself my next conceal pistol should be either a shield or p938.

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    I have the 40C and there is nothing I don't like about it. Go to the store, hold one, rent one and shoot it. Pretty sure you'll love it too.

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