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What round in an lcp for cc

This is a discussion on What round in an lcp for cc within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by 1959 I use Hornady Critical Defense 90 gr. I think a lot of other LCP shooters use them. ...and I too am ...

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Thread: What round in an lcp for cc

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1959 View Post
    I use Hornady Critical Defense 90 gr.
    I think a lot of other LCP shooters use them.
    ...and I too am one of those. With phone books (wet or dry) it does what it is suppose to. Never had an issue here.

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    When I had my S&W BG380 I used the Winchester white box FMJ Flat points, which also were very reliable in my BG380. I also *thought* I remember somewhere that someone had performed some tests with these and found that FMJ's penetrated very well and the JHP for .380acp only penetrated approx. 8-9 inches and still did not expand that well. I too like some others have metioned would rather have penetration with a FMJ .380acp. God Bless

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    We have four .380s in the family. Two P238s, a West German made PPK/S, and the LCP. The P238s are loaded with Gold Dot, the PPK/S with WWB (It doesn't like to feed hollow points), the LCP with Hornady Critical Defense. I use Gold Dot in the P238s because they don't like Critical Defense for some reason, stick on the feed ramp. Gold Dot feeds just fine in both of them. Critical Defense works great in the LCP. Go figure? Gold Dot may work in the PPK/S but I've not tried it because I don't carry it since the P238 followed me home.

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    Winchester 95 gr FMJ flat nose

    Does a good job in ballistic tests.

    Gives penetration and a reasonable wound channel.

    Plus it should be really reliable because of the bullets configuration.
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    i just recently picked up a ruger lcp and haven't gotten to shoot it yet, but i picked up a box of the remington umc 95 grain fmj, and a box of winchester pdx1 defender and now i'm wondering whether or not the winchester is safe as i'm not sure if it is +p or not. if anyone has any insight on the subject i'd love to know as i too would also like to find a good carry round.


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    I have an LCP, I carry HydraShoks. Critical Defense did not feed reliably for me, and I did polish the feed ramp. You may not have this problem, but test a pile of rounds before you decide. For way more LCP info than you can read in a day, check elsiepeaforum.com.

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    I agree with the flat points. I think the Hornady critical defense loads fall into that category because of their design. Hollow points in a .380 don't work well because of the low power/penetration.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Superhouse 15 View Post
    The majority of .380 owners I have known or worked with carry the Gold Saber 102gr. Several local LEO agencies order it in .380 also, even when they spec other brands in larger calibers.
    Yup, the 102gr is what I'm using now. Cycles fine.

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    .380 is anemic on a good day but a lot of people want to argue that point so they feel better about what they have in their pocket. Let's face it, the typical .380 really is that much easier to carry than the 9's or the bulky J frame (yes that cylinder can feel "bulky"). So knowing that about the round, the next thing is reliability and then reliability and then reliability. Get past that and it's bullet placement. I suspect a few JHP's may perform a few inches better than most but it's hard to determine that unless you take the time to sift through the reports on the internet and at the end of the day you got your information off the internet which means taking it with a grain of salt.

    For mine I've used a number of the top ranked JHP rounds like Golden Saber, Critical Defense, etc. However, for personal confidence I tend to shoot FMJ now. Personally, I think there's a lot of "splitting hairs" when it comes to picking one brand over another.

    Get a good well known brand, prove it's reliability and get good at getting it out of the pocket and point shooting it at targets the size of a softball that are closer than 7 yards.

    I think you were smart to try the 9's in the pocket; if a guy is big enough (I mean his pockets) and he can conceal a PM9 or doesn't mind the build of a J frame, then I think those are far better choices provided the recoil isn't a problem.

    The LCP is a fine little gun; had one and liked it. Only replaced it because I got a Kahr P380 that I find I can handle/shoot much better.

    Good luck

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    Ruger LCP 95 gr flat nose at 21 feet steel door if that don stop Bubba he is super man after the steel door it still went through 7/16th ply wood.

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    I use GoldDots in my P3AT
    Have Fun and Shoot Straight !!

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    I use either hornady critical defense or buffalo bore. The biffalo bore will give you the best power if you can find it. Still going to be a 380 though.

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    I used DoubleTap 90gr. Bonded Defense JHP in my SIG P238 and my Ruger LCP. I've been using DT ammo for years and love it.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
    What do you mean by knock down power?
    Does it have enough power to knock the BG off their feet is what it means.

    With the LCP I have Hornady Critical defense loaded in my clip. I feel that this would be sufficient to knock down a bad guy off their feet.

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    I use FMJ on my P3AT
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