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Sig P938---Happy, But A Small Problem...

This is a discussion on Sig P938---Happy, But A Small Problem... within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; So the solution was; "Shoot first, and ask questions later."...

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Thread: Sig P938---Happy, But A Small Problem...

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    So the solution was;
    "Shoot first, and ask questions later."
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    Mt 238 was extremely tight when it was new. The first 2 or 3 strippings I was puzzled by the fact that the barrel had a very specific angle required to lift it from the slide. Like some kind of Chinese puzzle. 500 rounds will help it.
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    Mine was tight too. The barrel would actually "bind" in the slide at an angle as I was pulling it out as I field stripped it. Simply tight tolerances is all it was. After several hunderd rounds it is settling in and breakdown is much smoother. I have the "Nitemare" version and find it is simply a fantastic little gun. Never thought I would like a micro-nine as much as I do this one. :)

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    Sig P938---Happy, But A Small Problem...-b801cfc2-36f1-40d2-8663-8dcfbe1cc40a-214-000000c04ad6fcce_zpsdaf38019.jpg
    I had to have both
    P938 Extreme and P238 Scorpion

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    My 238 wasn't terribly tight when new, although it was obvious that it was a close tolerance pistol. Really the only problem I've had with mine is that it makes me want to own more of 'em.
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    I like the 938 so much I had to go and get a 238 Nitemare. There's just something about a 1911 style pistol. They feel and point right, and when I saw these guns I knew I could shoot well with them. They also fit my bill for concealed carry. And I know it's on the low end for acceptable carry ballistics, but I have always liked the .380.

    Put both the 238 and 938 through their paces this weekend. Fired 100+ rounds through both. The 238 is like shooting a .22...what a little beauty. Very well-handling firearm. No failures of any sort, ran Golden Sabre hollowpoints flawlessly. This gun renewed my faith in Sig, which had been lost by the 250, honestly.... I've been packing it ever since.

    The 938 was slightly more problematic. It handles well, shoots fine. Impressive for such a light 9mm to have so little felt recoil and handle so well. The problem came with classic Walther PPK/old 1911 without-a-beavertail slide bite. It chewed me pretty good on the web of my right hand. Hopefully there will be some new aftermarket grips to address that, or if Sig can revamp the next generation and add a bit of beavertail to the back of the gun. NOt enough to make me want to get rid of it or anything, but after 50 rounds I was trying to grip lower to avoid pain, which threw the shooting off a bit.

    I also had 4 failures to eject with the 938. They all happened with the same magazine, just shooting white box Winchester stuff. It handled Hornady Perosnal Defense rounds just fine, however. I'm figuring at worst a bad magazine, at best just more break-in required...The mag seemed a bit stiff to load. Maybe the second round was trying to get in there before the first one was on the way out....More testing to follow.

    As noted, I'm very happy with the 938, just needs a bit more shaking down. The 238 is flawless...

    Also as noted, Sig might have saved themselves with this pistol series. I think the 250 was a mistake all the way around, and the 290 is sort of like the 239 in my opinion: too awkward and bulky to really fit its intended purpose as a concealed carry piece. I had a 239 and it worked great. The only problem was the grip was kind of small for how big the rest of the gun was, which made it feel top-heavy and cumbersome in my opinion. I'm a big fan of the 225, 229, and the venerable 220. And I've packed a 232 for years, so I know Sig's got it in them to make a great gun for the concealed carry market...they just have missed a few steps here and there.

    Since they cloned the Colt Mustang so successfully, I'd love to see them clone Colt's short-lived but great Pocket 9. What say you, Sig?

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    Same Issue

    Quote Originally Posted by TejasTK View Post
    I picked up a P938 extreme today and I am experiencing the same thing..... Looks like I need some range time to break her in :-)...
    *** I just picked up a P938 Blackwwod.. I bought the p238 extreme a week ago and no take down problems before range. But the 938 i cant get the slide off. I guess Ill try putting some rounds through it.. Did that work for the rest of you?

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    I'm VERY new to guns. Purchased a p938 SAS & picked it up 1 week ago. I broke mine down via frame-by-frame YouTube video. The slide took a hard pull but has not been a problem. Cleaned it before I took it to the range. Approx. 250 rounds have been put through it so far, and it has functioned flawlessly. 5 different kinds of ammunition and no problems or pickiness. I'm very happy so far, and this gun has been kind to a nervous-nelly-newbie

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    I just picked up a 938,nice little gun... I handled quite a few at lgs but the only one my larger than avg hands could handle was the one with the houge grip. The finger grooves and palm swell keeps it from creaping up in my hands. The slide still comes dangerously close to my hands but haven't been bitten yet...

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