My dream come true; RIA 9mm "COMPACT"

My dream come true; RIA 9mm "COMPACT"

This is a discussion on My dream come true; RIA 9mm "COMPACT" within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Have you ever wished a manufacturer would make a particular configuration for you? I love the idea of a 9mm 1911 in a compact (3 ...

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Thread: My dream come true; RIA 9mm "COMPACT"

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    My dream come true; RIA 9mm "COMPACT"

    Have you ever wished a manufacturer would make a particular configuration for you? I love the idea of a 9mm 1911 in a compact (3 - 4" barrel) configuration. They're out there but most are either expensive, think Springfield EMP at $1,100+ or they're a bit odd looking, think STI. Of course it all boils down to personal taste etc.

    I've had Springfield and COLT 1911's; long story short they're all gone and what I have now is a RIA mid-size and a RIA compact, both in .45 ACP. It's a long story but I love my RIA's. I had aftermarket sights installed on them and I installed a 25 LPI checkered "ROUND" butt MSH on each along with matching slim checkered grips. For some reason I love them, they're a matching set but I always wished RIA made a 9mm compact. They do make a full size 9mm but I wished they'd make a 9mm compact.

    Well the gun gods answered my prayers and finally the have it!

    1911 9MM Rock Island Tactical Compact with Matte Black Finish #AC-RI1911-9MMTACTCOM

    I know many will turn up their noses at the RIA's but frankly I think they're one of the best overall handgun values out there. They're a reliable workhorse type of gun that you don't mind getting a scratch on. Mine are accurate, reliable and I like the rugged good looks.

    Now I can complete my set with a 9mm compact. Of course anyone who's ever had a RIA knows you have to replace the grips and the new rolled emblem on the slide isn't as good as the old one but for $449 a reliable compact 9mm 1911 is, well, a simple pleasure in life.

    Haven't bought mine...yet, but I will shortly. Add a couple of Wilson black mags and I might just switch from my Kahr K9 to the RIA compact 9 for carry. Call me a hypocrate and you'd be right; I still think a DAO with no controls is the very best for civilian CCW but at least I'm honest about my hypocrasy

    Anyway, if you've always wanted a reliable but inexpensive compact 1911 in 9mm then this may be it.

    Enjoy the weekend folks
    God Bless

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    Looks good and $449 is a very nice price. I did have a 3-inch RIA 45 for a while and had a problem when the recoil assembly broke, sent it back to RIA and was repaired and back in two weeks at no charge. It was a great pistol but I traded it for a larger 1911.
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    I noticed just about every gun there is "out of stock"
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    Good price but it is hard to figure 7" lenght as compact. Hard to even compare to a tp kahr as large as it is.

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    I had a compact GI for a while. Decent guns. Really reliable and could shoot a 4" group at 15 yards with the factory GI sights on mine. Never would have considered carrying it. Weighed over 2.5 lbs with 7 rounds of 45acp loaded and it was still really bulky. I miss that gun though. If I wasn't trying to limit the number of calibers I own right now I would definitely buy another one.
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    RIA makes darn good 1911's.

    I've owned four different ones; currently the .22TCM/9mm widebody. I've never had a single issue with any of them, and recommend them to anyone looking for a good budget 1911 (something that is hard to find).
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    I must have it!
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    I too am a fan of RIA 1911's. I own SA, SIG, and Kimber 1911's and I still enjoy the RIA's. Now, for them to fulfill MY dream it would be for them to produce a CCO 10mm 1911. (officer frame with a commander (4.25") slide) A guy's gotta dream, right?
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    Looks like a very nice pistol. I don't own any RIA's but I keep hearing good things about them. Let us know when you get it and give us a range report.

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    I'd buy buy one if one would come into the Store. Good price for a lotta gun.
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    Unfortunately my stores around here sell these for $100 over those prices.. not to mention that they can't get any of them in stock. I felt a RIA 45 at another store and the slide wasn't all the smooth to me. Then again, you aren't paying 1k for a 1911. I'd love to get my hands on the 9mm ccompact tactical

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    I own a Goverment model in 45ACP and I love it. It has a trigger job and I had the frame tighten up a little. The pistol shoots as good my Dan Wsson and Sprinfield. I like it so much I am working on a Tactical 9mm so I can use it for IDPA matches.

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