I'm coming down with some kind of Sig-ness, I think

I'm coming down with some kind of Sig-ness, I think

This is a discussion on I'm coming down with some kind of Sig-ness, I think within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; So it's like this... When I went shopping for a new .45 ACP last year, I looked long and hard at the P220 . Eventually, ...

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Thread: I'm coming down with some kind of Sig-ness, I think

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    I'm coming down with some kind of Sig-ness, I think

    So it's like this... When I went shopping for a new .45 ACP last year, I looked long and hard at the P220. Eventually, I decided to get something else, but the Sig is always in the back of my mind.

    Lately, I read the book 'No Easy Day'. The author mentioned carrying a P226. Hmm... A Sig, you say? Immediately I remembered my near Sig experience from a year ago.

    So I dive around the 'net, talk to some guys at work, it seems like these Sig classic pistols are quite popular, and did I mention pricey?

    Then I do what one should not do, ever. I stopped at a few LGS to fondle some new pistols

    As you can see, this is not going well for me...

    I checked out a P226, a MK25 I believe, it had the anchor emblem on the slide, a 229, 239 and a 2022.

    The MK25 was NIB for $900, I good price I think, but it was a bit too big for my liking.

    The 239 was so close in size to the 229, I cannot think of any good reason to even consider it.

    The 2022 was nice, but it was obviously lacking the quality of the classic versions. It was about half the money, though.

    The one that really stuck out from the rest was the P229 E2. It has a smaller grip circumference, the reduced reach trigger, SRT and night sights. Again, the sticker also stuck out

    I found a used P229 E2 at a pawn shop for almost half of what the MSRP is on a new one. Everything looked good on it. I field stripped it, checked it out thoroughly as I could not knowing a lot about Sig pistols. It looked better on the inside than the outside.

    How bright should the Trijicons be in the daylight, inside of a store? They did not seem very bright at all, but I haven't dealt with night sights before, so I don't really know what to look for.

    I am seriously considering this pistol. What do you guys think that I should look for in a used Sig? Any red flags that I need to be aware of?

    I've got the serial number, so I could possibly find out the date of manufacture. It was manufactured at the Exeter facility.

    I need all you Sig fans to tell me why, or why not, to buy this pistol. Tell me why you chose a Sig over more popular, less expensive brands...
    Trust in God and keep your powder dry

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    Go for it. it looks like a good deal even if you don't like you can sell it to a friend and get at least your money back.

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    Make your peace with God, for the SIGness is incurable and terminal (financially).

    My first SIG was a 229 E2. Still have it, always will. Soon followed by a 229 Enhanced Elite, a 238, and a 226 Stainless Elite. I offloaded the 226, for while it was flawless and accurate, it was a cannonball to carry, with the stainless frame. A 226 Enhanced Elite is in the future.

    Get the E2. Night sights, SRT package, all the bells and whistles. 229s are tough to beat. I love my Glocks, M&Ps, and my Kimber, but the SIGs are my favorites. In either my VMII or Kramer MSP, my 229s are my finest handguns.
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    Its ok, Sigs are good for you. I have a P225 that I shoot all the time. I'm currently selling TWO pistols to buy a Sig P238. I've pretty much come to the conclusion that I only want Sigs and revolvers. My P225 is 26yrs old and runs like a top. I want all my pistol purchases from now on fit that description.......Keepers. I just dont look at poly guns as keepers, I'm sure they will last a long time but new or old, they feel cheap to me, even my FiveseveN. I'm considering selling my FiveseveN to buy a new P229 Dark Elite, but I really live the uniqueness of the FiveseveN so I'll have to sleep on that for awhile. Good luck and buy that Sig, you wont regret it.
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    Take two Sigs and you won't have to call your doctor in the morning.

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    tritium night sights have a half-life of about 12 years,4 months. this means that in 12-13 years from the day the sights were made, they will be half as bright as when they were new. i have 1996 vintage Trijicons that are still marginally useful, though i should replace them soon.

    if the gun came from the factory with night sights and as an E2, that is recent enough that you don't have to worry about age-related 'death'. if the E2 grip system was installed on an older gun, then who knows? After market Trijicon-brand sights have the year of manufacture printed on them. i believe that Trijicons that come on factory night-sighted Sigs don't. and there are other brands of tritium sights besides Trijicon. (such as Meprolight)

    the tritium (which is a radioactive gas) is contained in tiny vials, which can break, then no glow, which is why tapping the rear sight in place with a hammer is a no-no. (use a sight pusher)

    in average indoor light, you really cannot tell if they're glowing. i've tried holding my hand over the rear sight to block some of the ambient light, but the only real way to tell is to take the gun into a darkened room.

    last note: if the gun has the SRT (short reset trigger), then you must decock the gun as the slide comes forward when it is flush with the frame, when you are field-stripping it.

    i have five Sigs myself - all of them P-series, steel/alloy. i wish i still had the one i sold. your condition may or may not be curable, but it certainly can be rewarding.

    why did i succumb? i like the way they look. i like the way they feel in my hands. i like the way they're made. i like the traditional double-action. i like the way i shoot them. i like that they're so reliable. i don't like the way they cost, but i've learned to live with this aspect.
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    I will have Sig some day.

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    I love the P229, I've owned three over the years and my current a P229 SCT model wears Hogue G-10's which I prefer over the E2 grips. The front sight is a tru-glo Tritium/fiber optic with a rear Trijicon. The only gripe I have is the short trigger, I've been meaning to switch it out with a standard.
    I'm coming down with some kind of Sig-ness, I think-img_0186.jpg

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    You only live once....go for it.
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    Sig P229 is a great gun...

    I can sympathize with the Sig sickness you describe, as I have 5 of them myself, including an older P229 in .40 caliber. The P229 is one of the most accurate guns I own, and it has been perfectly reliable through thousands of rounds at the range. I bought it used about 10 years ago for $500, and it was a great investment. I use it as a range or home defense gun, as its 32 ounce empty weight and fairly thick slide make it a little bulky for carry, by my standards. I know that some people do carry them, with a good belt and holster, as they are classified as a "compact" gun.

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    I have a Sig P220 (in .45) and love it. Couldn't fault anyone that wanted a P226 or a P229. Don't discount the SP2022 (I have one of those, too), though... great gun for the price.
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    The 2022 was nice, but it was obviously lacking the quality of the classic versions. It was about half the money, though.

    A P229 with E2 grip is a great way to initiate the Signess.

    Don't be mislead by the polymer. My 2022 out of the box has no problem keeping up with my classic 228 which has had trigger mods.

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    Hiding inside a bottle of Jim Beam Black in S. FL.
    It's an illness many of us would like to have if the cure weren't so expensive! My son carries a 229 and really likes it, and he's a bit of a Glockie.
    Retired USAF E-8. Curmudgeon at large.
    Lighten up and enjoy life because:
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    Give in to the Signess. The P229 E2 is a great gun. To find the date of manufacture check here - Sig Sauer Classic P-Series - Serial Number List and associated manufacture/import years/information - Topic

    I have 4 Sigs now and the only gun I regret selling was my P229. So I sold two XD and bought another one last week for EDC. I also recommend the SP2020 as it is a great Sig at a great price. Mine is .40 caliber and is a German made gun ( look for the tripple serial numbers). I also have a 1911 Ultra Compact that is an awesome 1911. All of mine except for the 229 have Sig factory night sights and they work great.

    Checkout the link above as the Sig forums has lots of good info on the guns.

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    Own 3 Sigs. Good ergonomics, easy to clean, take any ammo, and go bang every time. How can you go wrong?
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