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Realistic carry gun weight

This is a discussion on Realistic carry gun weight within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; As with everything about a handgun it is a compromise. Carry enough gun that if you do need it, you can effectively use it as ...

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Thread: Realistic carry gun weight

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    As with everything about a handgun it is a compromise. Carry enough gun that if you do need it, you can effectively use it as a fighting weapon and not a lightweight talisman. I carry a G27 with the G23 mag thats 14 rounds on board and I feel fine.

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    My carry gun, a Sig P220 Compact, weighs nearly 30 ounces..UNloaded!
    In a good rig, with a REAL gun belt...NO problems!
    It's a gun for crying out loud, not a water pistol! Of course, after lugging around 50 pounds of gear through the Iraq desert in 112degree heat.....

    Then there is this...which I went through a short stint carrying (didn't quit carrying it due to weight, but single action wasn't the most practical for carry)

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    Guess its what ever ya get use too. My EDC is either a Browning High Power or a 1911.

    The lightet gun I sometimes carry is my Kahr K9.

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    Okie-dokie.... Been carrying since 1972, is that long enough?

    I have carried (and not just once or twice, regularly) pretty much in order...

    1} 2 1/2" round butt S&W 19
    2} 4" S&W 66
    3} 5" 1911 45
    4} customized 5" 1911 45; had the slide cut to 4" and the cut off part made into a compensator and every bell and whistle made
    5} Glock 19
    6} Para-Ordnance P-14 5" double stack 1911 45

    Carried #1 about 18 months, felt it was too small and got one of the first S&W 66s, other than that the G-19 is the smallest thing I have carried. I like good quality belts and holsters from the top makers Bianchi, Safariland, Galco etc; for waist carry a quality belt made from THICK, lined leather makes all the difference, if the belt can't carry the weight no holster is going to feel right.

    I also have Galco Jackass shoulder rigs for the G-19 and Para, I like the wider shoulder straps, it takes a long time to get the shoulder straps adjusted to where it fits, I like high up into the pits and carried forward.

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    My favorite to carry is my S&W 438 in .38 special, super light and rather accurate. Follow up shots aren't much of an issue with this light weight revolver, wouldn't want one in a .357 magnum but the .38 is quite pleasant to shoot. I've also carried Walther P99, HK P7 and a commander sized 1911. None of them have been much of a problem carrying, and they all shoot great. All in all I think it comes down to well designed and well built firearms.



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    It is highly dependant on set up. I carry a Ruger Vaquero (lots of ounces?) every day, for approx 17 hours a day. I have a very good belt and a very good holster. I forget it is there. I also have a cheap leather holster, and I can't carry the Vaquero with it for more than an hour with it. Lighter guns are more forgiving though. My P3AT is easy to carry no matter what holster or set up.
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    I will be carrying a Colt Commander soon and my last EDC was a LC9, in all honesty there doesnt seem to be too much weight difference (in the hand), we shall see about on the belt. The rounds alone should be significant IMO. Just got back form the grocery store and carried the s&w 442 in an uncle mikes IWB wearing gym shorts and boxer briefs, the briefs held up that gun fine. one of the easiest to carry IMO

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    25oz. maximum unloaded weight if carrying iwb, 15oz. maximum if I pocket carry.
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    My Ruger SR40c is 30.19 oz fully loaded with defense rounds. I weighed it myself since I tend to not trust marketing materials. I really wouldn't want to go much heavier than that, since IMO even with a solid, thick leather belt, the belt and pants tend to move unevenly with the other side (if that makes sense) as I move around during the day and requires a quick tug-adjust once in a while.

    A friend carries P220 compact, which of course is a full metal frame so is heavier and he has no issues.

    Like most questions regarding CC this one is very dependent on tolerances/likes/size/etc of the individual.


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    This tread should be about what can you carry all hours your out of the house 7 days a week. Heck I could carry a mac 10 under the right clothing. Its more about can you really hide that full sized heavy pistol wearing normal clothing and look like a slob doing it. Probably not. Buy a smaller handgun if you need too. Those of use that have years of cc'n can pick out many guys that think there doing a great job but really ain't.

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    Lately I've been carrying the S&W M&P Shield in 9MM. It's advertised as the latest & greatest for CC because it's less that 1" thick but after taking it to the range a few times I've got to say that I think it's too thin. With everything there's a point of diminishing return & I think S&W hit it here, when I wrap my hand around the grip it just doesn't feel like there's enough meat on the bone, if you know what I mean.
    I guess it'll be OK for summer CC but I might sell it this winter.

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    The weight of the firearm has never been a factor for me. Thickness seems to be what gets to me if I have to do a lot of driving. I am more comfortable with a full size 1911 than a light weight, thick gun like the G36.
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    I carry two handguns, all the time I have clothes on. That means all-day comfort is important to me. I also have small kids, so I want the guns to be concealed from them, lest they say the darndest thing at the darndest time. Finally, I need to be discreet at work.

    Pocket carry is what works for me, given those parameters. I find no real difference between carrying my 12 oz LCPs vs my 16 oz LCR. Both are equally comfortable. My PM9, however, was notably more notable at 20 oz loaded.

    So, for a pocket gun, I would say that 16 oz is probably as heavy as I would want to go for daily carry. However, I do pocket a Glock 26 while on duty (26 oz), but obviously concealment and all-day comfort are not as important then.
    The number of people killed because they didn't have "enough gun" is dwarfed by those who had none at all.

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    I've carried a G19, G23, G27 and G26. Now, I've just picked up a new Gen 4 Model 26 and find it perfect with a Galco Second Amendment or a Glock Combat/Sport holster. The 19 and 23 both had a tendency to dig the barrels into my thighs or buttocks. That extra 1/2" of barrel really makes a difference to me IMHO>
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    Nano [ well not yet,just got it so I gotta put a few hundred trough it first]

    In that order. I have a Commander and with a good holster It can be carried all day but it's primarily my house gun.

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