XDM 5.25 or G34?

XDM 5.25 or G34?

This is a discussion on XDM 5.25 or G34? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hello to all! I honestly do not want to start a war between the Glock and XD camps but I am seriously considering one of ...

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Thread: XDM 5.25 or G34?

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    XDM 5.25 or G34?

    Hello to all! I honestly do not want to start a war between the Glock and XD camps but I am seriously considering one of these two beauties as my next purchase.

    I will admit, I am leaning towards the XDM 5.25. It comes with lots of goodies (holster, double mag holster, three 19 rd. mags) and I'm liking the sights (fiber optic front-red or green and adjustable rear for windage & elevation). The guys at the local Academy Sports gun counter are about to get their fill of me coming by and fondling the one they have on display. It is just a dang fine looking pistol!

    I have a good friend who is a Sheriff deputy and his duty gun is a G35 (he had choice of it or G22). I have fondled it more than once or twice, but never had the opportunity to shoot it. It also is a fine looking firearm.

    Anyone willing to share experience and advice on either the G34 or XD 5.25 would be greatly appreciated.
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    Things to consider;
    Glock will factory install night sights, I believe they use Meprolights but I dont know if they are adjustable
    I dont know personaly but Ive heard the XD accessories are kind of cheesy

    As far as the guns themselves, I have never shot the G34 but I have the XDM 5.25. It was a great experience and the second gun (first semi-auto) my wife and I ever shot. I couldnt tell you anything about groupings, we were novice then but I dont remember any misses or anyting out of center mass. Bottom line though, you sound pretty convinced on the XDM and ultimatley it is a personal decision. My wife wants the 5.25 and although Im a Glock guy, Im not against it.

    Best of luck. Let us know how you go and your experience with it
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    I currently own the XDM 5.25 in 9mm, and a .45 version is soon to follow - I got mine last year while SA was doing the free mags, so I have 6 19 rounders and 2 mag holders. I have run every kind of ammo you can think of through this thing and it shoots as well as my skills can manage, lightning fast and very easy to work with. In excess of 8,000 rounds down the pipe and it's as good today (Just got back from the local indoor range for our weekly shooting appointment) as it did the day I got it just over a year ago. - I've run 700 rounds in a single day in this gun and it had no issues. One FTE in the entire time I have owned it, I think that was my fault, I was limping it attempting to get it to fail, and one round in my 3 mags of limping just flat didnt eject, it's a major PITA to get malfunction drill practice, so I have to load a snap cap in every other mag just to get the work in.

    The XD gear is actually kind of nice, I use it on the regular, and find the adjustable retention to be perfect and easy to work with. Mag holders are made for the mags so they work as intended without any issues.

    IMO - money well spent.


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    A friend of mine runs a 5.25 at our IDPA shoots. And he can run it.

    While I would prefer to carry a Glock, for races I'd take the Springer. Probably be just fine with either.

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    I had a Springfield XDM service in 9mm. Not a thing wrong with it. You won't be displeased with either.

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    I have not handled either, but I prefer the XD line over Glock for my hands.

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    What do you want the gun for? If you shoot IDPA the Glock will be in stock service, the springer will be in enhanced service. I prefer the Glock myself, the 34 is a great gun.

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    Both are fine choices. My only concern is your frequent use of the word "fondle".
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