First time with a Glock

First time with a Glock

This is a discussion on First time with a Glock within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm about to click 55 years of being around and have never fired a Glock until yesterday. My brother in law went shooting with me ...

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Thread: First time with a Glock

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    First time with a Glock

    I'm about to click 55 years of being around and have never fired a Glock until yesterday. My brother in law went shooting with me and he brought his 19 (of course it was a 19). I ran multiple mags through it and you CAN hit the broad side of a barn with one. In fact I did much better than that. Cans at 20 yards were dancing pretty well. The rake of the grip is fine for me, the stock trigger was good....pretty much everything worked like it was my gun and not his. I don't know if a Glock will be my next one, though I have been considering a 10mm, but I'd definitely consider one down the road. I don't know if that's the Koolaid or not but I liked it. I wonder if I'm going through "the change" in life?
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    I have a very strict gun control policy: if there's a gun around, I want to be in control of it.
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    It happens. Sooner or later we all just want a gun that goes bang when we pull the trigger with no muss or fuss.
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    Yeah, I dident like Glock before I ever fired one dident want to like Glock. I bought one. Four thousand rounds of so & no malfunctions of any sort. I loved that little 26. In a weak moment I traded it off.

    Im still pinning the loss...!

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    I don't consider myself a Glock maniac, but I own three of them.

    For a reason.

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    I've shot them a plenty, but don't own any. I've considered buying one but I can never bring myself to do it because they have a bit of an unnatural feel for me. But then I have some guns that others don't like. If the ergonomics fit you, then by all means. From what I have read they are a one heck of a gun.

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    Get your 9mm 1st, then your 10mm (what I did).

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    Yeah. I had the same problems with Glocks. I hated them, worked partime in a GS in Md. right outside of DC. They had just changed from model 10 Smiths to the Glock. At least once a week the Wash. Post would have a story about some DC cop having an accidental discharge. One cop even shot his partner in the butt as they were running up stairs to answer a call. "Unsafe", said I "couldn't give me one"! Well many years later I have 3 and one a G30 is my edc. Just goes to show, some times you do get wiser as you grow older.

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    My Glock 19 has 5000 rnds through it, not one problem, pull the trigger and it goes bang, just like my revolvers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OldVet View Post
    It happens. Sooner or later we all just want a gun that goes bang when we pull the trigger with no muss or fuss.
    the reason i have several. i remember when glocks first came out. i said who would want a plastic gun and other crap. i was a 1911a1 and/or s&w model 19 guy. carried both on duty. then in the late 80's i was issued a glock 17 and i never looked back. i kept the 1911's and model 19 for range play guns, but the glock (g23 now) is duty and everyday carry gun.
    An armed man is a citizen. An unarmed man is a subject.

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    Glocks suck.

    I shot one and compared it shooting with my H&K. Next thing I know I own 2 of em. Now I have a 3rd and really want a Gen 4 G20........ I am glad the darn things are cheap enough. I mod every one, cmon its a Glock, like a hammer, its a tool.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TonyDTrigger View Post
    Get your 9mm 1st, then your 10mm (what I did).
    Baby steps? One millimeter at a time...
    Here at the rock, we have two basic rules...

    Glock 27 for every day carry (LCP for deep conceal when necessary)... Glock 23 for the home.

    Call me Iggy. Only my mother calls me by my full given name.

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    I was skeptical about Glocks.. until I bought one. Now I happily own three and soon to be four when the gen4 10mm comes around.

    -- I don't always post from my mobile but when I do, I prefer Tapatalk.
    "Rebellion against tyrants is obedience to God." - Benjamin Franklin
    "Experience: that most brutal of teachers. But you learn, my God do you learn." - C.S. Lewis

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    I was 63 when I purchased my first Glock -- a Gen 4 G 19. I've purchased several other weapons since including a G 36. Neither have given me a problem. Both are as accurate as my eyes and hand make them
    Praise the Lord my Rock, who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle --- Psalm 144

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    I started with a Glock. What does that say for me?
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