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Characteristics of the perfect defensive pistol

This is a discussion on Characteristics of the perfect defensive pistol within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm not sure which platform exactly, but if I was custom building my ideal combat side-arm, it would be... -Automatic (semi, not revolver) -Full/Service sized ...

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Thread: Characteristics of the perfect defensive pistol

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    I'm not sure which platform exactly, but if I was custom building my ideal combat side-arm, it would be...

    -Automatic (semi, not revolver)
    -Full/Service sized titanium alloy frame with a polymer coated grip, guard, and trigger:
    (Low weight. Durable. Extremely rust-resistent. It won't freeze your hand off in low temps - and you can pistol-whip with it.)
    -Double stack magazine in .40 to keep the grips slim
    (45 would be too fat for me, but if possible to keep a slim profile, I would opt for .45. Although 9mm might be fine for SD, I would want a larger weight for combat situations.)
    -Minimal/no safety (aside from maybe a drop safety of some kind)
    -Striker fired.
    -High visibility sights.
    -ambidextrous mag release
    -Easy take-down and build
    -Proper grip angle (sorry glock)

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    How about something with a "moldable" grip, like the moldable mouthguards. Heat it up, grab hold, and you have a grip personalized for your hand.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zacii View Post
    You're gonna get a million different replies. If this is going to be a Sixto project, then Sixto needs to define some boundaries.

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    Oh I of course have what I want in mind, but I wanted to see unbiased opinions from the peanut gallery first.
    "Just blame Sixto"

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    I would say it'll have to be a gun you can be as accurate as possible with. One as closed to a full size pistol as possible or that shoots like a full size pistol. I carry a Beretta PX4 C 9mm. and a Glock26. I also have the Glock 29SF.

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    I would say something that you could draw fast with the least risk of snags, and a good holster. I like that new colt with no sights. I think it was a new agent or something. If I see myself in a defensive situation, I believe it would be within 5 yrds. Right now I'm trying to practice not even using my sights (atleast taking the time to line up perfectly.)

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    Well I would say my bowie tactical full dress m&p9c...If I had my btc m&p9c. I'll let ya know next year some time when it actually gets completed.

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    For me:
    1) It has to look good
    2) It has to have the firepower to stop the intended target with a shot on center mass. (and maybe even if my aim is off a little.)
    3) It has to be dependable.
    4) It has to allow for quick target acquisition.
    5) It has to have the capability to be operated with either hand and only one hand.

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    Something in the lines of two guns. Both overall size of a Sig 228/Glock 19 type gun, no thicker than 1.18". One single stack, the other double stack, Trigger that feels like an M&P trigger (texture) like an LEM for pull, double strike capable (what the heck right?) ambi capable, polymer frame, polygonal rifling, Melonite finish, Polished corrosion reseistant insides, Grip angle in between a glock and a 1911, With nightsights and interchangable grip pannels with HK texturing and NO FINGER GROOVES. Also utterly reliable, less then 30 oz loaded with a 15 round mag of 9mm, gadget friendly but with a slip on cover to hide sharp edges of a rail, accurate, and safe.

    There you go. LOL

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    Perfect defensive pistol is one that will not fire off a round until I absolutely want it too. Trouble is they haven't invented one yet!

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    Great question for a thread OP.

    Accuracy, absolute reliability with any ammo and good ergonomics are my requirements for the "perfect defensive pistol".

    We're lucky to have many choices that fit this criteria.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lizjimbo View Post
    Perfect defensive pistol is one that will not fire off a round until I absolutely want it too. Trouble is they haven't invented one yet!
    Pretty much every pistol fits that bill. If you don't absolutely want to fire the pistol, your finger shouldn't be on the trigger.
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    So what are you actually building SIXTO???

    "Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt" ~ Mark Twain

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    S&W 1911 SC-Enhanced with CT Grips.

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    Would everybody hurry up and decide and agree so I can buy this perfect gun!!

    Gonna be a little different for each person. A good read though.
    The stupidity of some people NEVER ceases to amaze me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by buckeye .45 View Post
    I'd like a full sized M&P in .45, it has good ergonomics and capacity.

    But, I'd prefer a glock-esque trigger and reset, that is the main downfall of the stock M&P line

    Front night sight, white dot or plain rear sight.

    Depending on the role, a Streamlight under the barrel (yes for HD or OC, no for CC)

    And I'd actually put a Crimson trace backstrap on it as well.

    I think that would be a rather solid fighting pistol.
    If you check the trigger and reset on the M&P shield, that is what is going into new pistols in the M&P line.

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