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This is a discussion on Kel tec PF9 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; After a very dissapointing Kel Tec P3AT, i ended up selling it due to i could not trust it. The PF9 has always caught my ...

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Thread: Kel tec PF9

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    After a very dissapointing Kel Tec P3AT, i ended up selling it due to i could not trust it. The PF9 has always caught my eye, but am not sure if i could trust Kel Tec again... I understand that there is going to be a lemon every now and again, but i dont personally like the idea that i have to "fluff and buff" something to make it work properly.... that job should have been done at the factory floor before it left the line. So for me, i will stick to my J frames for now. Good luck with yours, i hope it serves you well. Keep us updated.
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    I have always been lucky with Kel-Tec guns. I don't have a PF9 but I do have a P-11 and like it alot. It has never had a jam or FTF. The only down side is the long trigger pull.
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    I chose the PF9 and carry it every day that I can. It has a bit of bite when you shoot it but it is not a range gun. I did have an issue with mine when new (also with Springfield 1911, FNP9, and Taurus) but the customer service more than sufficed. I think that it is irresponsible to trash any gun (Taurus gets it most and i had a good experience) but that is what freedom of speech is. However, I wish people would be more reasonable and less flaming when they do so. There are lemons produced by every manufacturer and some have much better customer service than others. I think that if we took the angle that "I had X gun and could never get it to work. Their customer service did not satisfy the issues and I sold the gun." That gets the message out rather than " I had X gun and it was a xxxx piece of crap and their customer service was xxitty" which is defamatory.

    Enjoy your PF9 and should you have any issues I hope that you have the same experience with customer service (should you need it) that I did.

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    I have a hard-chrome version... it's been 100% from day 1.
    I wouldn't want it to be my only pistol... but it fills a specific niche... and does so very well.
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    I recently traded a Taurus .38 for this beauty (don't worry...i still have a 642). Used. Blueing showing signs of wear. Broken in. Goes bang every time I pull the trigger. Conceals nicely in the "inside" cargo pocket of the 5.11's I wear for work. I use the beltclip (came with it). I agree with the OP that the recoil is really no worse than a lightweight .38 snubby IMO. I think it's a blast. It is what it is. My EDC.

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    I have both the PF9 and the CW9 and a CW45. I prefer the CW's over the PF personally. I haven't had any trouble out of any of them so it is simply my personal preference as to what I like. Trigger seems better and recoil is easier on the CW series than the PF.

    Would I hesitate to carry the PF, or rely on it, nope.
    Just remember that shot placement is much more important with what you carry than how big a bang you get with each trigger pull.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brass63 View Post
    I have a hard-chrome version... it's been 100% from day 1.
    I wouldn't want it to be my only pistol... but it fills a specific niche... a does so very well.
    I have the hard chrome and its flawless the 9mm in the Kel tech is a stay at home gun.

    I do also have a .32 .380 in Kel tech .

    They bolth have been great in my view .

    All mine where bought new . the .32 had a slight problem mag lock loose right out of box

    took up to plant fixed in less than half hour. My .380 has around 1500/ 2000 rounds threw

    lost trigger last range trip took to plant fixed less than hour new trigger with up date

    And Oh yes the Kel Tec service is world class hands down

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    I had a pf9. Worst gun I ever owned. It ate itself, on top of reliability issues. My LC9 is a MUCH better gun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ericb327 View Post
    Worst gun I have ever shot. Hurt my hand to shoot!
    ^^^^^^^ +2 ^^^^^^^^ (includes my wife)

    It was accurate for me, I just did not like my finger being hurt and for my wife, it just hurt her whole hand/wrist. So we went down other routes.
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    Mine shot great for 300 rds..... then one day I decided to shoot it as I hadn't shot it for awhile. Fail ... on every shot..... failed to eject, failed to load, and mag dropped down from the release. I ended up sending it in to KelTec. I don't know what they 'found' but, they replaced everything on the gun except for the barrel. Then new one has remained flawless so far.

    I don't see any problem with recoil, etc. on a PF9, nor with shooting it accurately, etc. In comparison to a Kahr CW9, the PF9 has a much better and shorter trigger pull to me. The CW9 is longer in length and grip. But in comparison in costs the PF9 would be a much better deal and to me, and shoots better.
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    I bought my first PF-9 after I hated my Kahr PM9. I shot the KT so much better and it felt better in my hand. I would be carrying one right not, but I fell in love with the Beretta Nano. I still recommend the KT to a lot of people who want a dependable SD 9mm for pocket carry or IWB and don't want to spend a lot. Congrats and enjoy.

    By the way, mine hurt like hell with Cor-Bon DPX +P ammunition, but worked great with Hornady Critical Defense standard pressure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by accessbob View Post
    ^^^^^^^ +2 ^^^^^^^^ (includes my wife)

    It was accurate for me, I just did not like my finger being hurt and for my wife, it just hurt her whole hand/wrist. So we went down other routes.
    Yes hurt my finger and wrist. Was like getting hit with a hammer.
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    My PF9 has been 100% reliable and has not hurt my finger yet, however my 642 gets carried the most.

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    I had one and sold it. I only put one mag through it before I did just to feel how it shot though.

    Why did I sell it?

    Two reasons:
    1) Because right out of the box the first time I cleaned it before I was going to take it to the range the parker finish started flaking off. I sent it back and they redid the finish and it was still badly flawed. I called them and they wanted to charge me to redo it. I was like ... are you kidding me it's flaking off right from the get go

    2) Because it was pinching my trigger finger

    So I sold it before the finish became too sloppily ugly

    It was a snappy shooter but nothing I wouldn't have been able to tame but the finish and quality of it ... made it a POS to me ... though YMMV

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    Quote Originally Posted by 42TNred View Post
    They are good guns for what they are. I have owned several Kel-Tecs and my overall experience has been positive. For what they sell for, if you like to tinker with things they are great. If you want them to perform like a Glock or M&P out of the box, you may be a little disappointed.
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