I see this one as a non issue, as I don't trust 1911's out of the box, of course I also don't trust Glocks out of the box, nor revolvers out of the box. My mindset has always been, "If you're going to trust your life to a gun, SHOOT the gun, VERIFY that is is both accurate and reliable, and DECIDE if you are willing to trust your life to THAT PARTICULAR gun."

Every manufacturer CAN and HAS produced lemons, and every size, style, and design of gun has both it's sterling and it's crappy examples.

Shoot, verify, decide, That's your responsibility with any gun you own and use for self defense or defense of home, if you don't trust it's reliability or accuracy, then trade it off for something else, or get it fixed so you can trust it.

While some manufacturers are definitely better than others, and I'll even concede that a Glock today has a much higher chance of being ready Out of the box than a 1911, That personal responsibility doesn't change from one manufacturer to another. It's the same for each gun you own and use for defense.

That being said, I buy guns I like and go from there. I like my 1991A1 .45, though when I get the cash I'd like one just a bit smaller than the full size version I have, I like my Bersa Thunder 40 Ultra compact pro, it's my usual carry gun, I like my Taurus 605 Stainless steel .357 revolver snubnose, "though it's got one heck of a kick" which usually goes in my offhand pocket, I like my Bersa thunder .380 deluxe, which used to be my run to the store gun, "now it's the .357" I like my old 6 inch barreled vent ribbed Taurus 669 .357, though it's really too big to carry, it was my first gun, and I've taken several deer with it.

I've shot and verified that all these are accurate and reliable enough that I'm willing to trust my life to them, I've also got guns stored away and labeled as to what's wrong with them, or why I don't trust them, like my little RG .22, which even if you discount the caliber, does a fine job firing 6 shots, provided you're willing to pull the trigger 18 times. Just as an example.

I don't on the other hand like plastic guns, that's not to say they aren't good guns, just not my personal preference. but, I've found if you don't like a gun, you don't like to take it out and shoot it, ergo less practice, which makes the gun a less optimum choice for defense.
Just my 2 cents