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Thread: It HURTS

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    Heal up and follow all sound medical advice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rock and Glock View Post
    Heal up and follow all sound medical advice.
    Thank you.
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    This is one of the reasons I prefer ambidextrous controls and a DA first shot (or DAO). You never know when the primary hand/finger/side is going to be put out of commission, either prior to or during a fight. Good reminder, as to what can happen.
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    OOWWwwwwwuch !!! Under the NAIL.....?!? Just trying to imagine that hurts.

    Maybe a hot toddy might help with that?
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    Just for kicks today, because of this, I went to the LGS and found a cheap left-hand holster that fits my PM9 well enough. I'm carrying it that way today .... I'm really curious about how it makes me feel. Candidly, right now, a little apprehensive.
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    Ouch, I hope it clears up for you.

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    Hope your thumb is recovered soon. Until then looks like the SAO becomes a safe queen and a DA will need to take it's place.
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    I like my Kimber ultra carry II but I have a Glock 36 loaded and waiting in the wings. No hammer to cock no safety to un do.

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    Oh, I had visions of burning bamboo shoots driven under the fingernails. I'd have to be heavily sedated for that treatment. I hope you heal up quickly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zonker1986 View Post
    Can you say, Glock? I knew that you could.

    ....ya see Gaston designed them for those with or without thumbs, so it should fit the bill here.

    seriously, sorry about the thumb, but just what exactly has your thumb been doing lately that you don't know about?
    Hmmm. How are you going to hold the Glock without thumbs???

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    Sorry to hear about your thumb, hope it heals soon and is back to normal functioning.

    It's kinda funny cause the last few range sessions I practiced shooting the P-3AT one handed with both my dominant (right) and my left hand. Shot it equally with both. Made me think about making another pocket holster for left hand use, now I'm definitely making one this week.

    And I'm going to make it a point to practice with my 642 left handed too. :)

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    Hm...I just keep mine cocked and locked, even in the gun vault. So pretty much 24/7.

    Is that bad?

    Heck why don't you just hold the pistol with your right hand, work the slide with your left, and then put the safety on?

    No thumb usage required except to flip the safety off when you need to use it.

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    Train to shoot with both hands. You never know when you will lose one. Now to find a range that will let me train using my feet....
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    Everyone who carries should have a holster for the support side and a gun that can be manipulated with the support hand. You never know when you could suffer an injury that would require you to carry that way. Personally, I like having a gun available to both hands all the time anyway.


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