Gonna try a compact

Gonna try a compact

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Thread: Gonna try a compact

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    Gonna try a compact

    SIG says that their 229 is a compact. As a certified SIG snob who owns two of them, I call bull. They are pretty big guns.

    Glock calls the 19, 23, and 32 compacts. I have all three. While closer than the SIGs, I still wouldn't call them compacts.

    But the M&Pc is. I've shot a few. Guys run them at our local IDPA shoots. Debated between the Glock 26, 33, and M&Pc. Wrote off the Smith. We have a LEO shop that is a Smith dealer in town, and if you have a permit, you get the gun at LEO prices. But they are impossible to get, as it seems Smith is buried with contracts. Turns out a few trickled in today, and I got a call. So I will get the M&P9c, three mags and night sights. Will snag it tomorrow night after work. Yeah, I'll throw up some pics.

    Then I can say I really have a compact. Hope I like it as much as my full size M&Ps.

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    It's a nice gun, great shooter.

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    Good gun. Can't go wrong.
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    It's on my "list that grows faster than it shrinks" of guns. Looking forward to your assessment of it.

    "Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt" ~ Mark Twain

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    a subcompact and a compact.....ok

    The M&P 9C will have a new home after December as my daughter has commandeered mine for her very own after she turns 21. One of the most accurate, easy to shoot guns I own.

    ...Time for Dad to go shopping.

    Congrats on the new Smith. They are the only guns that could replace my Glocks as my EDC's.
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    I was planning on buying an M&P compact myself. But I was playing around on auction arms and honest to goodness bought a Glock 27 this evening. I didn't really want the gun, but I suppose it'll do. The internet is dangerous, more so when you're bored and wanting to try out something you haven't tried before. Oh well, we can give the haggle feature another go sometime.
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