New Pachmayr Compac grips for 442

New Pachmayr Compac grips for 442

This is a discussion on New Pachmayr Compac grips for 442 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; In my never ending quest for the perfect CCW gun, I have added the compac grips to my collection of gun goodies. I spent weeks ...

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Thread: New Pachmayr Compac grips for 442

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    New Pachmayr Compac grips for 442

    In my never ending quest for the perfect CCW gun, I have added the compac grips to my collection of gun goodies. I spent weeks looking for a boot grip that would cover the blackstrap but I couldn't find anything that's still factory produced. The "LOP" is a little short on the strapless 442, and I figure I could give the compacs a try.

    I haven't shot it yet, but so far, here are my impressions:

    1). It's heavy. Not sure how many, but it definitely adds a few ounces. It's good in that it feels solid and substantial. Less good if you want to go as light as possible.

    2). Excellent, secure grip. The LOP is increased, and it increases the girth, but not too much. I have medium sized hands and its not too big. One thing I was hoping for was better accuracy, and I think the grips will help. Might cut back on felt recoil too.

    3). Definitely makes it a little less pocketable. The difference in fitability varies significantly with your pocket size. In my shorts that had big pockets, there was a minimal difference. In the jeans with small pockets, the tight fit that I had with the original grips is now rendered too tight.

    Overall, I'm happy with the pachmayr's. I figure these grips change the philosophy of use, from a deep conceal pocket snubbie to a less deep conceal, more shootable gun. Hopefully, I'll remember to update this post when I get to go to the range.
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    Pachmyer makes a smaller set for the j frame also.

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    With smaller pockets, the smaller "boot" grip styles work great, from a concealability perspective.

    But, you're right: the added size and grippy texture of the Pachmayrs can really help with getting a positive grip. I think you'll enjoy how it shoots. IMO, it's much, much more controllable. The only real downside being the slight additional size a stickiness within the pocket. That stickiness is something you'll likely find if carrying IWB/OWB, as well, as it'll tend to hang up the shirt more easily.

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    I have had them on my 649-2 .38 spl for years.

    This has become my wife's EDC and she likes how the grips lessen the felt recoil. She carries the now discontinued NyClad 125 gr HP standard velocity.

    When I carried it it was loaded with 158 gr. LSWCHP +p and the Pachmayr Compacts made a big difference in recoil absorbshion.

    New Pachmayr Compac grips for 442-photo.jpg
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