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Best gun for under $200??

This is a discussion on Best gun for under $200?? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; You can get a Mosin Revolver for 99 bucks. Russian M1895 7.62x38R Nagant Revolver...

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Thread: Best gun for under $200??

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    You can get a Mosin Revolver for 99 bucks.
    Russian M1895 7.62x38R Nagant Revolver
    Current collection: Too many according to the wife...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kilowatt3 View Post
    Agree 100%!

    Any sub-$200 gun (except maybe a Hi-Point) is most likely going to be old, beat-up, neglected, abused, or some combination thereof. I'm mostly a semi-auto guy myself, but for a cheap knockaround gun, I'll take an old, beat-up revolver to a semi-auto any day. Wheelguns hold up to abuse a lot better, and if there IS a problem, it's likely to be a lot more obvious. You can carefully inspect and dry-fire a revolver, and walk out with a 99% certainly that it'll work when you need it. With a SA, you can't be sure until you've run a lot of ammo through it.


    I'm liking this revolver idea for a car gun, which I also am considering.

    I am much more familiar with the (much simpler) workings of a revolver and it would likely remain more reliable with less maint in a car.

    As for 'responsibiilty' for leaving a gun in my car...well, I cant be responsible for criminals in any way, shape, or form. They can get my guns by many methods (all of which are illegal and may require my death or injury to do so). Regarding kids/cars, that is a very different story but I dont have kids nor associate with many people with kids. I would however, need to be responsible with a car gun in that situation.

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    You have GOT to be kidding me, right?
    Hey, all jokes aside, I have a Nagant revolver and it is a cool piece but not for personal protection.
    I would get a HiPoint before a Nagant

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    Strictly objectively speaking. If you have an EDC and something does occur and you are lets just say "fighting your way" back to your vehicle and the threat hasn't been neutralized yet, wouldn't it be prudent to have a shotgun or even a semi rifle as the secondary weapon? Personally if I was defending myself and my family and 2 magazines of my EDC didn't get the job done I'm reaching for the shotgun that's under the back seat... Just me. BUT with that said, and your choices... Go with the bersa.
    Semper Fi

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    Best gun for under 0??-017.jpgBest gun for under 0??-009.jpg

    I bought the Hi-Point 9mm carbine thinking it wouldn't hit the broad side of a barn. But I liked the way it looked. It shot so well I bought the .45 handgun. I absolutely love these guns. And you cant argue about their warranty or customer service. I ordered some accessories for the carbine. But I wanted extra keys (used to disassemble the carbine) and asked how I could get some because I didn't see them on their accessory list. They were sent with the other accessories at no charge.

    Here is a pic of my gun and how well it shoots.

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