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This is a discussion on Glock 17 or 19 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; The best way to know one way or the other is to shoot both pistols. See if you can find a range that has both ...

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Thread: Glock 17 or 19

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    The best way to know one way or the other is to shoot both pistols. See if you can find a range that has both of them for rent and go from there. I also agree with everyone who advises to get some training from a qualified instructor.

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    I am only marginally more accurate with my 17 than my 19. That said, my 17 has had the grip chopped to 19 length (actually about 1/8" shorter than 19 length for easier mag removal with one hand), and I'm still slightly more accurate with it than the 19. I'd have to attribute that to the slight difference in sight radius, and the slightly higher moving mass which helps a touch with recoil. Oh, and to be fair, my 17 is a gen 4 gun whereas my 19 is a gen 3 gun, so that may help a bit with recoil mitigation as well.

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    I have a Gen 4 22 (same size as the 17) and a 23. I like the 22 better and shoot better with it. The longer grip and sight radius is just more natural to me. Its not that hard to conceal the 22 all year long in a OWB Sport Combat holster.
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    Don't worry about the Glock19/17 debate. Like many have said before me, what you need is some hands-on training by a certified NRA instructor. Here's a link to find one near you:

    Your Kahr is a fine weapon. You just need some training to properly shoot it.

    Don't be shy about asking questions. Please be safe and get some training.

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    If you can try and rent a Glock 19 , some people just shoot certain pistols better than others, it's like trying to find a comfortable pair of shoes, some people are blessed they can shoot anything accurately and they can just not figure out why everybody cannot do the same thing, but that's the way it is, I myself have owned quite a few pistols and only a handful of them I can shoot accurately for example Springfield XD or a Springfield 1911 I cannot hit anything with it, but give me a glock and I can drive nails or a Beretta pistol or give me a Smith & Wesson 686 and I can split hairs, why is it some people shoot better with certain weapons than others I don't have a clue but that's the way it is, generally speaking the smaller the weapon is the more difficult it is to shoot with a shorter site radius, some people have trouble shooting with the new 3 dot sights and they shoot much better with traditional sights, you just have to find what works best for you but a Glock 19 is a good place to start

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    I see where he is comming from. I had an M&P with a 4 1/2 inch barrel, and I could not hit much with it. I switched to a Beretta px4c and my accuracy was near perfect at around 15 yards +. I don't blame the gun, I just could not get used to the trigger perhaps.
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    First, go to a basic pistol shooting class. Second, I doubt that you'd notice any difference in accuracy between the 19 & 17. I shoot my 26, 19 and 17 just fine out to 50 yards. I'm glad that I have the option to have all three. But if only one could stay, it would be the 19. Mine is a Gen 2 that was issued to me by the NYPD in the mid-90's. Since I left that job, I have removed the horrid NY2 trigger.

    Good luck.
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    For some reason I'm more accurate with my Glock 26 & 23 than I'm with my Glock 22.

    As mentioned already I think it has to do with the grip, as I'm more comfortable with the G26 & 23. The G22 feels just a little bigger for my to wrap my hands around.

    The best advice I can give it to shoot them both and see which one you like the best.
    "Get rid of that chrome plated sissy pistol and get yourself a GLOCK"

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