My shield now has not quite a thousand rounds through it and it runs like a clock. It feeds and fires all ammunition I've used: PDX1,HST,Golden Saber,XTP as well as several FMJs.

The white paint dot fell out of my rear sight. I called S&W and "something" was ordered to be on it's way to me before the call ended. They sent me a new rear sight. Man, that is a difficult beast to remove. A brand new rear sight (never installed) is even harder to install, but I got it done.

Replacing the striker block requires removal and replacement of the rear sight. The sight is held in place by friction from a small ridge of extra material on each side. A new sight that has never been pressed in is more difficult because the friction ridges deform slightly on first installation. Re-installing the same sight is quite a bit easier.

Just before calling S&W, I had ordered the Shield Duty/Carry kit from ApexTactical. It is the CNC sear, a beefier sear spring, a stronger trigger spring with trigger-spring alignment pin and finally, a highly polished CNC striker-block and a slightly softer spring. The "Ultimate Striker Block" requires removal of the rear sight so I got to kill two birds with one stone.

When you see the tiny pile of parts you get for your kit, it will test your resolve. The little plastic bags it comes in weigh more than the parts inside. If its over ten grams then I'm Dolly Parton.

Oh, BTW: did I mention that it didn't seem like I got much for my money?

Well, I was wrong.

All kidding aside, sourcing components like this, (springs and milled parts) take a lot of time and labor. Their clear, informative videos made me think they are serious about what they do. So consider that every single spring and part in every bag has been checked and re-checked and spec'd and re-spec'd before it goes into the bag. The milled parts are seriously small. With CNC the cost to run it is dominated by the operator. Whether you're milling a 10 lb rotor or a two-gram sear, the labor is the same.
Installation is very easy if/supposing you have a facility with tools and actually own some.

The Meat:

The trigger feel is smooth as silk. The trigger break is completely undetectable, and slightly moved aft to enormous advantage. This is the first best reason to change to their kit, in my opinion. See below:

DCAEK Part 1 - YouTube at about 1:48

Sight picture upset from trigger over-travel happens because the 6.5 lbs (avg) force that you have on the trigger when it breaks, runs though the free-travel until your finger slams into the over-travel stop causing a slight jitter. Depending on the size of your hand and the exact curl of your finger when it breaks, yours could be more or less.

I didn't realize how much there was until I dry-fired a few times while watching the tip of the gun (instead of the target) carefully. It was sometimes as much as a millimeter. When I miss, I'm always left. I was thinking it was me getting used to the take-up on my first striker-gun and tensing to overcome anticipation.

I am ecstatic over the improvement. In my case, all traces of "Sight Picture Upset" are gone completely. This alone makes the kit worth every penny I paid. My shots go exactly where is point them now. The reset is noticeably improved as well. To my ear it is certainly clearer and more distinct.

A great gun, is made even better. Duty/Carry kit for M&P 9mm Shield is highly recommended.