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    I have a bit of a dilemma and am just looking for suggestions. I currently carry either a Glock 21 or a Glock 30 depending upon the circumstances, mostly the 30. I am looking for something a little lighter, slimmer, and preferably able to fit in a typical jeans pants pocket, jacket pocket, or the like. Not so much for a primary carry as a backup and kind of a secondary for situations where the 30 is just a bit too large and cumbersome. I've narrowed it down to either just sticking with the 30 (will be keeping it in any event), or getting an XD-S, DB9, or the LC9 (though that last is a distant third) but each has its own drawbacks.

    I've had the opportunity to work a bit with a Ruger LCP and Ruger LC9 and while the LCP is definitely small enough, it would represent another caliber to keep up with as well as I'd like something larger than .380. The LC9 seems like a decent option but at just about the same size as the XD-S I'd rather have the .45 for ammunition commonality with the 30. The XD-S is slimmer than the 30 but in terms of length and height its basically the same as the Glock 30. Of the three the DB9 appears to be the only one that offers a significant change as its a little smaller than the LC9 or the XD-S and appears to fit well in a pocket (haven't had the chance to actually try it with the DB9). I think the LC9 and XD-S would work in a pocket as well but again, haven't had the chance to try that method with either. I do not currently have a 9mm but do have the ammunition on hand so that isn't really an issue though I do prefer .45 overall. Then there's also the oddball Heizer DoubleTap though the limited capacity was an issue and as of a couple days ago it looks like it may not actually go anywhere.

    So, given all that, what are your thoughts?

    Edit: Forgot to add...I know even with a pocket holster (I usually cobble my own together from leather scrap around the shop) that pocket carry isn't exactly optimal, unfortunately with both my work and recreational activities a traditional holster carry or even ankle carry isn't always doable.
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    The LC9 is the only one of your options that really seems like a gun that could comfortably be carried in a jeans pocket. I suppose I could be wrong (it has to happen eventually, I suppose).
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    Try the new little single stack S&W (M&P Shield), it is very small and would be perfect for shoving in most pockets......they are kind of hard to find right now because they are so new. Smith and wesson just are not making them fast enough.

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    Check out the Sig P938. It's a nice size pocket carry. I just picked up the XDs yesterday so I haven't had a chance to really test it out but I'm pretty sure it is going to be just a little too large for pocket carry in jeans.
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    I'm not sure you can go much larger than a LCP in most jeans pockets. I wear cargo pants on the weekends, and even those had to have the pockets tailored to have my LCR ride deep enough to be discreet.

    Dockers, on the other hand, seem to have very deep pockets - I can even get my Glock 26 in those pockets, though it is kind of heavy. Only issue with Dockers is lack of pockets for everything else.
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    Why not add the cm kahr to your group. The others are a bit larger except for the diamondback and a kt pf-9. With the p939 you will be dealing with a safety and heavier single action trigger. For a ultra light 380 also give a taurus tcp 380 a look. Great 4 1/2lb trigger helps to make it easy to shoot well . Also one of the smallest pistols that seems to not have ammo issues. Shoots everthing well.

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