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Have you ever purchased a gun without shooting it first?

This is a discussion on Have you ever purchased a gun without shooting it first? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Like kayaks and fly rods, you plunk the money and play later I guess....

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Thread: Have you ever purchased a gun without shooting it first?

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    Like kayaks and fly rods, you plunk the money and play later I guess.
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    I have been able to shoot many of the guns I own before buying one, but as mentioned, it was a case of having a rental version available at a range. Once I handled and fired it, I could then go and buy a new, unfired one with a clear mind.

    I have bought several without any sort of testing but those have been a case like buying a Glock 19 when I already owned a 17, or some version of that scenario. I have bought pump shotguns without a test, because there was no need. Plenty of time to test it or do a break in later. Any gun that is a duplicate of something I already own doesn't need a test, IMHO. Grabbed a Rossi Ranch Hand without a pre-firing, but I just wanted it so I could say I have one, and to shoot for fun. Stuff like that!
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    Everyone knows how difficult it is to find a S&W 9mm Shield let along purchase one. I've read numberous reviews on the gun in order to get opionions of those much more knowledgeable than I. I put my name on a waiting list and luckily one arrived for a great price so I bought it not having shot one at the range. All you can do is do your homework on a gun that interest you and handle it to make sure it feels comfortable in your hand.

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    Gander Mountain won't let me put ammo in the darn things at the store!

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    never... i will just have to have faith...

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    I got to fondle the H&K P30 first, but never shot it. Closest rental P30 was two hours' drive away. I bought my Walther PPQ sight unseen on GB, without ever having even held one.

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    Talking to people who have them , who have shot them, and who you respect their opinion. While understanding what their personal preferences, likes / dislikes, are ... and how they are different that yours.
    All of that makes us capable of making "more informed" decisions. However, there are times it doesn't come out like we thought or wanted.

    I have boughten them without shooting them first, but I had a pretty good idea of what I was dealing with and/or shot things that were very similar (size, caliber, etc). Example, other guns that function and
    are similar in size & operation, other revolvers, other 1911's, etc. I'ld say out of all of them, there was only "one" where it just didn't work for me and that was purely a "grip size" issue. It just didn't work
    for me at all... and I knew that upfront that I might not be able to adjust well to it.

    the one that surprises me the "MOST" ... is people who buy airlight, feather-light, titanium, etc. .357 revolvers... and have never shot one. I keep telling them "don't do it " unless you've shot one.
    Most are 'new' to revolvers and just like that the gun is light weight. I would say 95% of them decide they don't like them and then sell them.... but then blame "revolvers" in general.
    I've had some people shoot mine, and like them, and then asked "why" it was soooooo different ...... because it is NOT an airlight, feather-light, titanium, etc. revolver.
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    Quote Originally Posted by joker1 View Post
    No LGS in town. 2 maybe 3 pawn shops that sell some guns. Hell we don't even have a rifle/pistol range in the county I reside in. Gun store in a big city 2.5 hours away has rental guns you can rent and shoot.
    Sounds similar to where I live. No LGS or pawn shops within about 25 miles. One state owned shooting range in the next county (about 25 miles). Don't know any gun store within at least a couple hours drive that would have rental guns. I didn't expect to be able to fire my pistol before I bought it, but I made sure I could handle one/it and dry-fire it at least once. I've already handled and dry-fired my next future pistol(s).

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    Been lucky enough to shoot the same models that friends owned a couple of times before purchasing. But have bought many without test firing. Just handle it and see how it feels.
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    Just bought Walther PPS 9 mm without shooting it first. But handled it and dry fired one multiple times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaveJohnson View Post
    Can you test guns where you are before you buy?
    No, other than at rental ranges and with well-stocked shooting buddies.

    Myself, I've purchased most of my handguns without having first shot them. Mostly, I've purchased with the clear understanding of what their "lemon" policy was, prior to purchase. I've been willing to accept the roller coaster, and have enjoyed the learning opportunities. Of course, I'd have been somewhat happier if I had found a far greater percentage of them fully functional when NIB.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gasmitty View Post
    Never shot any of my guns before purchase. Handled, yes; shot - no.


    None of my firearms, pistol/ longgun and I hav'nt been dissapointed.
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    I've never shot one prior to purchase, but I do research them to death first on forums like this one. So far, I think it's been a pretty good plan. SP101, Bersa Thunder, M&P9c, and soon a Mossberg 500. Honestly, if I shot more guns, I'd probably have to buy more guns. :)

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    Have bought 4 rifles, 1 shotgun, and 5 handguns (all went down in that bad boating accident on the lake) from a business and not fired a single one of them before I bought them. Now there is a range fairly close by to me which rents guns and has a fair variety so I may do that sometime.
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