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What do you think of Sig Sauer?

This is a discussion on What do you think of Sig Sauer? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; The classic P series is top notch. I've owned three P229's and a P239 over the years, all reliable and very accurate. My current a ...

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Thread: What do you think of Sig Sauer?

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    The classic P series is top notch. I've owned three P229's and a P239 over the years, all reliable and very accurate. My current a P229 SCT .40 wears Hogue Chain Link G10 grips which I find more ergonomic than the standard or E2's. I much prefer my P229's with the classic slide and short extractor as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wingit View Post
    I am thinking of buying one of these. What do you guys think of their guns in general?
    Expensive. Good guns. I carried a P226 with Trijicon sights at work in the 90s. I loved it. Sigs tend to have a high bore axis, which may or may not bother you with recoil/twist.

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    Just picked up a P938 for the wife. 1st SIG for me. I think build quality is very high. Feels very solid for such a small gun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Doodle View Post
    They have taken some knocks for their recent quality Assurance... Generally their quality is good... They are heavy... And they have a VERY high bore axis with will lead to more felt recoil compared to other pistols like Glocks XD'S and m&p's with a very low bore axis.

    Edit: I also wanted to add their polymer models have not gained a lot of following... I think one was developed for pistol trials but failed (the p250 I think) so in my opinion the only sigs worth having are the steel framed p series but with that you are getting large beefy guns for the given capacity. Oh and they are EXPENSIVE!

    If you want a gun that has consistent trigger pull from first shot to subsequent shots, lower recoil, better ergonomics lighter weight, higher capacity and equal or better reliability for half the price, buy an M&P or a glock... I'm partial to the m&p myself.
    That sir is in the eyes (hands) of the beholder.

    A Sig fits me like a glove. I will not carry anything else. I have carried a 228 and other Sigs in the military and as my EDC for over 20 years now. Bottom line for me is this: Sig are great. Older Sigs are beyond great. You pay for what you get. I don't give a hoot what one buys or carries and never tell them this trigggger is better than that or this grip is better than that. It is all too subjective and the only thing that matters is the person that owns the weapon feels about it and how well they can shoot it.
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    It's hard to beat a Sig. They are costly but worth it IMO.

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    One of the best gun makers...

    I think very highly of Sigs and own 5 of them with a sixth on the way. They have been very reliable and accurate in my experience, and are very good looking guns. I especially like the P series guns with metal frames. They tend to be larger than average guns, but a few of them are compact enough for concealed carry, such as the P245 and P239.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gasmitty View Post
    The most accurate out-of-the-box .45 I own is a Sig 220.
    I concur. Even more accurate is the P220 SAO. Even in the standard DA/SA configuration it is ridiculously easy to shoot well, thanks to one of the smoothest triggers available.
    *WARNING - I may or may not know what I am talking about.

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    I have a P226 MK 25, P226 TacOps (40) and a 1911 TacOps. I carry all 3. Yes they are expensive but they are quality and worth the extra weight to carry around. If you feel your life and the lives of your family members are worth the extra cash and weight to have a quality weapon on your side then it shouldn't bother you at all.

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    I can only hope that if I ever come out of retirement & get back into armed security work that I'm issued a Sig. That's the only way I'd be able to afford one, lol.

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    While I don't own one, the one's I've handled clearly had a very superior fit and finish. There was no
    comparison quality wise to others. YMMV and every manufacturer makes a dud -model or drops the ball
    on QC for a batch or two. They are very good guns, but you need to make sure what you buy fits
    your carry needs, hands and grip, preferences regarding things like DAO DA/SA, preferences regarding
    safties or no safties, preferences with respect to a few other things I could quickly dash off as well, but
    you get the point. Brand is not everything.
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    My Sig P938 is a quality firearm.
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    Sig makes a quality firearm, period. Their marketing department does run amuck at times. For my tastes, they do sometimes, get too "blingy" with some of their models, but that's just me.

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    I think they are a little heavy but other than that just fine.
    Yoda, I am, yes.

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    I have them on my wish list. I don't own any yet. Know people who love them. They are a bit expensive for my carry needs so I would not carry it very often. I have shot several and like the way they shoot.

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    "If you feel your life and the lives of your family members are worth the extra cash and weight to have a quality weapon on your side then it shouldn't bother you at all."

    I wouldn't mind owning one, my son likes his, but they're too pricy for me as an "additional" firearm. My lesser quality and lighter weight but equally reliable Glock (or 3rd Gen S&Ws) will do just fine to protect the loved ones. Price does not always equate to better.
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