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What do you think of Sig Sauer?

This is a discussion on What do you think of Sig Sauer? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; ... the only Sig I've ever owned.. so far....

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Thread: What do you think of Sig Sauer?

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    ... the only Sig I've ever owned.. so far.
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    I have a SIG 220 and absolutely love it! It has to be the most accurate gun out of the box I've ever seen. Next spring I plan on sending it in for some "tweaking" of the trigger and slide. And with the right holster, you hardly know its there.

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    I had 3 Sigs and they were all accurate and super reliable. As many have stated they are heavy. I used to CC them easily enough in SC in summer but found the lighter H&Ks were more to my liking. I gave the 2022 to my son in NJ and sold the 220 to get a .45 H&K. I still have the 226 (.40) with over 10,000 rounds and NEVER a problem. BTW . . . I had the SRT and action job done by Sig and for me it is fantastic. 2nd BTW . . . The 2022 had one of the best out of box triggers ever. While you can find for under $400 they were originally $800 before the French contract and Sigs release of the 250.

    For me Sigs are a high quality handgun which the demonstrate the difference between manufacterers. Are Rugars as good in many ways ? Yes! but the feel and function of a Sig is just better. This is no slight on Ruger. Just like a H&K will be no more reliable than a Glock but you can feel the difference in Quality. So if your handgun choice is simply for function and reliability Sigs will be overpriced. But should you want a more of a "Statement" handgun they are the way to go. Personal opinion the Sig Equinox is the best looking.
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    I'm on my 4th Sig

    Have owned a P226 in 357 Sig, 2 239's 40 & 9mm and P290RS - All flawless.

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    Love/hate here: My Sig Hammerli Trailside .22 Cal pistol purchased in 2004 was returned to Exeter Custom Shop where RB exchanged the slide, polished rails and feed ramp, and adjusted the trigger bar and spring to make this new, $ 550 pistol functional. It seems that I'm one of the fortunate ones who got theirs in before Sig stopped providing warranty work on the Trailside.

    Based on this experience I have purchased HK since then rather than Sig. I still own and like the little Trailside.

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    Don't care for Sig. Only issue is my own - I'm left-handed, and Sig does not seem to have any love for lefties.
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    I have sigs and I love them!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mkh View Post
    Awesome guns. I own a P220, a P229 in 9mm, a SP2022 in .40 and a 1911 Ultra Compact. All are in my carry rotation. You can't go wrong with a Sig.
    mkh, do you find the SP2022 in .40 "a little bulky" for ccw? I am trying to decide between a Ruger SR40 o a SP2022 in .40.
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    A little pricey for me right now but I hope to get one some day.


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    My son can put every round right through the center of the bulls eye till you would never know there was
    ever a piece of paper there. It is perfect for him. I can't believe what he can do with it.

    Not so much for me.

    Great gun, but as always we are all different and what works for one won't work for someone else.
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    Most SIGs haven't captured my appreciation for whatever reason... they just don't seem to make many guns that appeal to me.

    There is one SIG that really HAS captured my interest, though.

    The SIG P938 "Nightmare". It's a pocket-sized 9mm in the same ballpark as the Kahr PM9, but of a different design.

    Manual of arms is much like a 1911... carried cocked and locked. Single action only. It's a bit like a Colt Mustang on steroids. Ambi-thumb safety, excellent target-type night sights.

    I don't prefer to rely solely on any pocket-sized pistols, but when I do, this one, along with my PM9, gets a thumbs up from me.

    Note the front strap checkering.... AWESOME!

    And rear strap checkering. Superb night sights... very well done, SIG!
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    As good as any, better than some. You can't go wrong with a sig.

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    Re: What do you think of Sig Sauer?

    I haven't fired a 938 yet but my 238 is amazing. Now that sig has fixed some of the initial issues w the 938, I want one :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Richard58 View Post
    Great weapons however most are way too heavy and thick for my CC needs.
    Consider the P238. It is my favorite CC gun and shoots like a dream.
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    Own 2 P220's, P245 and 1911 Compact RCS. All of them have been rock solid. Have carried 3 of them with no problems. Just invest in a good belt and holster and you're all set. Plus the Nitron finish is the toughest I've ever seen.
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