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Do you carry spare magazines/ammo for your backup gun?

This is a discussion on Do you carry spare magazines/ammo for your backup gun? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; In most cases, my bug IS my spare magazine(s). On some occasions when I just carry my primary, I do carry at least one spare ...

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Thread: Do you carry spare magazines/ammo for your backup gun?

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    In most cases, my bug IS my spare magazine(s). On some occasions when I just carry my primary, I do carry at least one spare mag. Never carry a spare mag for my bug.
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    I don't, one in the pipe and a high capacity magazine ought to lay'em out or get'em running for dear life. Criminals are cowards and when they are surprised or confronted they usually run.
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    Yes, one reload for my BUG. My rationale is if I need my BUG, then it has suddenly become my primary.
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    I carry one gun. G19. In high capacity guns I really think an extra mag is is overkill. With 2 or 3 extra What exactly are you expecting with 50 plus rounds of ammunition? One extra mag supports the mag failure argument. In low cap mags I can understand extra mags.

    The main reason I carry a high capacity gun is so I would not need extra mags. A BUG would be our of the question. I already conform enough of my life around my gun.
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    Carry my G23 plus a spare mag. Don't think I'd ever need even half the rounds in my gun, let alone another mag in a SD encounter - but you never know. A spare mag in my pocket is no big deal, and alot better than a BUG to me.
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    I don't carry spares for a backup gun. I don't carry a backup gun. I don't carry spares for my primary gun. 96% of the population doesn't carry anything. Push a wheelbarrow full of ammo if it makes you feel safer.
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    No backup mags for the backup gun carried. They are in the mag storage box.

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    I generally carry two spare mags with my Glock 26. When I start carrying a BUG, I'll always have at least one reload.
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    I usually carry two J frame Smiths.... i would use one as a NY reload if necessary, and always carry a quick strip in my left rear pocket. bunker
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