Is a doctor in the house? I think I am sick someone save me

Is a doctor in the house? I think I am sick someone save me

This is a discussion on Is a doctor in the house? I think I am sick someone save me within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Lets start this off with I bought a glock 23 gen4... this was a birthday present to myself. I have owned glocks in the past ...

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Thread: Is a doctor in the house? I think I am sick someone save me

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    Is a doctor in the house? I think I am sick someone save me

    Lets start this off with I bought a glock 23 gen4... this was a birthday present to myself. I have owned glocks in the past and sold them / traded them away glock 22 and a glock 30 the 30 felt really bulky to me and the 22 printed alot i tried using it for a conceal carry gun. well this time i bought a glock 23 gen4 I love it so far. up until this my main carry was a ruger lcr in .38spl +P it was a handfull to shoot and today i decided to find someone who wanted it and traded it for another glock. model 26 gen3 3 mags two with pinky extensions and a desantis iwb holster.. Am I sick doctor to I have glockitus ??? Pics to follow

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    Your'e not sick. Your'e making a strong recovery. A few more Glocks and you'll be cured.

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    Glockitus is curable. However it can take a long time. You will have to have many sessions with:

    Dr. Smith-Wesson
    Dr. Colt
    Dr. Ruger
    Dr. Sig Sauer............
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    Well, if you traded off your Ruger LCR , you've lost it for sure.
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    I have the same disease, but I NEVER trade a Glock for another gun, but have traded several to obtain another Glock.
    The only cure is just buy another one, and abstain from the evil SIG and HK offerings, as they are just overpriced Glock wannabe's.
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    It took me a long time to finally add a Glock to my collection. Now my EDC is a G27 when I went to the range Saturday the only guns that came with me were the G27 and the G23 ............ My Kimber, S&W, Sig & Browning all stayed at home.

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    I think you did fine. Trading for a G26 over a revolver is a smart move IMO. You more than doubled your ammo capacity.

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    Well if you find someone to cure you, I'm here and ready to take your 26 to help with the remediation. Just looking out for you, friend

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    Glockitis is treatable, but there's no real cure. Buying more keeps it from becoming terminal.
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    Just buy another Glock, and you won't have to call your doctor in the morning!

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    Ive been looking for a Dr. too but I think similar symptoms but some additional symptoms also, coltitus, kimberitus, paraitus, and frequently sigitus
    congrads on your new gun, check out wolf for a 9mm barrel you can interchage and shoot cheaper ammo my favorite 2 in one range gun glock conversion.jpg put some colored base plates on the different mags for easy identification
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