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New project, personal gun.

This is a discussion on New project, personal gun. within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Not defensive on purpose. And like most things on the Internet, when you post one opinion you will get a ton of responses. And most ...

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Thread: New project, personal gun.

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    Not defensive on purpose. And like most things on the Internet, when you post one opinion you will get a ton of responses. And most will differ. I have always said and be seen as something of a rebel on the defensive and custom gun front. And my opinions and decisions on how to build guns often differ with "common" wisdom. I tend to take the view of JFK. "Some people look at things and say why. I look at them and say why not." I post here to get feedback, positive or negative. And if someone differs from my opinion, then I will ask "why not"? ANY "pocket pistol" or "mouse gun" brings some compromise to the table. You don't get ease of carry or lightweight without some trade off. The main mods to this gun are time tested and accepted methods of getting the little beastie under control. Grip enhancement, trigger enhancement and recoil management. And quite honesty just to do something different for fun. I am a true 1911 and HiPower custom builder and junkie. I love the 1911 and HiPower and will always look to them for ultimate custom work and enhancement. Given that, the modern polymer striker fired pistol is a proven design that is here to stay. Polymer framed guns are here to stay and proven to be capable weapons. I did not feel the need to "justify" my credentials, "just saying" so that the people here that do not know anything about me might get a bit more information. The internet can be and is a vicious entity. As well as a great forum for information and opinion gathering. If you really want to see the diversity in the gun culture just ask someone what the best carry gun and holster combination is or whether the Glock or M&P or 1911 or Sig or whatever is the best carry gun option. And what enhancements to make. The 1911 arena is FULL of modifications and options that are done JUST for the sake of looking different. Snake skin, dragon skin, golfballing, french borders, fluting on the barrel, fluting on the barrel hood. Just pick the mod of the day. Things that work and look great and things that are done purely for cosmetic appeal or "eye candy". Some of them are time tested to work and pure art. Same thing with Glocks and the rest ie. flaming the business end of the slide. Yes I do tend to get wordy. No offense intended or taken. Just wanted to keep this thread centered on the project at hand and not spiraling off into a difference of opinion about what defense techniques are best. I love a good discussion and debate as well as the next guy. I have been so busy in the shop the last couple of years that I have just not had the time to spend on the internet at all. And there are VERY FEW forums that I will frequent anymore. And I think we all know which ones they are. This forum has always been a pleasant oasis to be on in the midst of all the insanity on the other forums.

    OK. The next item to be done to this little "jewel" is an RTK trigger and different trigger/hammer spring. And reports on what that does or does not add to the function. The stock trigger and pull on this gun is horrible. I don't care what it is designed for, no excuse for that kind of pull. Even the stock LC9 trigger is much much better than the Keltec. And the Ruger is almost a part for part clone of the Keltec line with no firing pin block in either.
    Anyway, no offense taken and none intended. Just looking for background information on the opinions offered and how they were formed.

    So, Cheers Mates and on with the foray!

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    Personally, I think Keltecs make great tinkerer guns. I've learned a few amateur gunsmithing techniques from owning a few of them. I am much more inclined to "give it a try"
    on a $250 P11 than I am on a $1,000 1911. Did my first Duracoating project on my first P11 and it came out great. Also learned how to buff feed ramps and magazine lips from owning
    Keltecs. Stuff I can apply to any handgun, so it was money and time well spent.....even if the Keltecs are trash (not my opinion as I own several and have no issues).
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