Variation on a theme

Variation on a theme

This is a discussion on Variation on a theme within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; There are several on-going posts here asking the questions, "Which handgun wouldn't you buy?" and, "Which gun would you buy if you could only have ...

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Thread: Variation on a theme

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    Question Variation on a theme

    There are several on-going posts here asking the questions, "Which handgun wouldn't you buy?" and, "Which gun would you buy if you could only have one". I'd like to expand on that a little and not just ask which gun, but WHY?

    I've been asked these questions myself, as well as asked them, and the frequent reply to my "why", is not IMHO very satisfactory. Quite often it consists of so-and-so said it on a TV show, I read about it someplace, a friend of a friend of a friend had a good/bad experience with a certain model, it's "common" knowledge, etc. Anyway, you get the picture.

    I guess what I really want to know is why some people decided to buy/not buy their weapon of choice and how many actually tried the gun in question (or a similar one) before they made their decision. For those that didn't have first hand experience, what was you deciding factor... reputation (or lack of), price, advertising, past experience (or lack of), and/or something else.
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    Bob - some while back I had a thread going on ''handgun evolution'' and this was exploring pretty much what choice stages we may have gone thru over time. Can't find link right now.

    I was prior to starting CCW very revo oriented and so was relatively newer to semi's and the options. I did carry snubs and even larger (M28) - guns I had pretty much. The P95 was my first carry semi but I wanted to try others and did manage to ''sample'' a good number.

    In the end, price became a lesser factor as I was drawn to the feel and function of SIG's and their rep' was usually good too. I guess part of my choice rationale was based on experimentation while I continued buying and trying .

    So - very ''evolutionary'' for me, coupled with a sorta ''can't have too many'' theme too LOL!
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    For me it was more a question of what I had trained on as a youth and in the military...Colt revolvers and Colt semi-autos. From there, I have branched out somewhat as other types have appealed to me; but I seem to keep returning to the JMB designs. So I guess familiarity with the systems was my key factor.

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    A variety of things

    Quote Originally Posted by rachilders View Post
    I guess what I really want to know is why some people decided to buy/not buy their weapon of choice and how many actually tried the gun in question (or a similar one) before they made their decision. For those that didn't have first hand experience, what was you deciding factor... reputation (or lack of), price, advertising, past experience (or lack of), and/or something else.
    I am interested in handguns and curious to learn about all of them, so my purchases in the past have been influenced by many things. These come to mind:

    1. Shot somebody else's gun and liked it - Sometimes other people at the range let me shoot their guns, or I will rent a gun from the range that I am curious about. If I like the gun I might eventually buy one of my own. This is how I wound up buying Glocks and Sigs.

    2. Trial and error - I have bought some guns without much prior knowledge just out of curiosity - the gun was for sale and I decided to take a chance.

    3. Internet forums - I participate in several gun chat forums on the Internet and am influenced by what other people say, if the people seem credible and enough of them say the same thing.

    4. Gun magazines - I subscribe to several gun magazines and look at articles and advertisements, which probably gives me ideas. I run a heavy filter on this information because these magazines receive ad money which influences whether they say anything negative about a gun.

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    Suitability to it's purpose comes first, then I look at, quality, reliability, price, looks, and availability.

    For instance, I don't own a large capacity, full size auto, and I find that it would be very handy to have one for range games and such. I will probably pick up a full size XD soon. Why an XD? I've shot several of them, and they fit my grip well, and point naturally. They have a good reputation for reliability, they are reasonably priced, I find them less ugly than some other large capacity pistols, and they are available at my local dealer.

    Now I've got to decide on the caliber :D
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    Im a bit curious too. I myself am a big Beretta fan, but they dont seem to get any love around here. Why exactly does everyone have a vendetta against them?

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    Some years back I owned only long guns, but every time I went to to a gun show I admired the Beretta 92, thinking it was the most beautiful handgun I'd ever laid eyes on...handled the 92 and vowed to someday own one.

    At times, business smiles on you, so when I had a particularly good month I treated myself to a new Beretta 92G-SD. I promptly sent it off to Ernest Langdon (at the time, Langdon Tactical Technology, LTT) for a Level 3 trigger job complete with "speed bump" trigger and now love to have others handle/shoot it, for it is an amazing pistol.

    Now I have my beauty and performance too!

    It serves as my house gun; here it is decked out for the night...

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    I was given my Delta Elete by my son. It had been his off duty carry and he changed jobs. His wife, a Liberal, Democrat Delaware Lawyer, and good friend of Joe Biden, didn't want him to have it at home. What did I do to deserve her? Anyway he gave it to me and I fell in love with it.
    My Rossi .357 I bought after trying one at the range. I was giving some pointers to a young lady who had just got one and had never shot before. It had a great trigger and was a good shooter. The next time I was at the gun shop I saw one like it and I grabbed it. I've never been sorry.

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    Nothing wrong with lots of diffrent guns. bPersonally, if it was one 1, I would chose my HK USP. Best capacity, durability I have found yet.
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    I will not buy, own or possess a Lorcin. I have shot three different Lorcins and not a one functioned properly or reliably. One fired when it was out of battery. Another failed to fire three times out of ten. The third wouldn't feed any of the four different types of ammo I brought.

    I wouldn't own a Glock until I had shot one for over 200 rounds. Experience with them prior to that had been about 10 rounds each session. My friend became tired of me always talking bad about them so he gave me 100 rounds and told me not to come back until I had shot them all. I threw in 100 rounds of my own and never looked back. I have owned 5 Glocks and still have three of them. My friend talked me out of my G19 and another friend talked me out of my G22.

    I wouldn't own a S&W 500 Mag in 4 inch. Shot one and while it was fun I have no use for one and other than being expensive to buy they are expensive to run. I am sorely tempted by the 460 though.

    The first time I shot a Browning High Power I knew I had to own one, and I do.

    I own several Sigs. I shot a P228 and P226 before I purchased them. I shot my P229 before I bought it, because I bought it from a friend. My P220 was the only 45 ACP I owned for quite awhile.

    I have purchased very few firearms that I did not personally shoot before I purchased. Just lucky that way.
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    I was searching for the perfect CCW when I tried a Beretta 92 at a range where it was for rent. (I just always wondered how they shot.)

    I liked the way it felt and shot so much that I bought one even though I knew it was really too big for CCW. That was a few years ago.

    Today, I have added a few more guns to my collection. (All of the new ones were intended to be CCW guns.) However, I will carry the Beretta when I can because nothing else that I have is as accurate, feels so good to shoot, and gives me so much confidence that it will go bang every time..

    I guess I need to look for a smaller Beretta for carry. Maybe I should check out the Px4.

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    I don't ask the general questions about "what is best" my answer is the one that feels right to you not what is best from the gun store commandos. Direct questions about a particular gun is helpful IMHO.

    I do my own research, touch and feel and then decide what I want. Some people ask you I carry this or that, it is because it meets my need and not theirs! Is what I usually get and then go out shoot them. ;)

    "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking" - George S. Patton.

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    I had a bad experience with a .22 auto. I have since given up my prejudice against autos. I've been shooting rifles and shotguns for years, but I haven't been around Handguns that long. For ccw I wanted somthing that was as reliable as possible (not ammo/grip sensitive) and simple to operate. Thats why I chose a revolver. Since I got burned on the .22 I did a lot of research and because I wanted something that would hold up to heavy loads for a long time (nothing lasts forever) I decided on the Ruger sp101 and I love it. It fits my hand well, and is fun to shoot, which makes for more practice.
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