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Should I trade in my Jframe for a Shield?

This is a discussion on Should I trade in my Jframe for a Shield? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; If you trade it in, you will no longer be able to say "dame" when referring to a woman, or "fella" when referring to a ...

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Thread: Should I trade in my Jframe for a Shield?

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    If you trade it in, you will no longer be able to say "dame" when referring to a woman, or "fella" when referring to a man, or "joe" when referring to coffee. Wingtips will also be on the forbidden shoes list as well.

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    simple answer

    If you bought it to try and it just does not trip your trigger, let it go. You have others and judging from your comments you seem to have a rationale for each of them. If the j frame does not fit your personal scheme, so be it. I personally have four snubbies and enjoy them all. I often slip one into a pocket for quick runs. I sort of view them as pocket knives of the gun world. Just really handy at times. Way to many choices out there to stick with something that does not make you happy, I say move the j frame along and try another. Good-luck in your decision.

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    I have never got rid of a gun,,,,, that later i have not wanted
    back,,,,,, buy the shield,,,, keep the j.
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    If you don't care for the J-frame, trade it or sell it and get the Shield, you won't be disappointed. I have a couple of J-frames and just love them. Comparing them to the Shield 9 for carry purposes, the Shield wins hands down. It's very slim, light and it's really a soft shooting gun for it's size. The trigger is typical M&P quality and it's super accurate. Since I got my Shield it's pretty much replaced all my other carry choices.
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    I have a 40 Cal Shield and several J Frames. (36, 60, 37, 38, 640, 642, 650, 651) I think I've got it covered with the BEST of both Worlds.
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    Keep the J frame !! This is the standard by which many others are designed.
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    I've had a 442 no lock for about a year or so. It's not that I don't like it but for pocket carry I go for my PM9. I'm much more accurate with the PM9 over the 442; more rounds; faster reloads; slimmer in the pocket and a softer shooter. I've probably carried the 442 a dozen or so times and I carry each and every day.

    As far as the Shield, I've handled one in LGS. Compared it in size to a G26. Except for thickness, they are virtually the same size and weight. The Shield's grip is actually a little longer than the G26 so pocket carry may not suit some folks.

    By the way, I'll not sell my 442. I'm still warming up to it...
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    Re: Should I trade in my Jframe for a Shield?


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    Quote Originally Posted by NY27 View Post
    It depends. Does the j frame have an internal lock? If yes, the trade would be no big deal. If the j frame does NOT have an internal lock, then I would keep it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RevolvingMag View Post


    EVER let go of a wheelgun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joepa150 View Post
    The jframe does have an internal lock. I like it but never really enjoyed shooting it.
    Life is way too short to have a pistol that you dont enjoy shooting. I just got rid of a kahr cm9 that was a good little pistol,
    But the long trigger was bothersome to me. I would go from my 45c to the kahr, and wouldnt maintain decent accuracy.

    I just purchased a Shield in 40.

    Two m&ps are just what the doctor ordered

    Also...... I have changed my opinion on pocket carry. I purchased the CM9 to put in a pocket.

    When i was honest with myself, I couldnt draw a semi quickly from a pocket.

    (try the tueller drill).

    For me, the shield is a great IWB pistol. Fast enough and light enough that you dont have to put a pistol in the pocket
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    Ok I went today to hold the Shield and possibly order. They said they are getting some in November and I will be at the top of the list. I held the Shield and idk. I kind of think I should just keep the Jframe and not buy the Shield.

    INSTEAD.... I am not thinking of picking up a M&P15 Sport for $629. I just don't know if I should trade in my M&P 15-22 for it. I paid $399 for the 15-22 and they are willing to give me about $270-$300.

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    Keep them both! Always room in the safe.
    I think guns are like insurance. I would rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

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    I vote keep the J frame and also get the shield.....
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    Anytime you trade in a gun you lose your a$$ on the deal. Keep your j frame and get your shield. They are entirely different weapons. Shield has softer recoil than j frame. Mine is pleasant to shoot and capable of better accuracy than I am. J frame not pleasant to shoot, but has a niche in the concealed carry place. You can shoot it through your pocket or your purse if a lady. Shield will get one shot off in those circumstances.

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