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Help an older woman select a gun

This is a discussion on Help an older woman select a gun within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I love my CZ RAMIs, but also have a fondness for the Glock 33. I'd say that you will be right on the money with ...

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Thread: Help an older woman select a gun

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    I love my CZ RAMIs, but also have a fondness for the Glock 33.

    I'd say that you will be right on the money with the very ergonomic and reliable Glock 19
    for your first semi-auto.
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    Smith & Wesson M&P SHIELD
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    Also if you have a gun store in your area that rents them that might help in making a decision.
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    You are going to get a lot of 'this and that' suggestions depending upon 'other people's' preferences for themselves and based upon their experience.

    However, when you said M&P 9mm...... I thought , you are done with picking one. There are a lot of people that have experience with that gun, and all I've ever seen/heard/experienced anything that hasn't been good with that gun.
    It meets every criteria you listed, and the sub-compact is more concealable.

    I'ld suggest you shoot one if at all possible, and see if it suits your needs, and if does.... buy it and save yourself a lot of trouble.
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    Go to the gun store (preferably one with rental guns and a range). Pick the top 2-3 that seem to fit your hand and try them out on the range. Get the one you like best. Beware of the salesman who does not know you and may make incorrect assumptions about you. Today's pistols are quite reliable, by and large.

    Save money for a good belt and holster. The bad news is that most of us have a drawer full of holsters in an effort to find "the one." Most women tend to be more short-waisted than men, and they have hips. This results in significantly different problems in the holster department than most men have to deal with. For this reason, I defer to some of the female shooters, such as Lima and Kathy at Cornered Cat. If you're into podcasts, ProArms podcast (The ProArms Podcast) occasionally does a "BroadCast" where the women talk about issues specific to women.

    Best of luck, and feel free to ask all the questions you want. Welcome.
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    You say you currently have a S&W revolver and you want a smaller package. Can you tell us what model and barrel length you have? The reason is that a N frame is different in size from a K frame which is different from a J frame. Also a 4" barrel is quite different than a 1-7/8 snubby barrel. The reason for this request is that unless we know what you have, it will be hard to ensure what we recommend be smaller than what you have.
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    All of these are known for their exceptional reliability, durability, accuracy, simplicity of use:

    • Glock 19 9mm
    • CZ 75, CZ 75 D Compact PCR, and CZ P-01 ... all 9mm.
    • Heckler & Koch P2000, USP or P30.

    Any of these would be an excellent choice.

    Trouble is, larger capacity and larger frame/grip for larger hands will be tough to get with less bulk/size. I'd look at the H&K P2000SK, Bersa Thunder Ultra Compact Pro 9mm. Possibly the CZ 2075 RAMI 9mm (though it's likely to be too small for your big hands, if the Glock 26 is a problem), though it can be gotten with finger-extension floor plates for the magazines, which helps a lot. Each of these is reasonably higher capacity than a 5-shot revolver.

    The Kahr K9, P9, TP9 and CW9 are larger-framed compact 9mm pistols, though with not much greater capacity than a revolver. Many people prize these for their thin, compact size. Worth trying out one, if you've never held/shot one.
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    If you don't have the gun with you, it is useless. So there are two primary criteria:
    • Is it reliable. This is number 1, always.
    • Is it a size and shape you will always have with you?
    • If you have several that satisfy the first two, pick the one you shoot the best.
    It doesn't matter what you get, you will have to make clothing and holster choices based at least in part on successfully concealing it. Thinner guns are easier and more comfortable to carry than thicker guns. Shorter grips are easier to conceal than longer grips, especially in the summer.

    I own a Glock 19 and 26, and have owned both a Shield and an LC9. I sold the Shield to a friend when they were hard to get and I wish I had it back. It's one of the two guns I've sold I miss. The Shield is a quarter of an inch thinner than the Glock 26, and that's huge when it comes to carry comfort, plus, has a very nice short reset trigger. I may buy another Shield.

    I can say, based on first hand experience, the Glock 19, 26, and Shield are all excellent choices. The Shield is the easiest to conceal of the three.

    I've never fired an M&P9C so can't comment on that.

    I have owned an LC9 and didn't like it at all. After years and thousands of rounds out of Glocks, the LC9 and also the Khar triggers are not acceptable to me. They are to others, but not to me. The LC9 has more felt recoil than the Shield. I don't know why, but to me it does.

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    First off, welcome to the forum.

    Lot's of good suggestions for a starting point to look. I'd recommend the Ruger SR9, or S&W M&P as a starting point. You might also want to give the Kahr CW9 a look as well. Good luck in your search.
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    Regarding carrying for a woman, this helped me out a ton:
    Proud owner of a Sig Sauer P238 SAS Explosive Space Modulator.

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    IF you don't HAVE to have a 9mm, the Sig 238 is hard to beat for concealment, accuracy and size. It is light but heavy enough that you feel you have a real gun in your hand! Good luck in your search.
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    GUNS,,,, especially hand guns ARE TOTALLY PERSONAL,,,,, get what YOU LIKE ,,,, NOT SOMEONE
    ELSE,,, for many reasons you should chose for yourself,,,, dis-regard the so called EXPERTS.

    My guns (all) are my preferenceS ,,,, NOT SOMEONE ELSE,,,,, I could care less what ANYONE THINKS
    ABOUT (MY) CHOICES,,,,, I pay for my guns,,,, so NO ONE IS GOING TO MAKE MY CHOICES.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Chavak View Post
    I'm a 60 year old female who is interested in getting a new gun for concealed carry.
    I currently have an older S&W revolver, but want something with a larger capacity
    and less bulky.
    Sixty. I'm not that far behind.

    So, any health limitations that need to be accommodated? Arthritis? physical weakness?

    I've looked a little bit on line and Glock 19 and S&W MP seem to be highly regarded.

    What I am looking for is:

    9MM (unless there is a good reason to go with something else-however due to shoulder
    problems I don't want something with a lot of recoil).
    Easy to use
    Easy to conceal
    Decent mag capacity
    Cost of gun and cost of practice ammunition is also a factor

    I've got big hands so something like a Glock 26 isn't going to work for me.
    Don't think that is necessarily so. A 2 finger grip on a subcompact, with pinky curled beneath the base of the magazine, is not that much harder to handle than a full 3 finger grip.

    The G19 will do you fine, assuming it fits you. I would eschew add-on trinkets.

    You might also look into the XD subcompact, or the XDM 3.8 series.

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    A female friend of mine just asked me the same thing and wanted my opinion. I referred her to a class geared toward new women shooters and that way she could shoot a variety of guns provided in the class with good instruction. She found that she liked the G19 the best from what she was able to try and a week later bought one. She is happy with her choice and shoots it well from looking at her first target. Be sure and practice for a malfuntion so it can be cleared quickly without much distraction if you buy a semi-auto. She bought for home defense and not sure if she will carry it yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chavak View Post
    I did try the glock 26 with the extension and didn't like just felt very awkward.
    But I definitely agree with you about the ease of concealment!
    Well, if you don't like the Glock 26, you definitely won't like the Glock 19. The 19 is larger and has a higher capacity, but the stock and feel in the hand is very similar between the two pistols.

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    I suggested to my mom a bersa 380CC. I personally like the SA/DA (single action/double action) style for carrying. This allows you to decocker the gun with a round in the chamber. The first pull would be harder and find this a great safety feature.

    Go to some local gun ranges. See what they have to rent in a caliber and size and take them for a spin. That way you can buy what you already know you like.

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