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Help - looking for a .45 for around $500 for defense...

This is a discussion on Help - looking for a .45 for around $500 for defense... within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; The Sig P220 fits your specifications pretty well, except for the lack of a manual safety. However it does have a decocker and a heavier ...

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Thread: Help - looking for a .45 for around $500 for defense...

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    Sig P220 and H&K USP45

    The Sig P220 fits your specifications pretty well, except for the lack of a manual safety. However it does have a decocker and a heavier first trigger pull, which is enough safety for most people. The H&K USP 45 also fits your spec well and does have a thumb safety, but you said you didn't like H&Ks for some reason. I own both of these guns and they are absolutely reliable, and I would trust either one as a desk drawer gun.

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    Ruger P90. built like a tank. Easily under $450.
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    +1 on a Ruger. I have a P345 that shoots great and has never had any issues.
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    Agreed with Ruger P90, P345.

    Add in a RIA 1911, as well as an EAA Witness (if CA legal)/CZ97. Beretta/Stoeger Cougar .45's would also fit the bill.

    If you decide to go striker fired...there's tons of cheap trade-in Glock 21's out there for under $400.

    You may also be able to find a M&P .45 with the thumb safety option within your budget.
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    My first two suggestion are not quite what you want but at least look them up and consider.

    1- Taurus Judge. It is a revolver but it shoots .410 shot gun rounds. They have defensive ammo that's a combo of BB and discs. For a close up inside gun I like this a lot.

    2- Sig 2022. It's only a .40 but you can get them brand new for $429 and has the decocker. It was built for law enforcement duty and has an acc rail. If its good enough for the LEO's it should be good enough for you.

    3- my 3rd suggestion is some more of the higher priced Sigs. If you look on websites like they sell certified used guns. I am sure other sites do also but this is the only one I know of.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fitch View Post
    Other than Rock Island, 1911's reliable enough to bet your life on are more than $600.00

    XDs comes to mind but you can't get it in CA.

    Springfield MIL-SPEC used. Rock Island. If you can find them are good. I'm not a fan of 1911's my self. I think it was a brilliant design but in the last 100 years there have been a whole lot of combat pistols designed that are much better than the 1911.

    And of course, the Glocks you have some sort of issue with are excellent. Used Gen 3 Glock 30 or 21 would work really well for you, especially since it will sit in a drawer safe, probably for years, but you have ruled them out. You don't have to do more than get the gun, put a patch through the barrel, buy ammo that says the same caliber on the box as is printed on the gun, stick it in a drawer, and you are good to go with a Glock. But you don't like them. Reliable, meet your price range in your caliber of choice. Readily available. But of course, you don't like them. You'd rather be debating and at risk than have a Glock or some other polymer framed pistol in the drawer when your credible threat becomes real? Seriously? Wow.

    There are a heck of a lot of very good polymer frame combat pistols that would work for you. But you don't like them. That's a shame. Dislike of polymer framed pistols isn't worth dying for.

    I don't think he said anything about polymers in general...just Glocks and HKs. Which appears to have struck a nerve, specifically with the Glock. They are not for him...fair enough.
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    Sounds like a job for a Ruger 345. Everything you've requested, including price.
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    Leaving aside the "pick me a gun " part - the rest of your post confuses me.

    If you have a carry permit - and have received threats - you should ALWAYS carry from home to work and back.

    If you plan on leaving a gun at work only - the size is unimportant.

    $500 will not buy you a very high quality nib 1911.

    I recommend spending a BIT more on a slightly used Colt or Springfield.
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    Help - looking for a .45 for around $500 for defense...

    Stoeger cougar in .45 If you like berettas
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    Quote Originally Posted by smolck View Post
    Skip the exposed hammer part and buy a Glock 30. Dead nuts reliable, compact enough for carry, and 11 rounds of madness. 1911's are great, but for a truly "defensive" pistol in your price range, the Glock is the winner. I highly suggest you check out and search your state.
    +1! My thoughts exactly!
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    Seems to me that everyone wants to push what *THEY* want him to buy, yet they are not seeing what his requirements are such as Hammer, decocker, etc. God Bless

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    Quote Originally Posted by VBVAGUY View Post
    Seems to me that everyone wants to push what *THEY* want him to buy, yet they are not seeing what his requirements are such as Hammer, decocker, etc. God Bless
    Sure, but why not share with him what we all have used and found worthwhile? If I didn't know BMW's and posted on a forum that I wanted 16" wheels and an inline 6, but the more experienced members of the forum knew of a V8 version with 17" wheels that performed better, I'd like to know about it.

    IMO if the OP is new to firearms (and it sounds like he is) then he should get something that is simple, reliable, affordable, and easy to use. (haven't seen too many GOOD 1911's or Sigs for under $700) That was the thinking I used when suggesting the G30. I consider myself a seasoned handgunner, and I shoot really well, but even I can't hit el crapola with a DA/SA pistol on the first DA shot. Something he should consider.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BeefyG View Post
    Stoeger Cougar in .45 If you like Beretta.

    I love mine, plus it has the exposed hammer, safety/decocker and is DA/SA which is mentioned you want. You will save some bucks versus almost any 1911. It's a great home defense handgun, not something I would carry.

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    May I suggest the S & W 457 .45 7+1 I've carried this gun for the last 4 years. Should be able to pick one up for less than $500.00 Also has an external safety. It's compact and easy to carry 2lbs 2.oz fully loaded.

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    Pardon me for saying so but you seem awfully picky for someone who currently has credible threats against him. If I were you, and considering that you have a 10-day waiting period to contend with, I would have the shotgun with me at work until such time as it could be replaced with the new handgun. You should also consider getting a canister or three of pepper gel for work and home.

    I would also consider applying for a concealed carry permit since you might have that Southern California rarity--an acceptable reason to carry.
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