Help - looking for a .45 for around $500 for defense...

Help - looking for a .45 for around $500 for defense...

This is a discussion on Help - looking for a .45 for around $500 for defense... within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; OK. I live in Southern California and have recently received some credible need to go into details, but they are enough to make me ...

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Thread: Help - looking for a .45 for around $500 for defense...

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    Help - looking for a .45 for around $500 for defense...

    OK. I live in Southern California and have recently received some credible need to go into details, but they are enough to make me think about the safety of myself and my family.

    I own a 9mm (Browninh Hi-Power) and a 12 gauge (Mossberg) which my wife is both comfortable with and proficient with. Until recently, the Browning resided in my drawer safe in my office, when I received the threats it began to sommute with day I neglected to bring the browning and a unpleasant gentleman came into the office...thankfully he left without incident, but I would have felt more comfortable had Mr. browning been with me to speak up for the rights of myself and my employees.

    I intend to leave Mr. Browning at home as the wife is comfortable with that weapon and scared of the .45 round...but she did tell me to replace the pistol that used to reside in my drawer safe.

    I'd like a semi-auto, chambered in .45 with an exposed hammer as well as a safety/decocke. Not afraid of double action, will not be see primarily as a carry weapon - honestly, my fervent hope is that it resides in my safe and only sees the light of day on range trips.

    I've given myself a budget of $500, plus fees. Hard limit is $600 - I just cannot justify more than that for a drawer pistol, who's longest shot wold be 20'. .45 is desired simply because I love the round...but not opposed to any round larger than 9mm. Semi-auto vs revolver is simply a personal preference and non-negotiable.

    I'm eyeing the Para Ordnance expert GI, but not sold...and looking for suggestions. Love the 1911 style for all the obvious reasons, but am not limiting myself to it...but I simply will not consider a block or an H & K - have fired both multiple times, multiple models, multiple calipers - sorry - just not for me.

    Any suggestions / comments? Thank you in advance!

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    Several worth considering:

    • CZ 97 .45ACP
    • Bersa Thunder Ultra Compact Pro .45ACP
    • H&K USP .45ACP
    • Kahr TP45 .45ACP
    • STI Spartan .45ACP
    • SIG P220 .45ACP

    A check on GunBroker shows a number of these selling recently for under $600.
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    You should be able to pick up a good mil spec 1911 in your price range. Or maybe a Gen 3 S&W for around that price.
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    What your asking for in Cali is really a small range of 45's for the price and features. The ones on the list closest to what you want might be a RIA or ATI 1911. Not many others with an exposed hammer, safety/Decocker on the CA Roster. Unless you buy used as a PPT.

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    A second vote for the Rock Island Armory if you're into 1911s.
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    There's Beretta's PX4 in 45 ACP.

    Help - looking for a .45 for around 0 for defense...-px4_45.jpg
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    Welcome to the forum.

    ccw9mm gave you a good starting point to look. Not sure if all of them are CA compliant, which could be a problem.
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    Welcome. You could probably find a used Sig P220 for $600. Otherwise a cheaper 1911...
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    May I suggest a Taurus PT845. Has exposed hammer and decoker like you requested. I sometimes see them at shows for under $400. I hope this helps. God Bless

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    Other than Rock Island, 1911's reliable enough to bet your life on are more than $600.00

    XDs comes to mind but you can't get it in CA.

    Springfield MIL-SPEC used. Rock Island. If you can find them are good. I'm not a fan of 1911's my self. I think it was a brilliant design but in the last 100 years there have been a whole lot of combat pistols designed that are much better than the 1911.

    And of course, the Glocks you have some sort of issue with are excellent. Used Gen 3 Glock 30 or 21 would work really well for you, especially since it will sit in a drawer safe, probably for years, but you have ruled them out. You don't have to do more than get the gun, put a patch through the barrel, buy ammo that says the same caliber on the box as is printed on the gun, stick it in a drawer, and you are good to go with a Glock. But you don't like them. Reliable, meet your price range in your caliber of choice. Readily available. But of course, you don't like them. You'd rather be debating and at risk than have a Glock or some other polymer framed pistol in the drawer when your credible threat becomes real? Seriously? Wow.

    There are a heck of a lot of very good polymer frame combat pistols that would work for you. But you don't like them. That's a shame. Dislike of polymer framed pistols isn't worth dying for.

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    Not sure what you got yourself into,but If I Were You I would invest in a level 3 vest,if you are in an office and they decide to come in the door and start shooting,number 1 you may not have time to even get a drawer open,a vest may allow you to stay alive and return fire.I would also invest in a magnet or holster that holds the pistol under the Office desk where you can get a grip without opening a drawer.
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    Go online and look for a police trade-in S&W 3rd Gen 4506/4566 or anything int the 45XX series. DA/SA, Built like a tank, feed anything, and reliable as heck. Should be able to find one under $400. I've got the 4566 (shortened version of full size 4506) and am very happy with it. All-metal gun that very comfortable to shoot. Your wife may take it away from you too!

    Help - looking for a .45 for around 0 for defense...-4566.jpg

    Mine have the bobbed hammer, which is fine with the DA, other versions have exposed hammers.
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    Rock Island Armory 1911. That's your best bet; that price range/those requirements, doesn't leave much room to play with. Especially if you're looking for something that you're not going to be shooting a whole lot before you start to rely on it. - I wouldn't recommend a used gun to just throw in a drawer without putting a lot of rounds down range first.

    Not that I advocate that with a NEW gun either- shoot either a lot before you start to count on it to save your life.
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    Definitely RIA for the specs you've laid out

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    Skip the exposed hammer part and buy a Glock 30. Dead nuts reliable, compact enough for carry, and 11 rounds of madness. 1911's are great, but for a truly "defensive" pistol in your price range, the Glock is the winner. I highly suggest you check out and search your state.
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