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So...are the H&K's really worth that much more?

This is a discussion on So...are the H&K's really worth that much more? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; The question is, is it worth it to YOU? They are very fine pistols with many options of trigger types available, ambi controls, with or ...

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Thread: So...are the H&K's really worth that much more?

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    The question is, is it worth it to YOU? They are very fine pistols with many options of trigger types available, ambi controls, with or without de-cocker/safety, etc. If those types of features are important to you, then they offer something many others don't. Are there other pistol brands out there that will perform equally for less? Yes. It is a matter of what you want and how much you are willing to pay to get those things.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 10thmtn View Post
    Our local PD carries HK pistols - paid for by taxpayer dollar$. :lol
    As an Auxiliary I have to buy my own. I carry Glocks.
    Don't get too stressed about that. Government pricing on H&Ks is far, far mroe reasonable than it is for civilians in gun stores. Your PD isn't paying a thousand dollars each for those guns. Not even close. This is one of the reasons H&K people feel that the company is biased against civvie gun-owners. That, and the difficulty with service and parts, and their contracts preventing sales of some of their weapons catalog to civilians at all.
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    I do own three of them . P2000Sk P2000 and 45C I got a lot of ammo through then at least 5K and never one issue.
    LEM trgggers light. They are great guns. More personal choice iver the other. I dont like Glocks.

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    HK's were never on my radar. The P7 got my attention way back when, but I was happy with Ruger and Beretta. Price was part of that. And I came to distrust German engineering after my experiences with German cars. But HK doesn't make cars and I'm sure HK's are utterly reliable. In fact I'd be happy to own one, as much of a luxury it would be.

    For me, there's guns that are just as good at 2/3's the price. These days I tend to opt for lighter and smaller guns. And simpler designs.
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    I had an Hk USP .45 and I thought it was a great pistol. I sold it to buy an M&P45. But, I don't think the Hk's are worth that much more money that Glock's and M&P's.

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    Re: So...are the H&K's really worth that much more?

    There was a pretty good thread here: H&K reputation? Need your opinions

    I like them, are they "worth" it? To me they are as they have features that I like that I can't find in many other guns.

    If you like the looks/feel of the current Hk line, but don't like the price, check out the Walther PPQ

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    I have an HK USP full size and while it is a flawless pistol, it is now relegated to the role of safe queen "extra" gun. In its place I use an M&P full size (which has been equally reliable). The downside to a USP as compared to an M&P or the Walther PPQ are:
    • It is somewhat wider making it more difficult to conceal
    • It does not have adjustable backstraps
    • I find the LEM trigger harder to shoot as well as the M&P

    So, is it worth the money? if you like it and shoot it well, a few hundred dollars more for a gun you will trust your life to is a no-brainer. I suggest you try out Glocks, M&P's and the Walther and determine which works best for you then buy the one you like best
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    My H&K feelings

    I've had two H&K USPs for about 10 years. I already had Glocks, Sigs, Colts, etc. and wanted to see what the H&Ks were like. I bought a USP40c and a USP45F, and got them both used for about $600. At the time used Glocks were going for $400 to $500, so the USPs weren't that much more expensive.

    In my opinion the USPs are very accurate and reliable, and are extremely durable. The component parts are all well made and carefully machined, and the gun shows a high degree of quality. I believe they are a good value for the money if you admire good workmanship and design. I use mine mainly for range or home defense, as they seem a bit wide and bulky for concealed carry compared to some alternatives. For open carry I think they are fine. If I did want to carry one I would probably favor the P2000sk model, which is the smallest of the polymer H&Ks.

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    I still really like my 1993 made USP. Bought it new, carried it alot both concealed and in the outdoors. It has been reliable and has a great finish for bad weather use. For CC it is bulky and the grip is a bit wide for some. If the plan is to find something for your wife , best let her pick what fits her. The newer gen P30, p2000 seems as well built, but better sized for CC duty.
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    My first HK was a beautiful stainless USPc 9mm, like POGO2's above. It is still one of my favorite guns of all time. I also own Beretta, Sig, Glock, S&W and a few other duty style manufacturer guns. The HKs have always, IMHO, been at the top of the pyramid. That doesn't mean these others guns aren't also well made, but rather the HKs are, feature for feature, quality by quality, the superior firearm... to me.

    I really like the USPc because , although it is small, it shoots , feels and recoils like a full size pistol. It is very accurate and easy to shoot well. It shoots very fast too. The controls are the type, style and placed where I like them. A very robust and reliable pistol. People at the range see this gun and ask if they can try it. First time users like it alot too.

    I carry a P2000sk, and have for about 5 years. I'm sold on HK quality. Their prices are higher than some other brands, but I've never felt cheated or that I over paid. The quality is there. HK exercises exceptional control. The used HK market is the place to seek deals, and they are out there if you look. A few of my HKs were bought for very reasonable prices and they all performed perfectly. A few were bought new and I've enjoyed them just as much. Have no fear buying a HK, a world class firearm.
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    I own a Sig P229 (40/357) and a Sig P6 (9mm). I love them both & they are GREAT pistols!

    I carry a S&W M&P40c (also have 357 barrel).

    The Sig 229 only ran me $425 used while the M&P was about $25 more.

    I carry the M&P because it is lighter, smaller, easier to conceal, and has very similar capacity. Overall quality, I think the Sig is a nicer weapon, but I have ZERO complaints about the S&W.

    I do have an HK on my bucket list, but it is not a priority. The P7 is just a cool firearm! Additionally, I have a Sig P6 and just need a Walther P5 to round out the collection then ;)
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    Forgot to add that my HK is the one pistol that stays in my bedside safe for home protection. All the others stay in the big safe. It's the one I trust to go bang the most, and I love the decocker ability.

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    I'm a bigger guy, 6'2", 215 and I tend to hold, shoot and conceal compact pistols relatively well and I've been carrying a Glock 19 and more recently a CZ P-01. Earlier this year I moved into .45 for the first time with a full-size SIG 1911. Bad move, since now I really like the caliber and it costs more to feed my range habit. The bigger problem for me is that I don't feel comfortable concealing the 1911 platform and started looking for a .45 that felt like the G19 or P-01 in my hand and had a similar profile. Well yesterday I finally test-drove an HK45C at the range and all I can say is "WOW"! The gun is just as accurate for me at 10 yds as my 1911 and more accurate than either of my carry 9s and is almost the exact same size. The controls are all accessible for me with a standard grip, and the fit and finish are impeccable. It's used in the tactical version by the SEALs. It's been tested to > 50k rounds overall and > 10K rounds between cleanings without a glitch, so it is dependable as any mass-produced handgun, ever. I really want one now but I am wavering on the $1050 price tag (although a good $100+ below MSRP). So to answer your question, I would say: "Yes, if you can afford it".

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    I don't own on so........I'm, just going to shut up!

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    /\ That wont stop me! I want one and think that if it is an addition to a collection and you like them then yes they are worth it. Not every gun I own or will own has a specific purpose other than to have more "toys". SO to me it is just as useful and worth it as the $2500+ M1 I may never need but REALLY REALLY want!

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