Finally, My First 1911 (pics included)

Finally, My First 1911 (pics included)

This is a discussion on Finally, My First 1911 (pics included) within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; My patience finally paid off and I finally found a great deal on a sweet 1911. A guy that I do some work for owns ...

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Thread: Finally, My First 1911 (pics included)

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    Finally, My First 1911 (pics included)

    My patience finally paid off and I finally found a great deal on a sweet 1911. A guy that I do some work for owns a pawn shop and I told him to call me when he had a quality 1911 become available. I present my Springfield Armory 1911-A1 5" Government Mil-Spec (slightly modified I think). It has some minor carry wear but was basically unfired. Absolutely clean on the inside and still stiff at every point. Came with 3 mags and the factory blue case. Out the door for $400 and an hour of my time on a minor job for him. (He lowered it to that from $525 after I showed disappointment in the idiot mark (takedown)).

    I was able to get to the range last weekend and run 100 rounds though it. I used Federal 230 grain FMJ (Wal-Mart stock) and while it was pretty dirty stuff, it performed great with no malfunctions of any kind and ejected magazines fell freely. As I got used to it, grouping was tight and consistent. Even after only the 100 rounds, it had loosened up considerably and the slide and trigger moved more easily. This smoothness was amplified tonight as I field stripped it and lightly lubricated various friction points. It will take a while to get used to before I consider carrying it, but since it fits my hand like a glove, I am seriously considering using it to replace my Glock 27.

    I plan on replacing the grip safety as the narrow one on it is fairly painful on my hand during firing. I will probably also replace the barrel bushing because this one is chewed up around the edges like it kept hitting something when the previous owner sat down with it in an open tip holster. Now, if I can only come across a nice Browning High Power 9mm.

    Finally, My First 1911 (pics included)-1911a1.jpg

    Finally, My First 1911 (pics included)-1911a2.jpg
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    Very cool! Recently got my first and love it! Be careful they are an addicting gun. The only people I know who have one is us, and that is only for lack of time and or funds!!!

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    Congrats....My first 1911 was a 5 inch Springfield Trophy Match, was a great pistol & i was hooked after that
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    sweet deal, and congrats on your new SA Mil-Spec. Won't be your last. Be advised that your next one will be more expensive, and the next one more expensive, and the next one more expensive.......
    and on it goes until you're standing on a street corner with a sign "Donations for my Wilson's Combat Please".
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    Nice gun! Looks like it's had the stocks, hammer and grip safety replaced... just like my 1990-vintage Springer (takes one to know one). And you got a really good deal!

    Your grip safety appears to be a drop-in part. If you proceed with replacing it, be aware that that will likely require radiusing the vestigal 'beavertail' and thus refinishing at added expense. Mine was a Brownell's part c. 1991, but I'm not sure that one is still available today.

    Enjoy that gun, and welcome to the Order of Saint John!
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    Not too shabby. Everybody needs a 1911.

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    Nice 1911
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    Even after only the 100 rounds, it had loosened up considerably and the slide and trigger moved more easily.


    My best had some old lubrication gunked up on your slide frame rails and your trigger bow.

    Be aware of the fact that an aftermarket grip safety might or might not be a simple "drop in" part. Sometimes you need to hand fit the tang that blocks the trigger.

    This might help you to also see what is involved in blending your beavertail GS to your frame.
    GO TO THIS PAGE and click on any of the three BROWN WILSON or DROP IN rectangular page links.

    Oh...and if you ditch the finger groove grips you'll probably like the way the pistol fits your hand even more than you do now.
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    My first 1911 was a Springfield Mil Spec too. Still a great gun.
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    Congrats on the new (to you) gun.
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    Nice. Congrats and enjoy.
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    My Springfield is the A1 as well. I got it with a few goodies added to it- beavertail, ambidextrous safeties, rubber grips... it's a sweet gun; best I have.

    If you love it now, wait until you really get used to it- then nothing will compare.
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    Goin to the Overland Park Gun show today!! Hopin to find a good deal..

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    Great looking 1911 and a sweet deal, as others have said you cannot have just one.
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    Nice looking 1911, and a GREAT price! I have a Kimber Stainless Target II, and am now looking for another 1911 in a smaller size for carry. I've been drooling over a couple for the past couple of weeks. I just need to get off of my backside and pick one!
    Enjoy it, because it will not be your last 1911!

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