.22 Double Action Revolvers! I need some guidance!

.22 Double Action Revolvers! I need some guidance!

This is a discussion on .22 Double Action Revolvers! I need some guidance! within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Recently I've been interested in a quality double action .22. I love shooting a quality revolver, love the savings of .22 ammo, and think a ...

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Thread: .22 Double Action Revolvers! I need some guidance!

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    .22 Double Action Revolvers! I need some guidance!

    Recently I've been interested in a quality double action .22. I love shooting a quality revolver, love the savings of .22 ammo, and think a quality .22 DA revolver could make an excellent long term survival/emergency weapon.

    Right now I'm looking at the S&W 617 or the Ruger SP101.

    Any one have any experience with either of these? I'd be up for considering other options as well.

    Look forward to your advice!

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    I have a new S&W model 63, 3 inch. I really like it, and it is *very* accurate. I can't speak for the SP101, never tried it, but you can't go wrong with the S&W 617, either.

    Some of older model 63's are out there in longer barrels if three inch is too short.

    What I like about the 63 is that it is perfectly sized for the "kit gun" (it's a j-frame). The 617, which I believe is on the k-Frame, is a bit hefty - if it is for something other than the range, I would go with the 63.

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    I just purchased a new Ruger SP101 for basic pistol training. It is also good for trigger control training as it will help with all platforms.

    Can't speak about the S & W as I've got issue with a gun company that throws private citizens under the bus for their benefits! Late 80s and early 90s.
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    I have no knowledge of the S&W 617 or the Ruger SP101 but I have an older S&W Model 34 4 inch in 22LR that is a great shooter and being an older model it does not have that worthless lock.
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    I can't answer your questions directly, but I'll offer some relevant background info -

    The M63 Kit gun is a nice little shooter; I found a used one with 4" barrel for my wife a while back. For my medium-sized male hands, the M63 is a bit small to get a really good grip on the gun, but it's perfect for my wife. It could use some trigger work (it's smooth, just too heavy) which is pretty standard for the J frames.

    I also have a M17 - the K-22 Masterpiece, which is on the K frame. This one is quite the shooter and is effectively the "ancestor" of the 617. The latter is a heavy gun, well over 40 ounces, and with that full-length barrel lug there's more front-heavy balance than I care for, but on the plus side the cylinder is now bored for 10 rounds, not just 6... a nice advantage. I'd give it the edge for rimfire hunting.

    The SP101 in .22 hasn't been around very long, and in fact I haven't even seen one, much less handled one. But like everything else Ruger makes, it'll likely withstand a nuclear blast.

    I think either gun will be accurate once you find the .22 ammo it likes, so it really comes down to what feels good in your hand.
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    I recently purchased a Ruger LCR .22lr, DA, 8 shot, revolver. I think it might just fit your needs...It shoots like a dream btw! Hope this gives you an interesting alternative to those choices you've already listed...

    Ruger® LCR® Double-Action Revolver Models

    Ruger LCR 22 LR Review and Range test - YouTube
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    I have two DA revolvers in .22LR. The first is an H&R Sportsman (9 rd) and it's a top break. These, to the best of my knowledge are no longer manufactured but you can pick them up at some gun shows. Single action it is sweet. Double action is a heavy trigger but after a bit of practice it gets very controlable.

    My second is a Taurus, Model 94 (9 rd) with a 2" barrel. The trigger is a bit long but again something I just needed to get used to. I got it to practice with cheap .22s vice practicing a lot with .38s. Some folks think the trigger pullis too heavy but I find it OK.


    Taurus also makes a DA that also has changeable cylinders, .22LR and .22 Magnum. I've not heard much about them.
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    I have an SP101 22, one of the newer 8 shot models and I love it. No problems with extraction and it is extremely accurate.

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